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The best MacBook Air accessories 2022: top kit for Apple laptops

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Do yourself a favor and get one of the best accessories for your MacBook Air. Although not everyone will need the additional peripherals, many MacBook Air owners will be greatly benefited by adding them to their collection.

MacBook accessories are able to significantly improve the user’s experience. For example, editors and photographers will be able to work more smoothly with the best mouse than relying solely on the trackpad. Professionals who spend their day typing on the keyboard will find a better ergonomic workstation with a separate keyboard and a laptop mounting.


You can also save money by purchasing peripherals. You could save hundreds of dollars by purchasing an external SSD drive, instead of upgrading to Apple. You’ll save money whether your MacBook Air is an older model or you wait for the MacBook Air to be released .

We don’t recommend anything that isn’t economically sound or adds clutter to your workspace. We have tried many accessories for the MacBook and are sticking with the best. Many of these we use every day. These are our top choices for the best accessories for MacBook Air.

Our experts have selected the best accessories for MacBook Air 2022


1. Logitech MX Keys Mini

Overall, best keyboard


There are many reasons to buy

+Light, compact and thin+Multi-device connectivity

Avoidable reasons

-Short battery life -No TouchID

The Apple Magic Keyboard is a great productivity keyboard, but it can be a bit expensive for many users. Logitech MXKeys Mini is another great entry in its impressive Master Series. Although it isn’t the most affordable, it’s far less expensive than Apple’s. The Logitech MX Keys Mini is a great entry in the brand’s impressive Master Series.


Logitech MX Keys mini is the best accessory for MacBook Air users who spend a lot of time typing. It’s just as enjoyable to use as the Magic Keyboard. It has a few more advantages than its competitor, such as multi-device connectivity (upto three devices), two wireless connectivity options and an ergonomic design. It is missing a TouchID sensor. However, that’s not an issue for us. We have found that the Magic Keyboard’s TouchID does not always work as it should.

This keyboard is not required if your MacBook Air comes already with one. For ergonomics. You can mount the laptop on a separate keyboard and place it at your eye level. This will take some strain off your back, neck, and shoulders.

2. Apple Magic Mouse 2

The best mouse for MacBook Air


There are many reasons to buy

+Incredibly responsive, accurate, and multi-touch surface is best of both worlds

Avoidable reasons

Only about 2 months of full-charge. Cannot charge and use simultaneously

There are many mice that work well with MacBooks. But none can match Apple’s Magic Mouse 2. Although it is a bit more expensive than some, the Magic Mouse 2 has many features that rivals cannot even imagine. It’s extremely thin, so small that it can be slipped into your back pocket. This makes it ideal for travel. Its performance is excellent, making it extremely responsive and precise.

Its main feature is the multi-touch surface. This means that the entire top surface of this mouse functions like a trackpad. You can swipe, scroll, double-tap and double-tap to create a seamless and ergonomic experience. The Magic Mouse 2 is like having a trackpad and a mouse in one device.

This is why we recommend it. The MacBook Air’s trackpad is large, responsive, and luxurious. It’s not ideal for a smooth creative or productive workflow and will cause damage to your arm if you use it every day. The Magic Mouse 2 will improve your workflow and relieve some of the pressure on your shoulder and wrist.

3. Apple USB-C Digital Multiport AV Multiport Adapter

Most portable hub

There are many reasons to buy

+Very portable+ Up to 3840×2160 at 60Hz via HDMI

Avoidable reasons

Only three ports-Not affordable

Many hubs are available, and many of them can be used for travel. This three-port adapter by Apple is the best companion for your MacBook Air. It’s perfect for when you travel to another country or city. Although it only comes with three ports (which isn’t many when you consider the price), they are the most important.

It gives you a USB port as well as an HDMI port. You don’t have to lose one of your USB C ports. This is a great thing, since you only get two of them. It’s compact and lightweight doesn’t mean that it’s not powerful. The HDMI port can output 4K video at 60Hz, provided you have the right HDMI cable.

This accessory is essential for any MacBook Air. All creative professionals, both creative and not, will need this accessory.

4. Moshi Muse Laptop Sleeve

Most versatile laptop sleeve

There are many reasons to buy

+Versatile and multi-purpose+Affordable+Made of vegan leather

Avoidable reasons

-No handle or zippers

The Moshi Muse laptop sleeves are used just as often at home as they are when we travel. It protects your MacBook Air against scratches, dents, and other elements. It also serves another purpose. The flap on the front of your laptop doubles as a magnet-safe storage device. It also acts as an ergonomic stand for your device when you use it. Simply fold the flap and place one end in the sleeves pocket to transform it into a stand.

It can be used as a stand to provide an ergonomic typing experience. We love to use it with our MacBook Pro while we sleep. The MacBook Air M1 doesn’t require a fan to circulate because it is fanless. The other benefits are still valid.

It’s also made from vegan leather, which makes it more affordable than the Apple leather sleeves.

5. SanDisk 4TB Extreme Portable SSD

Expand your storage with rugged SSDs that are portable and rugged

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There are many reasons to buy

+ Robust, rugged and compact+Easier than Apple’s SSD upgrades+Thin, lightweight

Avoidable reasons

-Not for budget-minded

Our SanDisk Extreme Portable SD Card is a favorite of ours. It’s small, portable, and adorable. This portable SSD is one of the most well-known and popular on the market. It weighs in at 1.76 ounces and can read up to 1050MB/s and write up to 1000MB/s. This should be useful in creative work environments where large files need to be saved and retrieved quickly.

