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TCL TV Light Blinking (This Is How to Fix It Quickly!)

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Many TCL TV owners reported that the LED light below the TCL logo kept flickering and that the TV wouldn’t turn on. There is an easy fix.

TCL TV light blinking

TCL TV lights blinking indicate that your TV has gone into standby mode. Locate the reset button at the back of the TV to fix the problem. You can use a pen or paperclip to hold the reset button down for 10 seconds. If necessary, repeat several times.

This will reset your TV and make it work again. It can take several attempts before it finally works, so don’t lose heart!

If you are still experiencing problems, you can use your pen or paperclip to quickly 20-30 times press the reset button. Many TCL TV owners claim that this was what finally solved their problem.

TCL TV’s reset button is located

It can be difficult to locate the reset button on your TCL television. Some models are good at labeling the button and making it easily visible. Some models hide it completely.

The reset button can be found near your RCA, HDMI or USB ports. These connections are found on some TCL TVs. Other connections are located on the left or under the front paneling.

After you have located these ports, look for a small reset button. Below are a few examples showing where the TCL TV reset buttons can be found to help you get a better idea of what you should be looking for.

Once you locate it, hold it down for 10 seconds to see if it works. This step may need to be repeated 3-5 times.

If you are having trouble finding the right button, quickly release the reset button 20-30 times.

Don’t lose heart if the reset button is not working. In most cases, it will work!

TCL TV Powercycle

Power-cycling your TCL television is another option. This is a simple way to reset your TV.

For this purpose, unplug the TCL TV from your wall for a minimum of 30 seconds. After 30 seconds have passed, hold down the Power button for 10 seconds.

You must press the Power button on your TV, not the remote. This will drain any remaining power from the TV and give it a complete reset.

After you have released the Power button, plug your TV in again and turn it on.

Does it work now?

Problems with the backlight

TCL TVs may have a problem with their backlight if you try to reset the TV several times and power-cycle it multiple times.

TCL TVs are prone to backlight problems. In most cases, there is only one bad LED in a backlight strip.

It is however quite difficult to fix it. It will require you to take apart the TV, identify the problem LED, and then replace it with a brand new one.

I have provided a link to a tutorial video that shows you how to fix your backlight problem.

This fix is cheaper than buying a new TV if you have the patience and the right tools.

This is because it will take too much time and may not be practical for everyone. You might consider sending it in to be repaired or buying a new one.

TCL TV Support

You can also call the TCL television Support line at 1 877 300-8837. Here are their hours:

  • Monday through Friday, 9AM – 12AM ET
  • Saturday and Sunday, 9 AM – 6 PM ET

TCL support staff have been trained to handle problems with TVs like these and likely received similar complaints in the past.

You should be able to walk them through troubleshooting steps so they can determine if it is something you can fix or if you will need to send it in.

This step is a good start.

TCL Television Warranty

It might be worth checking if your TCL TV’s warranty is still valid.

Here is all the warranty information you will need.

TCL TVs come with a limited warranty that covers the first year of ownership.

The warranty covers: “Defects or workmanship to the original owner this TCL product when purchased new from an Authorized Dealer.”

If they feel the issue is resolved, they will either fix your TV or buy you a new one.

It’s more likely that you have your TCL TV for at least a year. But if you don’t, it’s still worth a try!


TCL TVs with a blinking light on them will not turn on. This is a sign that the hardware needs to be reset.

Find the small reset button at the back of the TV to do this. You can hold the reset button down for 10 seconds using a pin or paperclip. The process may need to be repeated multiple times.

Although it can be difficult to locate, the reset button is usually located near the RCA, HDMI, and USB ports on your TV.

If the hardware reset fails, you can power-cycle your TV.

For this purpose, unplug the TCL TV from your wall for a minimum of 30 seconds. Once the 30 seconds have expired, hold down the Power button for 10 seconds.

If neither the power cycle nor reset steps do not resolve the problem, then the issue is most likely caused by a defective backlight on the TV.

You can fix it yourself if you are handy and have the patience. You might consider sending your TV in for repair.

Call TCL TV support before you buy a new television. They will check your warranty to make sure there are no repair/replacement fees!

We hope you find this useful. Please share your solution to the TCL TV light blinking problem in the comments section below.

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