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The 4 Safest MacBook Battery Replacement Options

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The battery in your MacBook is the most important component that you will need to replace. Apple machines are reliable, but current battery technology means most cells will only last a few more years, especially if they are used heavily.

A battery replacement can be a great way for an older MacBook to get new life. These are the options available for replacing your MacBook’s battery. We also provide information about how much it will cost to replace it and how to tell when it is time.

Are You Looking to Replace Your MacBook Battery

To determine if your MacBook needs a new battery, first check its status. On macOS Big Sur or later, click on the Apple menu to open the System Preferences menu. Next, select Batterie from this menu.

Select the Batterie tab from the left sidebar. Next, click the Health button to the bottom.

The result window will display Normal, or Service Recommended for Battery Condition. If the first is displayed, your battery is in good condition. Service suggested does not necessarily indicate that something is wrong. However, if this happens, your battery may be holding less charge than it used to.

The Maximum Capacity will also be displayed. 100% indicates that it is performing as well today as it did in its original state. A lower percentage like 80% indicates how much battery life you have left. You might get only eight hours of use from a full battery, rather than 10.

To view your battery health in older macOS versions, hold the Option button and click on the icon for battery percentage in the menu bar at top-right. This will display one of the four possible statuses of your Mac’s battery.

  • Normal You don’t need to replace your battery.
  • Soon to Replace: The battery has a lower capacity than when it was brand new.
  • Replace Now: The battery has a significantly lower capacity than its original capacity.
  • Service Battery Your battery has been detected as defective by the system.

These conditions should provide some indication as to whether you need to replace your MacBook’s battery. These conditions do not indicate any potential harm. You can use your MacBook as usual.

How to check the battery cycles on your MacBook

You can view the charge-discharge cycles and exact numbers of charges your Mac has experienced. This is how you do it:

  1. Click the Apple logo at the top-left corner.
  2. Select About this Mac, then Report.
  3. Click Energy in the left sidebar, under Hardware. Scroll down to the Information heading to locate Cycle Count.

This number indicates how many times your battery has been completely drained, from 100 percent to full. This number does not represent full cycles. If your battery drops to 50%, you can charge it back to 100% and drain it to 50% again. This would be considered one cycle.

You can use the cycle count to determine how long it takes for your battery to run out before you need to replace it. Different MacBooks have different cycle counts. You’ll need to cross-reference the results with the Apple battery cycle support page. Nearly every MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and MacBook Air are rated for 1,000 cycles.

Even though these numbers may look healthy, you might have noticed that your battery life is getting shorter and decided it’s time to replace it. You can decide if it’s worth the expense. Make sure to follow the tips first to increase battery life and then you can move on to hardware replacement if they don’t work.

Option 1: You can replace your MacBook Battery through Apple Warranty

Benefit This service is free under any applicable warranties. It should be your first choice.

Apple will replace any defective or damaged battery if your MacBook is still covered by warranty. Apple offers a limited warranty of one year in the USA. EU residents have two-year coverage. This coverage is extended to three years if you purchased AppleCare for the MacBook.

If you have any questions about your battery, contact Apple immediately. You can check the status of your warranty on Apple’s Check Protection page by entering your serial number. Click the Apple menu in the top-left corner of the screen to find your serial number. Then, select About this Mac.

We’ll show you the best options for replacing your MacBook’s battery if warranty coverage is not available. But, it is important to be aware of a few cases.

Apple Battery Replacement Programs Available for Specific MacBook Pro Models

You may be eligible for a MacBook Pro replacement even if your MacBook is beyond its warranty.

Apple will replace a few units of the 13-inch MacBook Pro non-Touch Bar models manufactured between October 2016 & October 2017. The battery swells up because of a failure in another component. Apple says this isn’t dangerous.

Apple’s MacBook Pro replacement page lets you enter your serial number to see if it’s eligible for repair.

Apple also recalls 15-inch MacBook Pro computers that were sold between September 2015 to February 2017. Apple states that these devices may catch fire if they overheat. For your safety, it is important to replace the battery in these models immediately.

To check if your computer is affected by the Apple 15-inch MacBook Pro Battery Recall, enter your serial number. You can check for recalls on any Apple product at any time.

