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The 100 Most Popular Emojis – Explained

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Emojis can be found everywhere. They are all over social media. Every year, the number and variety of emojis increases. Our digital language also evolves.

It can sometimes be hard to understand the meanings of emojis. Although they may appear simple, emojis have different meanings depending on context. We have compiled a list of the 100 most used emojis.

The Unicode Consortium was the first to establish this list. They are responsible for Unicode, the encoding standard that is used to encode text data in modern technology. They track emoji popularity to determine which emojis should become the standard.

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Make yourself an Emoji

Now that you’re familiar with the meanings of many emojis, why not take it a step further by becoming an emoji (also known as a Memoji)? It’s simple and enjoyable. How To Create And Use Emoji On iPhone. How To Animate Yourself As Emoji On Android.

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