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Take screen pictures from an iPhone with no buttons or power

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iPhone Owners Should Know How To Take Screenshots

What can you do if the Home button or any other button on your iPhone doesn’t work?

Take screenshots without using volume up, power, or home buttons

Screenshot taken from iPhone using AssistiveTouch

The main method can be used to capture the iPhone screen without using the Home button. You will need to activate assistive touch in order to do this.

This feature can also be activated via settings > accessibility. Next, you’ll need to enable your slider at the top. This will activate the overlay button.

Tap on the AssistiveTouch symbol for quick access to many functions. To quickly create screenshot functionality, choose Customize TOP – Level

Click to replace this icon Tap the + button for shortcuts.

Take quick screenshots using a shortcut

It makes things even more simple.

iPhone Screenshots Using the Home Button

Quickly take screenshots of your iPhone by using the AssistiveTouch/assigned tapping shortcut.

When you take screenshots, the AssistiveTouch buttons and menu will not be displayed. Drag the button to wherever you wish.

Add an iPhone touch Screenshot Shortcut

iPhone users can take pictures using

To enable accessibility, go into Settings > Accessibility>>Back tap. You can choose to do three taps twice or three at once.

Select Screenshot. You can snap a quick picture with just a few simple touches

You can take additional steps if you only occasionally need to take screenshots

When you ask Siri, you can see the screen of the iPhone

Siri might not be able to take the requested picture. Siri can take a photograph if you ask.

This method can be used even if you have too many dirty hands to take a photograph.

You can take your iPhone using many shortcuts

These are some of the ways you can take photos from your iPhone.

If you can, get a new iPhone.

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