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The best free collage maker 2022: create your own photo collages

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These collage creators are free and can transform your photos into fun art. It is common to take photos of almost everything, from pets and food to people performing the latest TikTok dance moves. However, most people never look at those thousands upon thousands of photos again.

You have some amazing photos on your smartphone , so why not make use of them? Online collage creators and photo collage apps are great ways to get your creativity flowing, while also letting your photos shine. These tools are easy to use, allowing you to drag and drop. To get familiar with the process, you can download free stock images.

These web apps as well as desktop software allow you to create stunning collages in a matter of minutes. You can print them to canvas, share them on social media, and give them as personalized gift to your loved ones. Fotor is one example. It also functions as a free photo editor , so that you can make sure your photos look great before you start. Although they are not as powerful as the best-video editing software, they provide more than enough tools to meet your needs.

We’ve tested so many photo collage maker programs that we consider ourselves to be experts. So we thought we’d share our top picks with you to help you choose the best collage maker for your collage-designing needs. Below are our top choices.


The top 2022 free collage maker


1. Fotojet

This is the best free collage maker.


Operating system: Windows, macOS, Linux (in browser)

There are many reasons to buy

+Excellent selection of editing tools+Flexible interface+Stylish templates

Avoidable reasons

Advanced features are not free

Fotor and Canva are very similar, but Fotojet is much more fun and flexible than either. Fotojet is our top choice for free collage maker.

Click ‘Collage’ to get started. You can choose between a grid-based or illustrated layout. We think a grid-based layout is more flattering than an illustrated one. Premium account holders can only access those marked with a crown. However, you can resize any grid’s image frames, so this isn’t a problem. You can adjust the box spacing and roundness, as well as the aspect ratio of your canvas.

Click on “Add photos” and drag them into the template. After you have added an image, you will be presented with a variety of Instagram-style filters that can give your collage a unique look. These include advanced options to adjust exposure, brightness and contrast, saturation, saturation, hue, and saturation. You have a wide range of backgrounds available, including plain colors and tasteful geometric patterns. There is also clip art and text.

After you are done, you can save the file as a JPG/PNG file (there is no PDF option). You can adjust the compression and size. It can be shared via Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest or Tumblr. You can even print it right from your browser. It’s easy to use and fun to master, so it is our top choice for best free collage maker.


2. Canva

The best collage maker to print on canvas


Operating system: Windows, macOS, Linux (in browser); Android, iOS (mobile app)

There are many reasons to buy

+Use images from Facebook+Great selection of free designs+For mobile and desktop

Avoidable reasons

Can’t pick output resolution

Canva’s photo collage templates can be used in a browser-based free manner, although there are premium designs that are available for a small fee. These templates are clearly marked so you don’t have to worry about creating a design and then not being able to export it without spending a few bucks.

Set up a username and password or log in to your Google or Facebook account. Select “Personal Use” to be presented with a variety of project types including banners, book covers and social media graphics. To see all the free options, click on ‘Photo collage’ and then ‘See All Collage Templates’. You can also click on ‘Elements to choose a grid and then add images, borders and icons to your collage.

Click ‘Uploads to add your photos. Drag them from your desktop. Drag them directly onto your collage canvas. Images can be added from Facebook or Canva’s library of free images. You can choose a grid layout to automatically resize and crop the images.

After you are done, you have the option to save your collage as a PDF, PNG or JPG file. You can also make it available for other people. Professional printing can be made easier by adding crop marks and bleed spaces.

Canva’s only problem is the inability to set the resolution of your output file. However, you have the option of printing-quality PDFs or standard PDFs. It’s an amazing free collage maker.

3. Fotor

Photo editor with great collage maker.


Operating system: Windows, macOS, Linux (in browser); Android, iOS (mobile app)

There are many reasons to buy

+A wide range of export formats+Choices of aspect ratios+Fun templates

Avoidable reasons

-A little less intuitive that Canva

Fotor’s free collage maker is available in two versions: one using Flash and another that uses HTML5. While the former will be replaced by the latter, they still work in the same manner.

