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Tesla Model Pi Smartphone

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Many tech enthusiasts are in dismay at Tesla’s rumored smartphone device, possibly called the Model Pi. The product is not available online and speculation suggests it’s only a unicorn in the making. Tesla is well-known for its innovative, flashy and loud technological ideas. What would the Tesla Model Pi, as a concept, look like in comparison to conventional smartphones?

Tesla has been at the forefront of technological innovation for a long time. It should not be surprising that its entire tech concept suite would be available as feature sets on Model Pi. These include Neuralink support for solar charging, crypto mining, and astrophotography. They also provide vehicle control.

The Tesla phone would be used as a key to control the vehicle, giving it different functionality via a Tesla app. Similar concepts were revealed via Ford’s FordPass. This clever tool could allow for simple vehicle maneuverability using an app, even assisted driverless parking. A FordPass for Tesla drivers could be a model for a variety of new options that would offer a range of updates for customers already familiar with the Tesla ecosystem.

Both Starlink and SpaceX are competing to improve the way we view the stars as well as the way we interact with the internet here on Earth. Starlink boasts over 1,700 satellites orbiting low earth orbit which allows for unlimited high-speed internet potential. Elon Musk, the SpaceX CEO, suggests that the Model Pi may have amazing built-in satellite internet capabilities. The funding for more space-bound explorations will be made possible by the device, including the Mars colonization.

Musk has been openly positive about cryptocurrencies despite the apparent downward trend in late. The CEO’s strong love for cryptocurrency, along with similar rumors that point to its potentiality, could make Tesla’s Model Pi a crypto mining smartphone. The Tesla phone could mine MarsCoin tokenized assets that Musk has hyped about in the past.

One of many concepts Musk has presented over the years is his Neuralink. This concept posits the possibility of connecting the mind and technology. Neuralink is basically a Black Mirror episode made real, and the technology behind the company’s mission has already begun to become a reality. The idea that Neuralink’s capabilities can be integrated into Tesla’s phone concept makes perfect sense. This would allow a user to, as Tesla explains, “control a computer or mobile devices anywhere you go.”

Like solar charging, this idea hinges on available technology and safety. Neuralink is unlikely to be a feature on Tesla’s Model Pi, but solar charging is more likely due to Tesla’s extensive history in this area. Despite its expertise, a phone would still require more power from an alternative source than being solely solar charged. However, the idea is very likely.

Apart from the many cool tech integrations that the Model Pi has access to, the Model Pi’s underlying specifications could include a standard AMOLED display measuring approximately 6.5 inches and 16GB RAM with up to 1 TB storage. The Model Pi’s design and overall appearance could be similar to the iPhone. It only sports a Tesla symbol at its rear.

ADR Studios has created a variety of renders that show an iPhone-like device with a sleek, touch-screen front and back. The back houses a concept for four cameras to be used in the astrophotography feature. Tesla would likely either design the operating system or hire a more reliable software developer to do the job.

The Tesla phone price is the most important question of all. It’s right there with its release date. It is anyone’s guess. The information is speculative and hearsay at best. Tesla has not yet confirmed that anything is happening, except for a surprise announcement about a Tesla phone.

The Tesla Model Pi, if you take into account standard smartphone prices, could be priced between $800 and $1,200, depending on the specifications and design options. However, the Tesla phone will not be available until 2022 or even later, if that is possible. There is a lot of speculation about the Tesla phone right now. Most estimates suggest a release date for 2030 if the device is even being developed.

We should not forget that Musk, responding to a CleanTechnica article via Twitter, retorted on the futility of designing smartwatches or phones. He calls both forms of tech “yesterdays technology”. However, this doesn’t take the Tesla phone off the table completely. It simply showcases Musk’s ideas about technology.

So, when will we see the Model Pi? It’s unclear. CleanTechnica’s Johnna Crider wrote in an article published yesterday that “if Tesla didn’t announce the launch, then it’s a rumor.” The Tesla smartphone is still a myth. At least for now.

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