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The best free Android apps of 2022: the best apps in the Google Play Store

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It can be difficult to find the best android apps free on the Google Play Store, with so many options. It was 13 years ago that Google launched Android. Who would have thought there would be so many apps? There is an app for everything. Many of them are free so you can take your phone up a notch.

However, there are many apps that you can use. This doesn’t necessarily mean they’re all of the best quality. There are some apps that you should avoid. The Play Store offers many tools that can help you sort through the clutter, including Editor’s Picks for specific categories and recommendations for new releases, or apps based upon your previous downloads.

You can also refine your search by looking at reviews, ratings, or searching for the app you already have. Then see what similar results pop-up.

There are many apps in the store’s collection, so it’s easy to miss a good free app. We’ve compiled our top picks to help you find the best Android apps. These apps are sorted by categories so that you can find what you need.

Are you not an Android user? These apps can be used on any of the best Android emulators.

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The best Android app for free

Each month, we add a new app. You can find the most recent additions below.

(Image credit: SaveMoneyCutCarbon)

SaveMoneyCutCarbon Home

SaveMoneyCutCarbonHome (opens new tab) This app is for the SaveMoneyCutCarbon Online Store. It’s well worth checking out even if it’s not something you are interested in (or cannot do, since this is a UK-based site).

The store is filled with eco-friendly products, as the name implies. The app? The app has more!

For example, you might replace the clingfilm in your home with silicone covers or beeswax wraps. These can be purchased from SaveMoneyCutCarbon, but it is a good idea to know what your options are.

There are also articles on sustainable living. If you shop here, it will create an impact statement about how your purchases have benefited the planet and your wallet.


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