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Start could be a reference to one of these:

1. Its “Start” (also known as The Start menu was introduced in the launch of Microsoft Windows 95 and has been present in every version of Windows as of. Start allows you to use your personal computer applications and lets you configure Microsoft Windows easily by accessing the Start menu.

The image shows illustrations of the various Start buttons available in Windows. The gray Start on top was the initial Start that was used in the earlier version of Microsoft Windows. In the second image it is shown in green. Start appeared briefly on Windows XP. After that, the text “Start” disappeared and was was incorporated into”the” “Start Orb” that was in use for Windows Vista and Windows 7. With Windows 8.1 as well as Windows 10 the orb was removed , and only displays the latest Version of the Windows logo.

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What is the best place to Start and what do they do?

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With Windows 10 and earlier versions In Windows 10 and earlier versions, it is the Windows Start is at the lower left corner of the desktop. However, it could be set to be at the top-right or top-left on the desktop by shifting it to the top of the Windows Taskbar. The taskbar in Windows 11, Start is situated on the right-hand side of the taskbar. When you click Start, it opens the Start menu (except in Windows 8) that grants you access to all installed applications, as well as the additional Windows features. Below is a graphic representation that shows the start button as well as its place within Windows 7.

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Where can I Start on an mobile device?

Mobile phones such as Android phones, tablet computers, iPads, and iPhones don’t have the Start button. Instead, they come with distinct icons that appear on your display of the homescreen to open applications.

Although Windows is a Windows-based operating system Windows Mobile devices such as Windows Phone and Windows Mobile smartphones do not also have the option to start.

How do I start the Start button using the keyboard

It is also possible to activate Start by the Windows key or pressing the key shortcut on the keyboard Ctrl + Esc on the Keyboard .

How do you know when click Start with a right-click?

In the latest version of Windows (Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10, and Windows 11), when you right-click Start, it grants an access point to the Power User Task Menu.

What’s wrong? Why can’t I locate Start in my PC?

If you are unable to see or locate the button for Start on your Windows computer, then the taskbar (which includes it)) is obscured. You can move your mouse towards the lower part of your Windows desktop to check whether the taskbar is visible. If you can see the taskbar, then the auto-hide function is active and causes the taskbar to disappear until you move your mouse cursor down to the lower part of the screen.

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How to exit the Start menu

5 Ways to Fix Windows 10 Full Screen Start Menu Stuck Issue

Moving into Mouse pointer Anywhere beyond the Start menu, and Clicking Closes the Start menu. If you would like to utilize your keyboard, just press Esc .

Do be referring to the Start button as it’s the button to start?

As per the Microsoft Manual of Style The button must not be called”Start” or “Windows Start button. “Start button” or “Windows Start button.” Instead, when discussing the button, it must be called “Start.” For instance, you could compose “Click Start to open the Start menu.” instead of “Click on the Start button in order to launch the menu.”

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2. “Start” is an Windows Command Line command that allows users to open an entirely separate window within Windows. Check out this overview of the the start command overview for more information.

3. The word “start” ( startup) could also refer to the time the moment when computers is loading an application program or begins to boot.

4. Start generally refers to the start of something. For instance, if you’re unfamiliar with computing, Computer Hope is an excellent resource to find out more about computers.

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