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Best Dock Apps to Replace Your Taskbar in Windows 10

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Are you a Mac user who has recently switched to Windows 10? You might have trouble using Windows Taskbar if you recently switched from a Mac computer to Windows 10. This is our top 10 list of dock apps for Windows 10.

Launchpad: WinLaunch is the best Windows 10 alternative

WinLaunch may be a dock app, but it’s the best Windows application that offers Launchpad-like functionality.

Access the full-screen app by pressing Shift+ Tab keys or creating a hot area.

To delete items, hold the app down for 3 seconds. WinLaunch lets you choose the monitor that will open your app.


Circle Dock: Best Unique Dock App for Windows 10

Circle Dock for Windows 10 allows you to organize your most important files in a circular dock.

Drag and Drop items onto the Dock.

Download Circle Dock

RocketDock: Best Dock App for Folder Shortcuts

RocketDock is a program that was created by Apple lovers at Punk Software. RocketDock has been developed by Apple fans at Punk Software.

Sometimes it can be difficult to add apps to your dock. If you open an application from the Start menu, the dock will not show it.

You can use the dock app’s auto-hide function to hide your dock. However, you should be aware of where it is on your screen. You can hide your dock or move it.

This guide will help you hide your Taskbar.


ObjectDock: Best Dock App for Multitaskers

ObjectDock is different from other dock apps. You can access the main dock or what they call a Quick Launch Dock, and a tabbed Dock. This dock works exactly the same way as a dock for your Mac. The Tabbed Docks can also be used to access other locations.

Quick Launch dock is a tool that displays all open apps, minimized window icons, and system tray icons. To make your icons glow, hover your mouse over them.

Hover over an app to see a preview. Flyout allows you to see subfolders in any folder on your Mac.

Quick Launch Docks or Tabbed Docks offer shortcuts to the Windows Start Menu.

ObDock Download

NexusDock, the best dock app for Windows 10, Gives your Windows 10 computer an Apple-like experience.

NexusDock shows a preview when you hover over an application.

NexusDock has more options than the Mac Taskbar. There are many options to launch applications, hover over shortcuts and delete items.

You won’t find these shortcut icons on either a Mac or Windows machine. This icon displays real-time graphs from Task Manager so that you don’t need to open it again.

You can add files, folders, or programs to your dock. You can also create shortcuts for Internal Commands.

The NexusDock free version includes all of these features. You can create unlimited docks and personalize the system tray icons with the paid version.

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