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TCL TV No Sound (Just Do This ONE THING.)

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The problem with most TCL TVs is the sound/sound not working.

Many stories have been shared by TCL TV owners about this problem. Some claim it has been a problem over the years.

A simple solution to about 80% sound problems with TCLTVs is available.

Sound – How to fix

TCL TVs that have no sound should be reset.

Unplug TV TV TCL from wall

This is an easy fix but the best way to get your sound back on track.

Allow at least 60 seconds for the plug to be reinserted.

Locate the power button on the TCL TV. Hold it for 30 seconds. Make sure you are using the remote control to turn off the TV’s power.

This will turn off any power remaining and allow the TV’s soft reset.

You will hear the sound once you plug the TV back in.

In about 80% of cases, this fix should work. It can be difficult to get the TCL TV sound working in 20% of cases.

Power cord for TCL TV

Unplug your power cable from the rear of your TV.

Unplug the device for approximately 60 seconds. Then plug it back in.

When you plug it in, make sure that the connection is secure. You must ensure the TV has stable power.

Connect the power cord and turn on your TV.

We hope that you can hear your TV come back to life and see the sound.

NOT When you’re back at the outlet, reconnect your power cord.

TCL TV software

TCL software can be hampered if it is not updated.

Most TVs will automatically update to the most recent version. Sometimes, however, your TV might not automatically install the latest version.

TCL RokuTV owners can manually update their software by clicking the Settings button, Home and checking for new updates.

These steps will help you find the updated menu.

  • Use remote control to push the home button
  • Press up to go to Settings
  • To open the Menu, click System.
  • This menu will display the most current OS version for your TV. Choose Get it Now .
    • This screen is used to check for software updates.

Download Roku software updates instructions.

  • TCL android software updates
  • TCL Google Software Updates

TCL TV sound settings can be changed

Adjust the setting to turn off your TV speakers. Use this feature if you have a soundbar.

Your TCL TV will not produce sound if the sound-bar has been turned off and your TV speakers are not being used.

To turn on your TV speakers, press HOME. Scroll down to Settings.

Next, navigate to speakers then to TV speakers.

You should also check S/PDIF and ARC.

Once again, press the HOME button on your remote. Scroll down until you see Settings and then Audio.

Check if your sound is on S/PDIF and ARC.

If the setting was set to Auto, you can change it to PCM-STEREO.

Set audio/picture settings on TCLTV

A Reset all audio/picture settings can also be used to fix sound issues with TCL TVs.

For example, if you have a TCL Roku television, press Home. Scroll down to Settings, then System.

Scroll down and select Advanced System Setting. Next, choose Factory reset. Finally, Adjust audio/picture preferences .

Hold down the Play/Pause button three times to perform the reset.

This will reset your TCL TV’s factory default sound settings.

You can also reset the TV’s factory settings to

Factory reset your TCL TV

If your TCL TV doesn’t work, you can factory reset it.

This will restore your TV’s original settings. Reinstalling some apps may be necessary.

If the screen of your Roku TCL TV is frozen, you can reboot it by pressing the Home button 5x + up arrow + reverse + fast forward + speed back.

The TV may stop working after a while and restart several times . Your TV should then turn back on again within about one minute

Alternativly you can visit Settings system Advanced Settings FactoryReset.

Instructions on how to factory reset Roku devices that have been purchased by Roku users

TCL TV factory reset with remote

To factory reset your TV, you don’t even need a remote. You will find the reset button on your TV’s back.

Sometimes it can be hard to find the reset button on a TCL television. Other models hide it completely.

You will find the reset button near your RCA or HDMI ports. There are other connections located under the front panelling.

Once you’ve located the ports, you can look for a small reset switch.

After you have located it, hold it down for 10 second to check if it works.

If you have trouble finding the correct button, release the reset button quickly 20-30 times.

Contact support

Call the TCL television Support number at 1 (877 300-8837).

  • Monday to Friday, 9AM-12AM ET
  • Saturday and Sun, 9AM – 6PM ET

TCL Support staff are trained to deal with problems like this. They have likely heard similar “no sound” complaints in the past.

Be able to walk them through the troubleshooting steps, so they can decide if it’s something they can fix or if they will have to send it in.

This is a good place to start.

Verify your warranty

Check to see if the warranty on your TCL TV is still valid.

This is all you need to know about the warranty.

TCL TVs come equipped with a limited warranty. This covers the first year of your ownership.

This warranty covers defects or workmanship that were not caused by the original owner of this TCL product when it was purchased new from an Authorized dealer. “

They will fix or purchase a new TV if they feel that the problem is solved.

TCL TVs are more likely to last at least one year. It’s worth it if you don’t.


TCLTVs can be finicky with sound. Here are some solutions:

  • You must wait for 60 seconds before unplugging the TV from its wall.
  • Replace the power cord in the back of your TV
  • Manually upgrade your TV’s software, to the latest
  • TCL TV sound settings can be changed
  • TCL TV: Reset picture/audio settings
  • Whether you are using a remote or not, reset your TV to factory settings
  • Contact the TCL TV Support Team

If none of these options work, you might try the following solutions. You will need to verify your warranty.

Let us know if this helped you fix your TCL TV. Please leave a comment below if it worked for you.


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