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The best Google Pixel 5 deals in September 2022

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The Pixel 5 is no longer the most recent option from Google. It’s a more affordable alternative to the Google Pixel 6 deals that you can currently get. Is this an older option that is still worth the investment?

The Pixel 5 is distinguished by a few key features. The first and most important is the camera. Google’s dominance in phone camera has been evident since the launch of the Pixel device.

The specs look simple enough. There is an 8MP selfie camera, two front facing cameras (a 12.2MP lens, and a 16MP ultrawide), and one 8MP sensor. All of the hard work is done internally.

Google Pixel 5 deals will get you far less than the average flagship price, while still getting some of the most advanced camera features. The Pixel phones are perfect for point-and-shoot photography with AI motion adjustments, automatic highlighting and pixel joining.

The camera is not included in the price, but the RRP of PS599 keeps it affordable. Google’s ownership means that the Pixel 5 receives updates first and can test new features before everyone else.

We’ve compiled a list of all the best and cheapest Google Pixel 5 deals below for you to choose from. There are options available from O2, Three, Vodafone, and a variety of other networks so you have many options.

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Google Pixel 5 deals comparison:

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Google Pixel 5 Deals: The best plan on the Market


This is currently the best deal for Google Pixel 5 right now. This deal will cost you only PS34.99 upfront, and then PS35 per month. 100GB data will be included in the price. This data plan is not the most expensive, but it will last you a month.


This is currently the best deal for Google Pixel 5 right now. This deal will cost you only PS34.99 upfront, and then PS35 per month. 100GB data will be included in the price. This data plan is not the most expensive, but it will last you a month.

See Deal

Google Pixel 5 Deals: Trade in your old phone to Save

You can trade in your old phone to reduce your expenses when you invest in the Google Pixel 5. There are many sites that will accept your old phone, whether it is in brand new condition or slightly scratched.

It will compare different recycling sites and list their TrustPilot scores. This will show you how long it takes to get paid, how fast you can send your phone, and how much.

You can make as much as PS126 on a working Samsung Galaxy S8 or PS32 on a broken one. An iPhone 6 or a Google Pixel 2 could be yours for PS66, while an iPhone 6 might land you PS35.

To learn more, please visit our Sell my Phone guide.

Visit Sellmymobile.com for more information (opens in a new tab).

Google Pixel 5 Review

(Image credit: Google)

Google Pixel 5 Review in Brief

Google has yet another amazing camera phone


Screen size: 6-inches

Resolution: 1080 x 2340

Rear camera: 12.2MP +16MP

Weight: 151g

OS: Android 10


Storage: 128GB

External No

Battery: 4080mAh

There are many reasons to buy

+Drastically improved battery+Impressive camera functionality+Affordable price tag

Avoidable reasons

-Not as powerful than competitors

The Google Pixel 5 significantly improves on the Pixel 4 in those areas that it has most problems. To compete with flagships, it increased the RAM to 8GB and the battery capacity to 4080mAh. It also offered numerous battery-life saving features.

Google has maintained its award-winning camera quality, and added a lot of settings and toys. You can use night mode in portrait and cinematic movies with image stabilisation.

The device has 5G connectivity and is cheaper than the Pixel 4 last year. It isn’t as powerful as the Samsung S21 Plus deals, OnePlus 8 Pro offers…but it’s a lot less.

SIM-free Google Pixel 5 Deals:

Many people will find the Google Pixel 5 contract to be too expensive. It is possible to go SIM-free with this in mind. Although it will cost you more upfront, the device RRP PS599 will be yours. However, you can pair it with cheaper SIM-only deals to get a lower overall price.

Get the best SIM-free deals for the Google Pixel 5

Reduced price

Show More We check more than 250 million products daily to ensure the lowest prices

Google Pixel 5 deals: FAQ

(Image credit: Future)

Google Pixel 5 Deals Cheap?

Google Pixel 5 deals are quite affordable compared to other flagship phones. These deals are cheaper than the iPhone 12 range, Samsung S20 phones and the OnePlus 8 Pro handsets.

It is still quite affordable compared to top-of the-line devices. The Pixel 5 will be a little more expensive than other devices, coming in at the middle of the range.

This is a statement we made early in the life of the device. We’re likely to see significant drops in price as the device ages.

Google Pixel 5 or Google Pixel 4a – Which is better?

This boils down to one simple question: How much are you willing and able to pay? The Pixel 4a is the best budget-friendly option, while the Pixel 5a is the perfect choice for those who want something more expensive.

The Google Pixel 4a is half the price of the Pixel 5. Although it is significantly cheaper, the specs are lower in all departments.

Google Pixel 4a Deals are available to those with a limited budget, while the Pixel 5 is for people who want the best of Google.

What is the camera quality of the Google Pixel 5?

The Google Pixel 5 is very similar to all previous Google launches. The package packs a lot of camera capabilities into a package that doesn’t really look very impressive.

The Pixel 5 features a 12.2MP main lens, and a 16MP ultra wide lens. The software is where the Pixel 5 excels.

It eliminates the need to adjust settings and focuses on its point-and-shoot ability. This means that you will almost always get a good shot.

What is the Google Pixel 5’s performance compared to other flagship phones in its class?

It is difficult to compare the Google Pixel 5 to other devices. It is Google’s top-tier device with 5G capabilities. However, it struggles to compete with other top devices like Apple and Samsung.

Google Pixel 5 deals are far more affordable than other flagship devices, and they cost far less than any other. It doesn’t have the same processor, battery, or other essential factors as competitors, but it does have the best camera on the market, and native Android interfaces.

The Google Pixel 5 won’t be able to compete with the iPhone 12 and Samsung Galaxy S21, but it will provide a comparable, if not superior, camera experience, at a lower price, and a significantly lower price.

What is the best time to purchase a Google Pixel 5 deal?

Google Pixel 5 deals are like all other handsets at certain times of year.

Black Friday

Black Friday deals on phones are a great way to save big and the Google Pixel 5 may be featured in the next Black Friday. The Google Pixel 5 will then be an older model with a newer flagship replacing it. With that in mind, it may not be featured at the next Black Friday event.

– Amazon Prime Day:

Amazon’s big savings event often includes phones these days. While it is less likely than Black Friday to include phones, the Google Pixel 5 could be included.

– A new release

This one may take some time, but when Google releases the next device, there will be big discounts on all older options, making it the ideal time to purchase an older Pixel device.

Are the Google Pixel 5 and 5 likely to be discontinued soon?

Yes, at some point. The Google Pixel 5 is still very much a new phone, so it will not be available for purchase until the Google Pixel 6.

We imagine that the Google Pixel 5 will be available for purchase until the release of the Google Pixel 7, at which time prices will drop dramatically.

Google, like Apple, is quick to get rid of old handsets. Only the latest and greatest are available at all times. As we mentioned, there will be plenty of time before that happens.


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