Fotor’s design may not be as intuitive as Canva’s but it is still faster and simpler than creating collages from scratch. Fotor offers all the essential features for free. Additional features can be purchased at a monthly fee. A premium membership removes all ads from the collage maker.

Click ‘Sign In’ to get started. You can either create a new email account with your email address or log in to Facebook. To save your work and move between tools, you’ll need an existing account. After that, click Collage’ and choose a template. Premium account holders only have access to templates marked with a diamond icon. Once you’re done, upload your photos using the Import’ button. You can click ‘Fill In’ to fill in the blanks. The uploaded photos will automatically be cropped and resized so that they fit into the template.

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If you are willing to let the web app take creative decisions, it’s easy and quick to create a collage. You can add text and stickers to your design before it is exported. Fotor allows you to choose the resolution and aspect ratio of your final collage before it is saved in JPG or PNG format.

Fotor is a great free collage maker. However, its design is not as intuitive as Canva. This puts it in a respectable third.

4. PhotoPad

Free, fast and desktop-based collage maker


Windows operating system

+Can be used offline+Filters, clip art

Avoidable reasons

-Interface is a bit stark -Can’t add text or shapes

PhotoPad allows you to create desktop collages faster than browser-based alternatives. It doesn’t require you to give up your Facebook username or email address to use it. It looks outdated and doesn’t have the stickers or filters that make online collage making so fun.

To begin, click ‘Collage’ and choose a size to create your canvas. Next, choose the background to show your images. Although the majority of these patterns are very cheesy you can still use your own image or a solid colour.

After that, you can choose a layout. There are many grid options available (none of which are behind a paywall). You can also adjust the spacing between the photos or the roundness of corners with a pair sliders.

To add a photo to your grid, click on a spot in the grid. These photos will automatically be resized according to your requirements. You can also adjust the area that you want to crop by clicking and dragging. There is no way to add text or shape to the collage editor. Also, there aren’t any filters that can give your photos a new look before you finalize your design. You can add additional elements to your collage by reopening it using PhotoPad’s main editor.

5. PiZap

Best online collage maker to create Facebook collages


Operating system: Windows, macOS, Linux (in browser)

There are many reasons to buy

+Great for social media+Fun stickers, filters, and more+Choice of HTML/ Flash

Avoidable reasons

Export options that are not print-ready

PiZap isn’t like other web-based photo collage creators. You don’t have to give your email address before you can start creating your first design. Although this is a time saver, you cannot save your work or edit it later.

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Pick a free design. There are many options available. These include rectangles, hearts, circles and other shapes such as stars. These options are more suitable for greeting cards than wall art and can reduce the impact of your photos. We also recommend avoiding themed options as they are too cheesy.

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After you have chosen a template, click on each frame to insert a photograph. You can upload images directly from your computer, but you can also use Facebook, Instagram and Dropbox to grab photos. You can also find the now-defunct Google Picasa.

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After your photos have been placed, you can adjust the background color, spacing and add a drop shadow. Although there are many filters to choose from, they cannot be applied to individual photos and the clip art options lack subtlety. Meme text and paintbrushes are great for creating silly wall art, but they don’t work well for making it look professional.

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After you are done, the free collage maker will only give you one export option: a standard resolution JPG. This is fine for small prints, but not for large canvas. PiZap is great for creating fun collages that you can share on social media. The other tools are better if you need something to hang on your walls.

How do you choose the best collage maker?

There are some important things to remember when choosing a collage maker. The most important thing to consider is how you intend to use the final collage. Are you looking for something you can print on canvas or something you can share on Instagram and Facebook.

You can only export your collages at a low resolution. These are fine for online viewing, but will look unappealing when printed. You should choose a service that allows you to export your creation as a PDF or JPG for printing.

Another consideration is templates. You might also consider templates.

Remember that not all collage makers require a subscription. However, many offer free templates and images. You should clearly mark the premium elements. However, some collage makers provide more free content.


Which is the best photo collage maker for free?

Fotojet is our current favorite free photo collage maker. Although it may look similar to Canva and Fotor, it is much more flexible and offers a simple interface that is easy to use for new users. You also get great editing tools and beautiful templates. Advanced features may require a membership or an extra charge, but the basics tools are free and sufficient for most people.

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