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The 5 Best Free Translation Apps

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If you work with foreign speakers, or just enjoy travelling the world, a language translator app is essential. You can even translate text from your camera with some apps.

Microsoft Translator – Best App for Translating Text Messages

Source: Google Play Store

Microsoft Translator can support more than 60 languages. The app can translate what everyone is saying in their respective languages.

This app supports text, image, and speech translations in real-time. Both enterprise and consumer versions of Microsoft Translator are available.

Download: Google Play Store | Apple App Store

iTranslate Translator – Best App to Translate Dialects

(Image Source: Google Play Store).

Translate more than 100 languages using the iTranslate Translator app. You can also switch between dialects to communicate with locals.

Your camera can translate signs and menus. Voice-to-voice translations can be done with either a male or female voice.

The iTranslate application can be used on both iOS and Android devices, as well as the Apple Watch.

Apple App Store

TripLingo- The Best Translator App for Business Travellers

(Image Source: Google Pl ay Store).

TripLingo, a translation app that is great for travellers, has all you need.

TripLingo can translate text, voice, or image in 42 languages. You can also hear the courses to learn more about local customs and social etiquette.

Business travellers will find the receipt translation very useful. Simply take a picture of your receipt, and then convert it into your preferred language. This will make it much easier to complete expense reports.

This app can be used to communicate with locals in case you get lost in translation. A translator can be hired for a fee to assist you with speaking with locals.

The basic features of the free version are included. To access lessons, live translations and the offline dictionary, you will need to pay $20 per calendar month.

Apple App Store

TextGrabber is the Best App to Translate Text

(Image Source Google Play Store).

TextGrabber is a translation tool that lets you read street signs, electronic manuals, and menus in any language. It supports more than 100 languages online and 10 offline.

The innovative real-time recognition mode digitises printed information on your phone’s screen. Simply clicking on a link allows you to send an email, call or locate an address using your map apps.

It also has text-to-speech, which allows you to translate text and copy it to your clipboard. You have the ability to edit, delete, store and merge any captured text.

Apple App Store

Google Translate: The Best All-Around Translator

(Image Source: Google Play Store)

Google Translate can be used to translate more than 100 languages using text, voice, and images. You can also translate 59 languages without an internet connection.

Word Lens allows you to instantly convert text into 37 languages via the app. Just point your camera at any sign to see it translated.

Google offers a neural machine translation engine which can be used to help you avoid getting lost during translation. This engine allows you to create natural-sounding, natural-sounding translations simply by analysing whole sentences or phrases and not individual words.

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