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The best Nintendo Switch Pro Controller deals in August 2022

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Switch Pro Controller at the lowest price for this month

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After a cheap Nintendo Switch Pro Controller? We can help. This is not an easy task as the premium gamepad sticks to its price of $69.99 / PlayStation69.99. It’s still a popular product so Nintendo doesn’t see any reason to lower it. There are sometimes deals that allow you to get the traditional controller at a lower price.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller was previously available for $54.99 in the US, and has recently dropped to PS49.99 in the UK. Although it may not sound like much, discounts on first-party peripherals are very rare for the Nintendo Switch. This is similar to any cheap Nintendo Switch. It’s possible to find even lower prices on Nintendo Switch bundles at major sales events.

No matter what, you can always stay right here because we have all the lowest prices for Nintendo Switch Pro Controllers. Further down, you can see the cheaper Pro Controller alternatives. These are a great way to save money, but you will lose some of the most important features.

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Is the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller really worth it?

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller is a great choice if you are prone to playing in docked mode long periods of time. It’s a “must-have” for anyone who uses their Nintendo Switch mostly at home. The controller is also great for tabletop use. While it is a great addition to your Switch setup and a must-have for many of the most popular Nintendo Switch games , we believe it is essential to make the most of these best Nintendo Switch titles .

Why is the Pro Controller so costly? You’ll notice that the Pro Controller seems more expensive than the inexpensive PS4 controllers or cheap Xbox controllers. The official controller is expensive due to all of the motion technology and rumble. If you want a more traditional gaming experience, the Nintendo Switch docked will give you the best results.

We recommend an additional Joy-Con set if you are looking for a new controller for multiplayer. You get two additional multiplayer options and a new color set of Joy-Con for $10 less. If this seems like a better choice, you’ll find the latest Nintendo Switch JoyCon deals below.

Every day, we check more than 250 million products to ensure the best price

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller alternatives

For those who are used to paying for Xbox or PlayStation, the official Nintendo Switch Pro Controller might seem a bit expensive. If you are looking for something a bit cheaper, there are still options. PDP and Power-A are well-known for their Switch Pro Controller alternatives. The gamepads below are comparable to traditional controllers but without the high price.

Every day, we check more than 250 million products to ensure the best price

How to get a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller at a low price

It is difficult to find a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller at a discount price other than during seasonal sales, but we do offer $10 off throughout the year. These controllers won’t lose their value due to their long-lasting appeal. We don’t anticipate any Switch Pro Controller deals hitting retailers anytime soon due to the recent surges of demand. However, the comparison charts will always show you the best deals, so be sure to keep an eye on the $59.99 price range.

Use the Pro Controller with Nintendo Switch Light

The latest Nintendo Switch Lite bundles may make you wonder if the Pro Controller will work on the handheld-only console. We have good news. The Pro Controller works with the Nintendo Switch Lite. Additionally, the in-built Joy-Cons do not offer motion controls or rumble functionality in the handheld-only system. You can access a variety of additional features by pairing a full-sized gamepad to the system. This means that you can play games that were not intended to be played in handheld mode.

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