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The 15 Best Android Offline Music Player Apps

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You can stream music to your phone using Wi-Fi and data. These are the top Android offline music players.

Are you fed up with streaming music? It’s convenient and it can save you data, but streaming can also slow down your mobile data.

There are many great apps that allow you to listen to offline music from your smartphone. These are some of the top Android offline music apps, including some that you might not be aware of.

Many popular streaming music apps like Spotify and YouTube Music offer the ability for you to download music for offline listening. We won’t be including them here as they are primarily based on streaming.

The best Android Offline Music Player Apps

A great listening experience doesn’t require you to spend money. Let’s start with the top free Android music players.

AP’s interface looks quite simple at first glance. Flat interface designs are very popular and AIMP’s approach follows that style. But this is not the whole point. The app is simple; it plays your music, and doesn’t distract.

2. jetAudio HD Music Player

JetAudio HD offers premium and free versions of its Android music player. The free version offers so many features that most users will not need to upgrade. Although ads are supported in the free version, they don’t interfere with your browsing experience. The ads are located at the bottom of your screen, as you can see in the screenshot.

This is what you get: a 10-band equalizer, 32 presets, lossy or lossless support, effects such as reverb and/or x-bass. You can also control playback speed and gain control.

3. Rocket Music Player

Rocket Music Player is a well-known program that has seen a lot of development since its inception. The developers have fixed many bugs and improved performance. They also expanded the feature list.

You get a 10-band equalizer, several presets, more than 30 themes, a tag editor, Chromecast support and a sleep timer. There is also a playlist manager and support for podcasts.

4. Phonograph Music Player

Phonograph is an attractive music player app. The many theme colors available in Phonograph are a great feature. Additionally, the interface colors can dynamically change to match what’s on-screen.

The features are pretty basic so don’t expect too many bells and whistles. Phonograph is a great music player app if you want to listen to music without any distractions.

5. Pixel Music Player

We recommend Pixel Player to satisfy those who aren’t satisfied with the options we have presented. Although it isn’t as well-known as Pixel Player, it’s still quite great.

Pixel supports only basic file formats. However, it does have a five-band equalizer that can boost bass and playback without gaps, as well as a tag editor and several options for customization such colors and themes. Pixel Player can analyze what you listen to and suggest music that suits your preferences.

6. Impulse Music Player

Impulse Music Player also supports gesture controls. These include a five-band equalizer with a virtualizer and bass boost, gapless playback and metadata editing, automatic album artwork downloads, and more.

This music player is not a gimmick. It’s extremely functional and well worth the effort. The free version of the app is listed as “Music Player” in Google Play. Appmetric developed the Pro version of Impulse.

7. Shuttle Music Player

Shuttle Music Player is a superior music app because it’s intuitive and lightweight. It runs smoothly on older devices and feels smooth. Although there’s nothing special about the interface it’s simple enough to use.

A five-band equalizer, with bass boost and gapless playback, as well as several theme options and customizable widgets, are all included in the free features.

Shuttle+ Player offers a few additional features, including a built-in tag editor and folder browsing. It also supports Chromecast.

8. BlackPlayer

BlackPlayer is our favorite free music player. It is modern, clean, intuitive, easy to use, and loaded with features. It includes a gapless playback, a 5-band equalizer, Scrobbling, and a sleep timer.

BlackPlayer EX Premium Edition has more themes, fonts and settings, more options to personalize your experience, a visualizer, better sorting and a taste of future features. It’s worth the price of a few dollars.

9. MediaMonkey

MediaMonkey is an excellent app for offline listening. After scanning your local storage, it adds any music to your library. Once you are done, you can start playing your music. It can open a variety of file types, including lossy and non-lossy.

You’d expect the app to have all the features of an offline music player, including track editing functions, EQ and multiple navigation modes. There is even a sleep-timer.

MediaMonkey Pro lets you sync via Windows. Your home computer can be set up as a music server that the mobile app can stream to. This will not eat any data from your mobile phone, and it will work over your Wi-Fi network.

PlayerPro, like most apps on this list, has all of the premium music player features. The interface is what matters most. PlayerPro’s unique design, which is both beautiful and user-friendly, is a refreshing departure from the majority of non-Material apps.

Other convenience features include the ability to import music history and rating from desktop music players and custom smart playlists. Voice search is also available.

11. Pulsar Music Player

You may experience poor performance from many modern apps if you have an older device. Pulsar is a beautiful device with lightweight performance.

Although it comes with a cost, Pulsar doesn’t lack any advanced features. Still, you get smart playlists and fast search. You also have gapless playback and a tag editor that works well. Upgrade to Pulsar Pro to get the five-band equalizer and bass booster as well as reverb features.


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