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TCL TV Won’t Turn On: Try This Fix FIRST

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TCL is a popular manufacturer of TVs with low budgets. Although they offer an excellent viewing experience and a long lifespan, TCL TVs can still fail. What can you do if your TCL TV doesn’t turn on properly?

Make sure that all cords are properly connected if your TCL TV doesn’t turn on. Next, unplug the TV and hold down the power button for two minutes. Reconnect the TV. If this fails, hold down the reset button on the back of your TV.

These steps may have worked for you, but not for you. Don’t panic. You have other options to solve the problem, without needing to replace your TV.

Let’s now see what you can do if your TCL television won’t turn off.

What to do if your TCL TV won’t turn on?

TCL TVs are more durable than most TVs on the marketplace if they are used regularly. They can also malfunction and are not perfect.

This is what you should do if your TCL television won’t turn off.

1. Make sure to check all cord connections

First, check the power cord of your TV. You can plug your TV in if the cord isn’t properly connected to the TV.

It is possible that your surge suppressor or extension is the problem. If that is the case, connect your TV to another outlet.

Once you are back, make sure that all connections to your TCLTV TV are secure and snug. I sometimes like to unplug each cord one at a time and then reconnect them all. This ensures that everything is working properly.

Attention to your HDMI cords. They can cause most problems if they aren’t connected properly.

Turn on the TV.

Don’t panic if your TCL TV doesn’t turn on. You can take additional steps to resolve the problem.

2. Power cycle the TV

Before you have your TV serviced, the last thing you should do is start a power cycle. To allow the TV to restart, you will need to turn off all electricity.

Here are the steps:

  1. First, unplug the TV.
  2. The On button is on the TV, not your remote. Keep it down for 2 minutes to drain all power remaining in the TV’s capacitors.
  3. Now plug the TV back into power.
  4. The TV should turn on as normal.

You should get your TV serviced if it isn’t turning on.

To verify if your warranty still applies, you can contact TCL Support. It won’t cost anything to have it repaired if it is.

3. Reset your TV

Standby lights are an integral part of TCL TVs. They can be found at the bottom or the top of each machine. This light lets you know if the TV is turned on or off, assuming it is properly connected.

It will also alert you to any malfunctions or other issues related to the TV.

If your TV’s status light blinks after you press the On button but it doesn’t turn off, then you need to follow these steps:

  1. Connect your TV.
  2. The reset button is located on the back panel of your TV. You will find it in the back panel, just above the USB or HDMI ports.
  3. To press the button, use a paperclip or similar device. It should be held down for about 30 seconds, then released.
  4. Try turning on your TV now.

If the problem persists, press the reset button repeatedly without pressing it down. It should take around 30 seconds.

Please Note: Your TV may reset. You’ll need to log back into all your streaming accounts.

4. Choose the Right Input Source

An incorrect input source could cause your TCL TV to appear not working. To ensure your TV works correctly, you must choose the correct input source.

Double-check that the HDMI port number you are using is correct, regardless of whether your streaming device, DVD player, or cable box is being used. As shown in the following example, you would set the TV to “HDMI2”.

Two methods can be used to select the right input source:

Method 1 – Remote Control to Enable Input Source

  1. Turn on your TV
  2. Use the remote control to press the Source button
  3. Choose the input mode you prefer

Method 2 – Changing input sources without remote control

  1. Turn on your TV
  2. You can find the MENU button on the bottom or side of the TV.
  3. To navigate to the source option, use the volume button
  4. To select the input source you prefer, press the menu button

On some TVs, you can choose the input source you prefer.

TCL TVs: Common Problems

TCL TVs may experience technical difficulties. Although these issues can be easily resolved, they can cause frustration. These are the most common issues you might have with your TCL TV.

TCL TV has a backlight problem

LED TVs display images using LED backlights. The TV will not turn on if one or more of the LEDs aren’t working properly.

You can also try replacing the LED by hand. This is not a recommended method unless you are familiar with the process. This is a difficult repair and can take a lot of your time.

It would be preferable to send the TV in this instance for service.

TCL TV disconnects from the Internet

TCL TVs come with smart interfaces that you can use to access different streaming services such as Prime Video and Netflix. If the TV disconnects constantly from the internet, however, you won’t have access to such content.

These steps can be taken if your TCL TV has connectivity problems

  1. You can check if your TV or router is the problem. This can be done by connecting another device over the internet. If that happens, your TCLTV TV is the problem.
  2. Also, make sure that there is no distance between your TV and router. You can use the WiFi on your phone in the same place as your TV.
  3. You can move the router closer so that the WiFi works. A WiFi extender is also available.
  4. If the problem persists, restart your TV or router.

Apps not working

TCL TVs also have a problem where apps crash when they are being used or launched.

You can delete your TV’s app cache if that happens:

  1. Use your remote to press the Home button.
  2. The Settings menu option is available.
  3. Choose Apps.
  4. Choose each app you wish to delete. For better results, you can choose to clear them all.
  5. Clear Cache
  6. Click OK.
  7. You should now restart your TV.

This method is only compatible with TCL TVs that are equipped with Android systems.

After you have deleted your app cache you will need to log in again to all your streaming services.

What and where to buy a new TCL TV

TCL TVs can last seven to ten years, but they can fail before that.

You should replace your TV if it is old or too costly to repair.

TCL TVs of high quality can be purchased for as low as 400 USD at Amazon, eBay, and Best Buy.


If your TCL TV won’t turn on, don’t worry. You can repair it yourself, or send it in for service.

Here are some things you can do.

  1. Make sure that all cords, including the power cord for your TV, are properly connected.
  2. A power cycle can be performed. You can disconnect the TV, then press the On key for 2 minutes. Next, connect the TV to power and turn it back on.
  3. The TV’s status light should be checked. You should reset your TV if the status light blinks but does not turn on. Locate the Reset switch on the back of your TV and hold it for 30 seconds.
  4. Check that your TV is connected to the right input source.

If your TCL TV won’t turn on after you have tried everything, you might consider sending it in for repairs or purchasing a new one.

Have questions about troubleshooting a TCL TV?

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