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The best cable TV alternatives in 2022: Live TV services that save you money

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You can cancel your cable TV but keep your favorite shows. It’s easy to cut the cord with the best cable TV options. You can keep your important channels like ESPN, TNT, USA, and more. These live TV services demonstrate that life after a cable box can be faster, more user-friendly, and even easier to manage — with monthly payment plans. You can also switch between them at will, as there are no annual contracts.

While the best alternatives to cable TV offer the most channels, the less-expensive options may offer fewer channels. Even live streaming of Premier League games is possible if you have the right service. The top pick is actually the one that TG’s Henry T. Casey, and Kelly Woo decided to cut the cord. Mark Spoonauer, our Global Editor in Chief, recently canceled his cable. Here’s how he replaced it with.

Our staff didn’t choose the live streaming TV service with the most popular channels. There is a reason. This service is mainly for people who need regional sports networks. These channels are also expensive.

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If you are looking for local news, sports games, or recordings of your guilty pleasure reality shows, this list will help you. After a year away from cable TV, one of our members has written about what he likes and dislikes about cutting the cord .

Even though they are getting more expensive, they still cost less than cable.

Cable TV and back to school

Back to School sales will begin in the coming weeks. Summer is over. You may need live TV, whether you are moving into a dorm or sharing a room with roommates.

For all your shopping needs this season, make sure you follow our back-to-school guide

Which are the best alternatives to cable TV?

The best alternatives to cable TV offer many channels, and especially those you love, ease-of-use, access on major streaming devices, and a great value for money. To find the best cable TV service, we tested them all. We watched live shows, compared their channels, and used them as our source of TV for several weeks.

Sling TV, our top alternative to cable TV, starts at $35 per month for the Sling Blue and Sling Orange packages. Sling Orange+Blue is $50 per month and includes all of the networks Sling offers.

Hulu with Live TV and Fubo TV, both $70 per monthly, and YouTube TV ($65/month) are the best options to Sling TV. You get more channels and a larger DVR.

DirecTV streaming is the new name for the service, which was previously known as AT&T TV. The $70 price tag can be a little steep due to slow performance and a clunky user interface. However, DirecTV Stream has a stronghold on many regional sports networks so fans may find themselves locked in. Check out this Hulu live vs. YouTube TV face-off.

These are the best cable TV options available today

1. Sling TV

Overall, best cable replacement service

Channels (in entry-level package): 30

A wide range of channels packages

It is available on a large variety of devices

Potentially very affordable

Missing multiple user profiles

Sling TV will be getting a major interface overhaul (coming first to Fire TV) which really makes it stand out from the rest. It is the only cable replacement option right now, and the one Henry T. Casey & Kelly Woo chose to replace their cable. While other streaming services may have more features or be flashier, Sling TV’s flexibility and low price ensured that it won the 2022 Tom’s Guide Award.

Sling TV is affordable at $35 per month — the first month is half off. Sling TV offers two basic channels, Orange and Blue. Then viewers can choose and pay for smaller extras that usually cost $5 per monthly. Orange has ESPN, while Blue has Fox and NBC. You can find more differences in our Blue Sling Orange vs Blue guide.

Sling TV offers something for everyone, from comedy to sports to programming for kids to channels in foreign languages. We wish that the cloud DVR could be unlimited, like YouTube or Hulu. You can find more information, including pricing, lineups, and pricing, on our What is Sling TV? or Sling TV promo code pages. Sling’s Orange+Blue package still offers a lower price than many of its base packages.

2. Hulu Live TV

Bundle deal and original programming at its best

Channels (in entry-level package): More than 60+

Attractive interface

Good channel selection

Unlimited cloud DVR

There are many menus

Stability issues

Hulu began as an on-demand streaming site, but later expanded to offer live TV. Hulu offers a traditional library of movies and shows, as well as access to over 60 live channels (from A&E to ESPN, TNT, to TNT) for $70 per month. You also get ESPN Plus and Disney Plus. This bundle comes with a $5 price increase. This bundle is more affordable than ever, thanks to the recent price hike to ESPN Plus. Our hands-on testing with Hulu and Live TV revealed that the buffering issue is an issue. This is unacceptable.

Hulu with Live TV does a great job of recommending new content and the interface is among the most user-friendly in the cable-replacement space. However, there will be a lot of ads and you will have to pay $10 more if you need fewer. Hulu has also added unlimited cloud DVRs to match YouTube’s.

Hulu gets major brownie points for its original programming and on-demand programming. FX on Hulu has added many classic and contemporary shows like Atlanta and The Shield. These exclusives are not available on all services, including the award-winning Handmaid’s Tale and Little Fires Everywhere.

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