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The Best Family Calendar Apps to Bring Everyone Together

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It is not easy to keep your family on the same schedule. You can share shopping lists, recipes, and photos depending on which app you choose.

Family Calendar Apps

Google Calendar

Google Calendar is the most popular calendar app. You can add events from Gmail or your Google Task To-Do list.

Google Calendar allows you to easily share a schedule. You can share a schedule with Google Calendar by simply adding email addresses and sharing the link.

Download: Apple | Android


Source: TimeTree

Family members can easily view each other’s calendars.

This app contains information about holidays in the US and dozens of other countries. TimeTree allows you to plan overseas vacations around certain holidays.

TimeTree offers the ability to create multiple calendars making it a great tool for scheduling schoolwork or business meetings

TimeTree can sync with other calendars like Google and Outlook. Members can also be invited by email, Facebook Messenger, or text message.

Download: Apple | Android | Web


DigiCal, another app that helps you organize your family’s calendars, can also be used with other Android-supported apps. DigiCal will work best if you have an existing Google Calendar, Outlook, or Exchange account and are looking for a new tool.

DigiCal lets you integrate a variety of useful information into your family calendar. You can integrate TV and sports schedules.

Download: Android

Family Calendar Apps for iPhone

Apple Calendar

Apple Calendar is easy to use. This app is a great option for families that only use Apple devices. You can also access it free of charge via iCloud.

The interface of Apple Calendar is very easy to use. It doesn’t distract you from important information such as tasks or events. It is possible to create new events even for people who are not tech-savvy.

You have the option to keep track of school and work with multiple calendars.

Fantastical 2

Image Source: Apple Apps

Fantastical 2’s natural-language parsing is what makes the app so popular.

The Calendar app can sync with multiple accounts including Microsoft Exchange or Google Calendar. It is possible to check if family members are available for hosting an event you have created.

The app costs $4.99 for iPhones and $49.99 for Mac computers.

Download: iOS | macOS

Cozi is the Best Calendar App for Large Families

Cozi, a family calendar app, is perfect for busy families. It will allow you to easily manage your dog walker, nannies, and events.

Cozi’s most important feature is its ability to assign colors to anyone who has access to the calendar

It makes it easy for everyone to plan their schedules. The app also has shared shopping lists and checklists that all members can use.

Cozi lets you share your family’s favorite recipes in one place. Cozi also offers a family journal where you can add photos and record special moments.

Download: Apple | Android | Web

Any.Do. Any.Do.

Source: Any.do

Any.do helps you organize your shopping and to-do lists

Invite others to events or tasks with the Any.do Calendar. Other calendars that your family may already have, such as an Outlook, Google Calendar, or Google Calendar, can be synchronized.

The best thing about Any.do is its integration with Alexa smart speakers. The best thing about Any. do?

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