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The best family cell phone plans for September 2022

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We have compiled a list of top-rated recommendations and tips to help you find the best family phone plans. It can be difficult to find the right one with so many options and long service contracts. We’ve narrowed down the list to those that we believe offer the best value. We also know that family phone plans are not always the same. So we have tried to provide a variety of options.

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  1. The best family cell phone plans
  2. How do you decide which family phone plan is right for you

While price is the main consideration when choosing the best family cell-phone plans, we also took into account many other factors. We have included information about coverage, data allowances and discounts for 2-line and 3-line plans in our recommendations. We hope you will find the right plan to meet your needs.

You’ll find that the market is flooded with great options for family cell phone plans. You can get great deals on multi-line premium unlimited plans from the ‘big three’ (Verizon and AT&T) but also from smaller prepaid carriers. For those on a tight budget, Visible and Mint Mobile are great choices.

We’re not just listing the top family cell phone plans. You will find the most frequently asked questions section at bottom of this page if you need guidance or help. You can also check out our main best mobile phone plans article for more information. It will give you a comprehensive overview of the entire market.

Top picks for the best family cell phone plans

  1. Visible [opens in new window] best overall value
  2. Mint Mobile [opens in new tab] best for two line values
  3. Boost mobile (opens new tab) – Best for three line values
  4. TMobile (opens new tab) best to maximize big carrier value
  5. Verizon (opens new tab) – Best for flexibility and parental control
  6. Cricket Wireless(opens in new window) best for value on AT&T’s network

The best cell phone plans for families

(Image credit: Visible)

1. Visible

Best value

Data options: Unlimited

View at Visible. (opens in a new tab).

Amazing 4-line value

Unlimited data

No contract

Lines pay separately

Visible Wireless doesn’t offer family cell phone plans, but its Party Pay feature might be better. Visible Wireless charges $40 per month for an unlimited single-line 5G service. This is a pretty amazing price, but Party Pay allows you to bundle four accounts at $25 each – a truly incredible value.

Do you have two or three family members? For $35 per line or $30 per person, you can bundle them together to create a smaller party. This is a great deal, but it’s not only the price that makes Visible our top choice this month. All Visible Wireless plans include unlimited 5G access and unlimited calls and text, and operate on the Verizon network for great coverage. There are also no long service contracts.

This is not a family plan. It’s open to everyone Visible Wireless customers, regardless of their family status. Although this means that you can bundle with anyone, it does have a downside: each user must pay separately. This means that you may need to complete some paperwork to set yourself up.

For a complete breakdown of this service, please refer to our Viable wireless plans guide (opens in a new tab)

(Image credit: Mint Mobile)

2. Mint Mobile

Ideal for 2 lines

Pricing: $15/mo – $30/mo (per line) | Data options: 4GB, 10GB, 15GB, Unlimited | Talk & Text: Unlimited | Perks: 5G, mobile hotspot, free Mex & CA calling | Network: T-Mobile

View at Mint Mobile. (opens in a new tab).

Simple pricing

Generous data allowances

You must pay upfront

You may need to purchase multiple months at once

Mint Mobile doesn’t have family plans, which is atypical for most carriers. However, its low rates and simple pricing structure make it an excellent choice for single- or dual-line users. The unlimited plan is $35 per month and provides a generous 35GB 5G data allowance, unlimited talk and texts, and 5GB mobile hotspot allowance.

Mint Mobile allows you to buy data in monthly increments of 3, 6, or 12 months. The longer plans average out to a lower rate per month. Mint Mobile requires that you are committed to the service before you can sign up. To get the best rates, you will need to pay a lot upfront. This does not mean that you will have to pay monthly bills for as long as a year.

For a more detailed explanation of this service, please refer to our Mint Mobile Plans (opens new tab) guide.

(Image credit: Boost mobile)

3. Boost Mobile Unlimited

Best for 3 lines

Data options: Unlimited

View at BoostMobile (opens new tab)

Generous mobile hotspot allowance

Excellent 3-line value

Initial payment of $100

If you are looking for a prepaid provider that provides a wide range of flexible and affordable family phone plans, Boost Mobile is a great choice. Boost Mobile shines, unlike other prepaid carriers. You can add multiple lines to an account and also’mix-and match’ data allowances per line to create a personalised plan for your family.

It is worth mentioning the $90 per month special rate for its unlimited three-line plan. This comes after an initial $100 payment. The initial $100 payment is a little steeper than Mint. However, this plan offers a slightly higher data allowance for your mobile hotspot. It’s 12GB more. This plan is a good choice if you are looking for a 3-line family phone plan. You can also save some money via the Boost Mobile deals page (opens in new window).

(Image credit: T-Mobile)

4. T-Mobile Magenta

Best for big carrier value

Data options: Unlimited Network: T-Mobile

View at T-Mobile (opens in new tab)

No deprioritization

Netflix subscription

All taxes and fees are included

Still very expensive

Only 5GB high-speed mobile hotspot data

When it comes to family cell phones plans, or cellular plans generally, the big carriers aren’t known for their value. T-Mobile is the best value out of all the big three carriers thanks to an amazing deal that gives you the third line free when you buy three or more lines. Although it is still quite expensive compared to other prepaid carriers, the T-Mobile Magenta plan offers tons of value for money.

T-Mobile, like most larger carriers, offers a free streaming subscription service as part of its Magenta plan. This includes Netflix Basic and 100GB of priority data. This makes it an excellent choice for data-hungry families who want to stream content. You’ll also get unlimited speeds that aren’t subjected to deprioritization unlike the prepaid plans.

(Image credit: Verizon)

5. Verizon Unlimited

It’s great for flexibility and coverage

Data options: Unlimited

View at Verizon. (opens in new window)

Unlimited mix-and-match plans

Just Kids plan available

Excellent streaming perks

Prices high

5G mobile hotspot caps

Verizon is another strong contender for family phone plans, even among the larger carriers. It offers a great’mix and match’ service with unlimited data plans that lets customers personalize each line to suit their needs. Although the plans are expensive, they offer a lot of streaming service perks, including Hulu, ESPN+ and Disney+ as well as 50GB of priority data for fast high-definition streaming.

Verizon’s ‘Just Kids unlimited plan is another standout feature. This $35/month add on plan allows unlimited data customers to get a unique plan that’s just for kids. This plan allows parents to limit screen time, track their location and filter content through the Verizon app. The Verizon Just Kids plan includes unlimited data (capped to 5Mbs) and unlimited text and data for up 20 contacts. It’s a great value.

For a complete breakdown of this service, please refer to our Verizon Wireless plans (opens new tab) Guide.

Cricket Wireless, image credit

6. Cricket Wireless

Great prepaid deal on AT&T’s network

Data options: Unlimited

View at Cricket Wireless. (opens in a new tab).

Cheapest AT&T Network

Unlimited data at 8Mbps

Basic plan does not include mobile hotspot

Cricket Wireless is a prepaid carrier offering a 4-line unlimited plan starting at $100 per month. This will allow you to have the best coverage possible on AT&T’s network in your local area.

Cricket Wireless, like most prepaid carriers in our top family cell phone plans ranking, is very basic and subject to deprioritization during busy periods. It does cost $10 per month (opens new tab), but it offers comparable service and perks to AT&T’s basic unlimited plans.

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