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It is the Microsoft Windows Start menu is the most prominent place within Windows to find the programs you have installed and locate any folders or files. The default Start menu can be accessed through selecting Start at the bottom left part of the Windows desktop screen. The image below is an example of what is available in the Windows 7 Start menu.

Where is the Start menu?

How to Open the Start Menu in Windows 10 (Access it Easily)

In the case of the versions that run Microsoft Windows supporting the Start menu, you can clicking Start then it is displayed in the left-hand corner on the display by default. The position of the Taskbar can be altered if the Taskbar’s location is changed from to the lower part portion of the display.

Which versions of Windows include this menu?

It is believed that the Microsoft Windows Start menu first introduced in Microsoft Windows 95 in the year 2000. Since its release in every version of Windows aside from Windows 8 have the Start menu. Prior to the release of Windows 95 the earlier versions of Windows (e.g., Windows 3.11) also didn’t have the Start menu.

  • Microsoft Windows versions.

What’s available on the Menu at the beginning?

Start Menu | Computer Applications for Managers

Here is a summary of Windows Start menu found in Microsoft Windows XP and Windows 7. If you’re running Windows 10 Skip down to the Windows 10 Start menu section.

Left pane

The left pane lists recent programs that have been launched or any programs that have been pinned shortcuts for programs. In the above instance it shows one pin program that is divided by lines, and following are the recent programs.

All programmes

On the bottom in the pane’s left is an all Programs option which displays all the programs that are that are installed on the computer.


Below just below the Below the All Programs choice is below it is the “Search” button. This feature is useful because it allows you to input names of programs or file that you’re searching for and see the results shown above.

Right pane

The right-hand pane lists each of the more frequently accessible sections of your computer, like the computer, Control Panel, Documents Music, Pictures, Documents, and Documents.

Shut down

In the lower part of the right-hand pane is the button to shut down that lets you shut down the computer. It is also possible to click the icon next to the Shut Down button to change users on the computer, log off, restart, sleep or suspend the computer.

Windows 10 Start menu

10 Ways to Customize the Windows 10 Start Menu

It is clear that the Windows 10 Start menu introduced significant modifications to the menu that was available in earlier versions of Windows As is evident in the screenshot below. A major and notable modifications is the inclusion of tile icons (from Windows 8’s start screen) Windows 8 start screen) into the Start menu. From the Start menu, users are able to access all of your programs using the “All applications” option as well as within the left pane.

How to exit the Start menu

Moving to the Mouse pointer Anywhere other than the Start menu, and Clicking Closes the Start menu. If you would like to use your keyboard, simply press the Esc .

How do you use the keyboard to navigate through the Start menu using the keyboard

After the Start menu is opened (using the Windows key ) Use the Tab to navigate through each of the regions in the Start menu. Once you are in the area that you’re looking for, click to navigate between the areas. Arrow keys to move between the icons of the to navigate between the icons in the Start menu. When the item you wish to open is chosen, press Enter .

If you’ve made the decision that you do not want the Start menu to be open Press Esc .

Do I need to capitalize “menu” in the Windows Start menu?

In the early version of Microsoft Windows, such as Windows 95 and Windows 98, Menu was capitalized as is evident in the image below in The Windows 98 Start Menu. For all the modern Versions of Microsoft Windows such as Windows 7 and Windows 10, the “m” in menu should be written in lowercase. Also, when you refer to Microsoft Windows’s Start menu today, it should be written in lowercase. Microsoft Windows Start menu today the word should be written in the form the Start menu.

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