Option 2: You can pay for a replacement Apple MacBook Battery

Benefit Your MacBook will be protected against any defects that may arise from the process. Your replacement product will be genuine and original, and should not take longer than one day.

Apple recommends that you only use authorized service centers from third-party and first-party sources to replace your MacBook’s battery. Although it is the most costly option, it is also the best and safest. This procedure is less likely than others, and Apple offers a 90-day guarantee on all work.

If the service isn’t covered under a warranty or consumer law, what does a MacBook battery replacement price? The average cost of a MacBook Air battery replacement is $129 or $199 for a MacBook Pro. Shipping your device costs $19.95 extra

You might be better to put that money towards a new MacBook if your MacBook is particularly old. You should be looking for indicators that your Mac is in need of replacement and not wasting money on an old machine.

Go to Apple’s Mac Service and Repair Website and click Send a request. The website will recommend authorized third parties if there aren’t any Apple stores near you. These technicians receive the same training and offer the same guarantees as Apple.

Option 3: Take your MacBook Battery to a Computer Repair Shop

Benefits It’s possible to save money by not hiring an Apple-certified technician to repair your device. Third-party parts may be cheaper to lower costs, which means they are more likely to fail early.

You can save money by having your MacBook Air or MacBook Pro batteries replaced by a third-party repair company. Even if they aren’t affiliated with Apple, many repair shops can source your battery and replace it. The cost to replace your MacBook’s battery will depend on who you contact.

This route does not include Apple’s guarantee and may result in the company using third-party parts to save money. While these parts are not necessarily inferior, they may cause problems in the future or lower performance. For quotes on MacBook battery replacement, check out local computer repair shops. Then compare the prices to Apple’s.

Your local repair shop might refuse to service your MacBook model if the battery is still glued in place. This applies to MacBook Pro models starting in mid-2009, as well as all MacBook models equipped with Retina displays. Apple’s official repair may be the best option if you don’t have an older machine.

Option 4: You can replace your MacBook battery yourself

Benefits Taking matters into your own hands will save you a lot of time and reduce the chance of things going wrong.

Ordering your MacBook replacement battery from Amazon and then swapping it yourself is the cheapest option. You’ll only have to pay for the parts and the time required to complete the job. You will need tools to open your Mac and an anti-static wristband to dispose of the old battery.

You can often buy complete kits to replace your Mac’s batteries. These kits are roughly half the cost of the Apple service. iFixit is one such retailer. They also provide text and video guides for everything, from simple repairs to more complex teardowns. At the time of writing you can find a kit that will replace any 13-inch MacBook Air model between 2010 and 2017 for $79.99.

The battery should be purchased by itself for less than that, with third-party options at a fraction of the cost. Trust is key. You want to make sure that the company has a good reputation for quality parts. Otherwise, you won’t have to spend time replacing your battery and then it fails.

The chances of things going wrong are higher if you don’t know what you’re doing. If you are willing to take the risk, and follow the instructions to the letter, then you will learn a lot more about your computer’s inner workings. It might be fun!

Most MacBook Pro with Retina Display models now have glued-in battery options. This makes it extremely difficult to fix. iFixit offers battery kits for MacBook Pro models with Retina Display, but cautions that they are only for experts and require some work. You should not attempt this; it can take hours and require disconnecting dozens more parts.

Do not forget to recycle batteries responsibly

You can replace your MacBook’s battery by yourself, but make sure to recycle it responsibly.

To prevent injury to others and the environment, lithium batteries must be properly recycled. You should consult your local waste management authority to learn how to recycle your old laptop battery.

Many local governments have drop-off or collection points that promote safety and sustainability. Apple will service your laptop for free if you let it. However, Apple does not offer drop-off services.

Is it worth replacing your MacBook Battery?

You might be wondering if you should replace your MacBook’s battery now that you are familiar with how to do it. It is much cheaper to replace your MacBook’s battery if it runs well than the battery.

If your MacBook is older, however, replacing the internal battery may not be a good idea. External power solutions are an option in this instance. External power solutions that can charge a MacBook are also an option. You can use them in the future to power other devices even after your current Mac is replaced.

Make sure to know how to maintain your new MacBook’s battery health after it is replaced or repaired.

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