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The best cheap Roku sales and deals for September 2022

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Roku sales prices often fall below MSRP due to the extremely competitive streaming stick market. You’ll find the best Roku deals here, whether you need a simple HDMI plugin or one that offers high-quality 4K resolution and lots of smart home features.

Roku’s streaming sticks and boxes connect to your TV via HDMI. This transforms any HD/4K TV into an interactive smart TV. It also increases the number of apps available on any smart TV that is missing some of your favorite apps. Roku continues to be the underdog in a video streaming world dominated by Apple, Google, and Amazon.

You’ll also find apps that are specific to your country, in addition to global services such as Netflix, Amazon, Spotify, and Amazon Prime Video. HBO Now, Hulu, and Sling in the US, as well as CBS All Access, CBS All Access, BBC iPlayer, and All 4 in the UK, are just a few examples. Roku is unrivaled in terms of the quality and number of streaming services it supports. Yes, you can also view 4K HDR.

There are many Roku devices in the wild. Some of these devices have been discontinued due to newer versions. Some models have an advantage that the new sticks can’t, so we keep price comparison charts for them.

We have generally reduced the list to include the most important Roku streaming devices, which are easily available and offer great value for money.

Connectivity: Wireless

The Roku Express4K Plus was launched in April this year. It allows you to stream your favorite content at 4K Ultra HD resolution and supports HDR10+. This affordable streaming stick comes with a Roku voice remote that allows you to launch movies, search for titles, and adjust the volume all without having to use your hands.

The streaming device was launched in the US and UK at a starting price $39.99/PS39.99. The Roku Express 4K streaming device is still a new release. We’ve seen some slight discounts and we expect to see a record price at the Black Friday 2021 sale.

Picture quality: 1080p HD | Connectivity: Wireless | Remote: Standard | Headphone jack: No | Storage expansion: N/A

No 4K Streaming

The Roku Express is the cheapest streaming device. The Roku Express is newer and more affordable than other Roku Streaming Sticks. It does the same job. This is the perfect tool to convert any HDMI TV into Smart TV.

We’d be tempted, however, to look out for a great deal on the 4K version we mentioned earlier to avoid buying one when 4K content becomes the norm.

Connectivity: Wireless

Roku continues to outshine other streaming devices with the new Roku Streaming Stick Plus. It is small, modern, and very affordable. It’s also been released in the UK, unlike some of the older models. The 4K Roku party is now available to Brits, just like the US. HDR content is also available from supported apps.

Amazon’s 4K Fire TV Sticks have similar prices and a more intuitive remote design with Alexa support. However, you may find Roku’s wider selection of streaming services more appealing.

Roku Ultra deals

The one with all the features

Connectivity: Wireless or ethernet

Headphone jack on remote

Expandable storage

Remote gaming

More expensive

This Roku Ultra was not available in the UK. You shouldn’t expect to pay much for this Roku Ultra in the UK. You get all the HDR streaming quality and ports from the Roku Premiere Plus. What do you get for your extra money? Ultra’s remote control is the most popular. It can be used to voice search, has additional buttons that make it a useful game controller, and even has a speaker that helps you locate it by pressing a button on its console. You also have an optical out audio and a USB storage port. The remote can also be used to listen to private music via the included JBL headphones.

You don’t have to worry about extra audio ports, expandable storage, or using the Roku for gaming. Instead, you can opt for one the Roku deals that we mentioned earlier. This will save you a lot of money.

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