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The Best Headphone Extension Cables

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Most likely, you have high-quality headphones. Poor extension cables can not only cost you less but also reduce the quality of your headphones.

There are many options to choose from, some even hundreds. It is what you put in your cable, that matters.

Which headphones extension cables are best?

Even expensive extension cables can still transmit sound. The inner parts of the cable are likely to be made from brittle wiring or thin insulation. The cable’s inner components can become brittle and have thin insulation, which can lead to its loss of durability.

These are some of the things to look for when shopping for headphones extension cables online.

Materials and components: Oxygen-free copper is the most common inner material. However, it is also the most expensive. If you are not an audiophile, it is possible to miss the difference.

While gold-plated connectors may sound better than silver, it is more about the exterior of a connector or plug. It resists corrosion.

A low capacitance, inductance, and resistance to electromagnetic interference is recommended. Foil Shielding helps with this. It is recommended to have a high signal-to-noise ratio.

Length – This is the most important factor when looking for an extension cable. Some extend up to 100 feet.

Compatibility – It is important that your extension cables are compatible with your headphones. It’s still important to use volume and microphone controls, so it shouldn’t be a problem if the cable stops working.

Headphone cables typically have 3.5mm input and output jacks. But not all headphones require them. If you only have a 1/4 inch plug, you don’t need two cables. Dual-input/output cables are possible for some cables. This helps to keep the cable in place and reduces the chance of it being pulled out accidentally.

External Materials – Tangle-free wiring is a great way for cables to be protected from getting caught in Gordian knots. It prevents the cable from getting tangled and also keeps it from being crushed.

Looks: These headphones can be used daily as an extension of your existing headphones. Looks matter. Make sure that the product matches your existing style and color.

1. GE Universal Audio Extension Kit

This cable was made by GE over many decades. It may also be a part of your great-grandparents’ HiFi system.

It is difficult to pinpoint the reason it has survived so long. It doesn’t tangle at all. You can move freely without being jerked back by the cable if you go too far.

Although the kit doesn’t include gold plating, it does include a 3.5mm and 1/4″ Y splitter, as well as an adapter.

This cable is not compatible with microphones. However, it can be used for music and home entertainment.

2. Pig Hog Headphone Extension Cable

These 10-footers’ extra-thick PVC sleeves can withstand twists, tangles, and other abuses.

Pig Hog’s extension cables PHX35-10 were made for stage performances like ear monitors. They are great for recording studios. They allow you to hear and move throughout the session.

3. DuKabel Headphone Extension Cord

The nylon braided cover of these DuKabels is strong enough to withstand rough handling like crushing and bending. It is flexible enough to allow for easy use.

The shielding of the triple-layered shielding prevents interference. The 24-K gold inputs are strong and resist corrosion.

They are available in four sizes, which can reach up to 26″ and are great for media and gaming.

4. Kabel Direct Extension Cable for Headphones

The cable is covered with three oxygen-free copper wires. Double shielding prevents interference and keeps the sound flexible. They can be fitted into any 3.5-inch jack, even phones with cases.

The PVC jacket protects the cable from becoming knotted and provides a build quality comparable with higher-end models at a fraction of the price.

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