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The best Motorola phone in 2022

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If you’re looking for a stunning style, battery performance, or even a foldable phone, our top pick of Motorola phones currently available is sure to satisfy you.

Motorola has been making a remarkable return in recent times making some of the top phones available. Its strengths lie in its variety it is possible to purchase an affordable or a premium Moto phone, based on your preferences and needs while still enjoying a reliable and consistent experience.

Motorola is owned today by Lenovo is focused on a consistent aesthetic and has software that is similar to the stock Android and often gives you a great value. Those seeking a genuinely excellent budget phone will find the Moto G series to be an excellent choice.

However, Moto also produces the more costly Edge series to accommodate more budget-conscious buyers, like the newly-designed Edge 20 Series and that’s just before we even talk about that the Razr is back. Razr.

Best Motorola phones 2022

Motorola Edge 20 – Best overall

  • Pros: Great display | Respectable battery life | Easy-to-use user experience
  • Cons: Inconsistent cameras | Mono speaker | Plastic build
  • Not available in the US

When we reviewed it, we called the regular Edge 20, “the Goldilocks of the series” Not simply because it’s positioned with it and the Edge 20 Lite and 20 Pro but also because it was able to provide the most value for your money across the three.

Although the 3 Edge 20 phones boast a 6.7in OLED display The edge 20’s (and 20 Pro’s) display with 144Hz is particularly enjoyable to use. And while it doesn’t have the performance of the Pro models, it provides mid-range performance while offering a smooth and easy-to-use Android experience – just as Motorolas are renowned for.

As long as you’re an avid Moto enthusiast after the best camera phone at the moment Edge 20, the Edge 20 otherwise covers all the necessary stuff well.

Motorola Edge 20 Pro – Ideal for performance

  • Pros: Great display | Respectable battery life | Clean user experience
  • Pros: Overpriced | Average cameras | Insufficient ingress protection
  • PS649.99

It’s one of the top models among all of the Edge 20 trio that Motorola launched in the middle of 2021, but we find the Pro Edge 20 was priced at a bit high when you consider the other alternatives and what the basic Edge 20 brings to the table.

However it is still possible to expect a stunning 6.7in OLED display at 144Hz and stereo speakers, as well as great performance thanks to this phone’s Snapdragon 870 chipset, and an uncluttered user experience.

We’d love to see additional premium features, such as wireless charging or ingress protection above IP52 (which is exactly what the Pro offers).

Moto E7i Power – Most affordable

  • Pros: Ultra affordable | Good battery life | Nice design
  • Cons: No USB-C | Lacklustre camera
  • Not available in the US

When you realize the value of this Moto E7i Power is, it’s difficult not to be awed by what you’re receiving.

Performance – which is an area that low-end phones tend to make a point of cutting corners in it is actually quite good in spite of what benchmarks suggest. There was no reason to Motorola to alter what was already great software and the new design does a great job mimicking more expensive handsets.

The cameras are difficult to tell, but is willing to wait for it you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the results. you. There are some compromises in this Moto E7i Power, but considering the price, they’re very easy to forgive.

Motorola Razr 5G – Best foldable

  • Benefits Beautiful folding style Better cover display
  • Pros: Slippery and heavy Performance.
  • $1,399

The price alone makes the Razr an option for many, but it’s a phone to mention, nevertheless.

For a brand of phones which once had a high profile but has since shifted to serving good, low-cost Android phones the Razr 5G is an impressive design that demonstrates its technical capabilities and also reminds us of its heritage.

There are obvious disadvantages when you buy foldable phones that go beyond cost, but the 5G version is stronger and more thoughtful than the 2019 edition that has greater power and superior cameras.

Moto G100 – Excellent for work

  • Benefits Excellent performance Great for gaming battery life
  • Cons: Middling cameras | Cumbersome
  • Not available in the US

The first phone on market with the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 processor (since it’s also inside Edge 20 Pro as well). Edge 20 Pro too) The Moto G100 is a mid-ranger that delivers exceptional performance. It’s so powerful that in our test we called it something like the “undercover game phone.”

The internals of the phone is complemented by a stunning 90Hz display and a great battery life thanks to the phone’s big 5000mAh battery. And the camera has some room for enhancement but the similarity to a desktop Ready For functionality (made possible with the dock that comes included) makes this G100 into a powerhouse of productivity when it’s needed.

Moto G9 Power – Great for battery life

  • Advantages Big and bright display resistance
  • Con: Plastic build | Poor quality cameras
  • $199.99 (32GB) | $249.99 (64GB)

The Moto G9 Power is an excellent value for money with its battery of 6000mAh that’s worthy of the phone’s brand name.

The Power cell has enough juice to last for several days of use at once. the Power is also equipped with a stunning display and water-resistant design.

The cameras are on the low end of the spectrum, however, if they’re not your primary concern There’s plenty going with it. Moto G9 Power.

Motorola Defy (2021) – Hardiest design


  • Pros: Resilient design | Affordable | Clean Android user experience
  • Pros: Lacklustre performance | Poor resolution display Basic cameras
  • Price TBC

A good rugged phone isn’t cheap, but Motorola has created a great product in the resurgent 2021 Defy.

It’s a struggle to keep pace with its kin that is its Nokia XR20 with regards to performance however, we don’t think it’s a problem with its rugged design or large battery of 5000mAh that offers a remarkable amount of longevity. 20W fast charging isn’t exactly the fastest, but we’d prefer to be able to use it rather than not having it.

The display may not be up to the mark, due to its low-resolution Motorola’s simple Android experience will at least make sure that the Defy is enjoyable to use.

Moto G60s – Excellent for battery life


  • Advantages the 120Hz refresh rate on Great longevity Great fast charging
  • Con: Inconsistent cameras | Insufficient Value
  • $289.50

Features like fast charging at 50W and a display with 120Hz are rare within the category of low-cost phones however the basic Moto G60s packs many features that are beyond expectations.

Despite that smooth and fast speed of refresh and a battery capacity of 5000mAh, the phone provides a long battery life, which, at the push of a button, can keep you going for two days.

The remainder of the G60s feature set is rather average with mediocre performance and unreliable cameras. It also doesn’t have 5G but that’s not too shocking considering the price.

Moto G9 Play Fantastic value

  • Pros: Affordable | Lightweight | Clean Android user experience
  • Con: Plastic build | Dim display
  • PS159.99

If you’re not interested in ultra-fast 5G speeds The Moto G9 Play is a good budget option with a huge screen and large battery.

The display could use some work The camera too, however, for the price when you consider Motorola’s user experience it’s a great choice. G9 Play isn’t a bad price by any means.

Motorola Edge 20 Lite – Nice design

  • Advantages Fantastic display Long battery life, solid and pleasant user experience
  • Pros: Easily outclassed by competitors Average cameras
  • Inaccessible in the US

Although it’s not as good as its rivals in the launch that is it’s not as good as the Edge 20 and 20 Pro – the Lite is still a great device with perks such as a slick 6.7in OLED display that is 90Hz, and Motorola’s renowned clear Android users experience.

The cost is competitive and not in line with the performance the Lite provides, especially when you consider how much more competition surrounds the price of its launch. If your budget isn’t enough or you’re specifically interested in a Motorola or a Samsung, you should either save to buy the standard Edge 20 or look elsewhere.

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