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The best iPhone games 2022

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We have compiled a list of the top iPhone games available today. This guide covers every major genre, including strategy games, shooters, sports and racing games. You can skip to the page you want to jump to.

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There are many top-rated games in each category. The App Store is one of the most active gaming ecosystems. Apple’s powerful phones compete with the Nintendo Switch for the title of best portable consoles.

These phones are for gamers.

Each month we will highlight a new game, so make sure to keep checking back to see the most recent game.

Genshin Impact won the Best Mobile Game Award at the TechRadar Choices 2021

iPhone game of the Month

Loco Looper


Loco Looper (opens new tab) is an interactive puzzle game where you can build loops of train tracks in tiny 3D environments. It’s visually stunning, featuring a charming pen-and-ink design and tiny landscapes that change as you tilt your iPhone. The gameplay will keep you hooked.

You start with simple track pieces that you can draw by moving your finger and tapping to swap out or remove individual parts. As you progress, your complexity increases, and you will be faced with more complex pieces and new challenges.

The game is flexible enough to allow multiple solutions later on. However, you will only win the level’s stars if you use every track. Loco Looper, a charming train-themed puzzler with a few fiddly controls makes speedruns a little tricky.

The best iPhone strategy games

These are our top iPhone games, RTS, turn-based strategies titles and board games that you should check out right away.



Arabilis (opens new tab) reframes farming games and harvesting. It is no longer a slow and meditative pursuit. Everything happens at breakneck speeds. The seasons move at lightning speed. You must plant your crops at a pace that will make scarecrows sweat, while still ensuring maximum yields.

Matching each seed’s marker is what you do in this game. Roots join together and delicious veg grows. You should watch the tutorial, it is highly recommended.

This is a great selection for those who enjoy quick-thinking strategy puzzlers and farming games.

Meteorfall: Krumit’s Tale


Metaverse: Krumit’s Tale is the perfect evolution of games that combine turn based strategy, deck building, RPGs and deck building. The result is a small grid. You must use cards carefully to defeat enemies that are located in a three-by-3 playfield. Instead of cards being dealt to your hand, you can buy or discard them from the grid to make money.

Each decision involves weighing the risk and reward. It can seem overwhelming, so you’ll likely be defeated your first few times. Krumit’s Tale is a highly rewarding strategy game, with amazing art and a variety of game modes. It also has enough depth to allow you to refine your strategies for months.

Kingdom Two Crowns


Kingdom Two Crowns is an iPhone game. It features a monarch riding on horseback and using his few gold coins to make locals do his bidding. They train archers, and then they go out hunting local wildlife for dinner. You can also build fences to transform your campfire from a ramshackle place into a fortress.

It’s just as well because the Greed will arrive at sunset. These evil beasts are out to steal your stuff. You’ll need to spend money to replace your tools if they grab them. If they take your crown, it’s over and your heir will have to decide how to defeat them once and for all.

Kingdom Two Crowns is a mobile icon of excellence. It features rich pixel art, large landscapes that scroll side-by-side, and a smart blend of real-time strategy, action, and strategy.

(Image credit to Kenny Sun

Peak’s Edge

(Free + $2.99/PS2.99/AU$4.99)

Peak’s Edge joins a growing sub-genre on iPhone: turn-based strategic games in a shoebox. Your little pyramid will navigate single-screen levels in an attempt to knock out enemies and achieve a goal.

The power-ups are key to the strategy. You can roll on to one to apply it to the face of your pyramid. Correctly orienting yourself prior to attacking is key to defeating foes.

It becomes clear that Peak’s Edge can be difficult to master, but easy to learn. There are 25 skills and 30 armor types to choose from, as well as procedurally generated levels. You can still play the game for free but IAP removes all intrusive ads and unlocks all the undos you need to enjoy the best possible experience.

(Image credit: TechRadar)

Maze Machina


Maze Machina (opens new tab) identifies you as a mouse through a maze. It’s not a cardboard creation with cheese at its end. Instead, it’s a complex clockwork construction made by an unhinged robot to test his mini-mes.

It is important to find a key, then an exit. Every tile on the grid is a power-up. Every other tile on the grid follows your lead as you swipe to move. Therefore, you must strategize in order to find a way to reach your goal.

Each game is a challenge that offers endless possibilities. The slide-based system makes it easy to use. This game is a great example of “simple to learn, difficult to master”, which brilliantly condenses a lot of strategy into small spaces and quick games.

Image credit: Jolly Good Games Limited



Starbeard is a race made up of space gnomes who are trying to defend their gardens against aliens that look a lot like garden pests. Starbeard is a match-puzzler, so you need to engage your brain, not your sword arm, in order to stab them.

This game is open to conventions. When engaging bugs, you can only move items to the bottom of each column. Your attacks are dependent on actions that can only be performed if you have fully charged certain items.

Starbeard is more than just a gem matcher. It requires you to think ahead and use your brain.


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