It’s portable and rugged, making it easy to transport. It offers two-meter drop protection, dust resistance, and resistance to water jets at any angle. You can also hang it with the Carabiner loop.

It’s not easy to find portable SSDs at an affordable price. You’ll pay twice as much to upgrade the storage on your MacBook Air. This could translate into a few hundred more dollars.

6. Anker 643 USBC to USBC Cable

A durable USB-C cable available in a variety of colors

specificationsColourGreenConditionNew Today’s Top Deals

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There are many reasons to buy

+Effective design that is free from tangles. Maximum power output of 100W. Six feet in length

Avoidable reasons

-Not braided

Our braided cables are our favorite, but Anker’s silicone cables might be our favourite. They are flexible, soft and tangle-resistant. These cables are not easy to get tangled like other charging cords. This saves time and frustrates.

It’s not braided, but that doesn’t make it less durable. It has a 25,000 bend lifespan. Anker is so confident about its durability, it offers an 18-month warranty. It is also powerful. It can transmit a maximum power output of 100W. This means you can use it not only to charge your iPhone and iPad, but also your MacBook Air.

You can even add color to your space with its many options in blue, green and yellow as well as gray, purple, light purple, and purple. You have the option of a three-foot or six-foot version.

7. Bose Noise Cancelling Headphones 700

The most neutral-sounding noise cancelling headphones


There are many reasons to buy

+Neutral sound can be EQ’ed+Touch controls provide intuitive+Adjustable cancellation

Avoidable reasons

Adjustments to the height of expensive earcups don’t work

We would recommend the Apple Airpods Max as it boasts ANC and high quality audio. It’s not the most affordable consumer headphones, but it is among the best. The Bose Noise Cancelling 700 is a bit cheaper and produces hi-fi sound with a balanced and detailed sound. You get all the extras like superb active noise cancellation, intuitive touch controls that make it easy to find what button does what, and support of Alexa for voice control.

Some listeners prefer neutral sound. This is why these headphones have app support for EQ adjustments. The Bose app allows you to check battery life, toggle audio sources and adjust the noise cancelling level. You can also customize one of the touch buttons. You can also connect to up to two audio sources at once, which is something that headphones of the same quality don’t often offer.

This is why it’s an important addition to your MacBook Air collection. To listen to music, view videos, and make video calls with colleagues while out in public, you will need headphones. You should get the best sound quality if you plan to listen to music, watch videos, and make video calls with colleagues when you are out in public.

8. Twelve South Curve

Mount for laptops of high quality

There are many reasons to buy

+Improves ergonomics at workstations+Robust construction

Avoidable reasons

-Pricier than most laptop mountings

We have used many laptop mounts and they are all solid and reliable. However, Twelve South’s products look more professional. One of the company’s latest releases, the Twelve South Curve is no exception. It is available in white and matte black, with a nice half-moon design that makes it stand out from the rest.

However, it’s more than just the look. The mount features an anti-slip surface that will keep your laptop in place. It also has a six inch rise that allows you to see your device from your eyes.

Do you really need a laptop mounting device? Absolutely. Your neck, back, and shoulders will not be benefited by looking at your laptop screen for more than eight hours. Displays must be at eye-level, so it is important to have them at eye level. You can make your workstation more ergonomic by mounting the laptop on a bracket.


9. Logitech StreamCam

Excellent 1080p webcam

specificationsProcessorIntel Core i5ColourGrey, WhiteConditionNew


There are many reasons to buy

+Excellent video quality in compact form+USB C connectivity+1080p @ 60fps

Avoidable reasons

There are also 1080p options that are less expensive

Apple may finally upgrade the MacBook Air’s poor webcam to 1080p, but MacBook Air users will have to accept the 720p resolution. They can also upgrade to a 1080p Webcam such as the Logitech streamcam.

It’s designed for streamers who want to stream-focused features such as streaming software optimizations or auto-framing mode. Remote workers can also use it for daily video standups. It’s also great for Mac users because it supports 1080p at 60fps video quality. We love its square shape and elegant cloth front panel.

Although it is more expensive than the other 1080p models, you are getting a premium model that’s also travel-friendly. You’ll look professional streaming video with your coworkers if you pair it with Logitech’s portable Litra Glow streaming lights, like we do.

10. Eggtronic Laptop Power Bank

The most reliable power bank for laptops


There are many reasons to buy

+Can charge most laptops+Three charging points with simultaneous charging+LCD display displays remaining battery life

Avoidable reasons

-No 100W power delivery

We have tested a lot of laptop battery packs and most of them were faulty. They either stop charging after a short time or don’t have enough juice to fully charge your laptop. Some can even get so hot that they start to smolder. Eggtronic’s laptop power bank is one of very few that are reliable.

It is a very affordable laptop power bank with a capacity of 20,000mAh. This can charge 13-inch MacBook Pros and MacBook Airs up to 100%, and still has enough juice to charge your phone. You can charge up to three devices simultaneously with its two USB A and one USB C ports. However, the USB-C reduces its power delivery from 63W down to 45W when charging other devices. It has fast charging capabilities so you can charge your laptop up in no time.

The cover is water-resistant and waterproof, and has an LCD display that shows how much juice the battery has left. This accessory is essential for any digital nomad or long-term traveler.

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