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TeraBox cloud storage review

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TeraBox opens in new tab and offers 1 terabyte (1TB). However, unlike other cloud storage industry competitors, it is completely free. However, there are some drawbacks: adverts, file sizes and number limits, bandwidth throttling, and more. Paid plans offer 2TB cloud storage and improve on all of these.

Although the pricing is reasonable, there are concerns about TeraBox’s security and privacy. It is safe and sensible to use, and the price is unbeatable.

TeraBox features

There are two options when it comes to cloud storage. There are two options when it comes to cloud storage. Some companies offer online storage for files while others offer backups of users’ computers (or both). TeraBox is an online storage space. It is not comparable to Google Drive, Box, or Internxt. (opens in new window).

TeraBox users can access their files via the browser portal, just like Google Drive. Clear folders are located on the left-hand side of this page for different file types such as documents, photos, and music. You can also access the recycle bin here. Files that have been deleted will remain here for 10 days, but they can be upgraded to 30 day Premium accounts for a more affordable price (more details below).

Users can share files by choosing between files stored on their cloud drives, from their computer, or any other device. Although some cloud storage options offer more control over sharing permissions than this one, we love what is on offer. TeraBox users have the option to choose how to share files (via email, with a unique URL), as well as the time it will be available (24 hour, one month, six months, or forever). You can also add a password to increase security (check out the below section for more information about TeraBox security).

Flextech Inc. also offers a file-sharing service that doesn’t require users creating an account. The controls for TeraTransfer are somewhat more limited. Links are only available for 24hrs and there is a limit of 50GB files (unlimited for TeraBox Premium or free users). TeraTransfer beta testing is currently underway, but is only available for “limited time.” Users may require a TeraBox account in order to continue using TeraTransfer.

We tried several times to upload the 1GB test file. Progress was halted on only our ninth attempt. The final upload was completed in less than four minutes. This is a good result compared to other cloud drives. However, we have concerns about the service’s stability.

You would expect a download to take longer than an upload using our Internet connections. However, TeraBox’s speed throttle is what makes TeraBox so fast. The same 1GB file was re-downloaded using our free account in less than nine minutes. This was possible before high-speed Internet access. However, most competitors can download the same file in half the time and with several sub-one minute times.

TeraBox interface

Most Internet users will be familiar with the web interface. It offers drag-and-drop support to upload files and move them within the browser. Most users will settle for browser access alone. The left-hand sidebar shows a visual representation of your data, including your remaining storage. Tile and list views provide additional customization.

TeraBox promises faster downloading through its desktop client. However, this software is only available for Windows and will make macOS users feel excluded. Although there are Android and iOS apps, only the Android version supports automatic file backup.

The app completes automatic mobile video backup. The Premium plan’s maximum file size limit of 20GB applies only to the desktop client, mobile apps, and not browser users (and Mac users).

The mobile app is a bit more busy than the browser interface and has distracting dynamic ads blocks. It is easy to use, with tabs for sharing, files, photos, videos, and more. Although it is not mentioned in the browser, the safe provides a password protected space for important files. Although it’s wonderful to have biometric (face, fingerprint) protection, you’ll still need to remember the safe’s password. TeraBox can’t help you recover your password. Files inside the safe are deleted after many wrong attempts.

TeraBox security

If you spend any time looking through reviews and forums, there will be concerns about TeraBox’s security. TeraBox claims that it can store metadata and files separately and that it will encrypt files during uploads and downloads. TeraBox asserts that the only person who can access the data is the user.

Security concerns can be found by digging into the company’s history. TeraBox was previously called Dubox, before it was acquired by FlexTech Inc. It made it clear that TeraBox data was stored at Chinese data centers. These data centers are often less secure than those in the United States or Europe.

We are not able to verify the security and data storage situation at TeraBox. Therefore, TeraBox is recommended for cautious use. It is important to not store sensitive or personal information in the cloud space. However, 1TB of space is available for all other data.

TeraBox pricing

TeraBox’s cloud storage service is unparalleled, offering a staggering 1TB space at no cost. However, there are some limitations, such as the limit of 4GB files. TeraBox users can store only 500 files on a free account. Once they’re deleted after 10 days, they’re permanently deleted. However, the biggest disadvantage of the free account is the slower upload and download speeds. This is intended to encourage users to upgrade to the Premium account.

The app offers small storage increases for free: We were able to increase storage by 2GB to watch an advertisement, and users can claim up to 61GB if they open the app seven days a week. However, the small print states that this storage is only valid for 180 days.

Premium account holders pay $3.99 per monthly for 2TB storage. This is significantly less than ICloud Drive (opens new tab), and Google Drive which both cost $9.99 per month. There are still savings available when you commit to a longer term, such as three-monthly subscriptions ($10.99), and an annual subscription ($38.99). The trial period is seven days. However, card details and auto-renewal are required. Premium accounts offer additional storage and include a 20GB file limit (using the Windows client or mobile app only), the ability of storing up to 50,000 files and a 30-day retention period for the recycle bin. Unlocked accounts offer faster upload and downloading speeds.

TeraBox verdict

TeraBox’s most distinctive selling point is the 1TB of storage that TeraBox offers for free. There are some tradeoffs in bandwidth throttling or file size limits. However, these are reasonable compromises. The Premium plan is affordable and provides more control.

It is competing with cloud storage drives like Dropbox, Box (opens new tab), or Google Drive. These are all more expensive, but offer far less storage than TeraBox’s 1TB. Although there were concerns about the company’s privacy practices, any Internet-based service user should be able to maintain reasonable levels privacy and security. It’s also best not to store confidential documents online.

TeraBox’s price is right, so use it wisely. However, we expect to see the introduction of a macOS client as well as additional features that will give TeraBox the same level of power and prestige as its more experienced rivals.

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