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Split the Screen on Your iPhone for Side-by-Side Browsing

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Although the iPhone has made great strides in its ten-year lifespan, native split-screen support is still lacking. Although iPhones’ screens are not as large as iPads’, they do offer Split View right out of the box. However, the iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus are big enough to run two apps simultaneously.

Split View support is not yet available for iPhones, but there are some workarounds that allow you to perform two tasks simultaneously on your iPhone without jailbreaking. We’ll start with some of the most popular apps available in the iOS App Store. Next, we’ll look at the jailbroken iPhone apps, which are generally more reliable than their App Store counterparts.

Split View apps available in the iOS App Store

There are very few apps that can be used on a split-screen iPhone if you don’t wish to hack your iPhone and only want to use the iOS App Store apps. Split-screen apps are available in the iOS App Store, but most of them were created before the iPhone 5 and have not been updated since 2010.

Apps like iBrowse duo and iNetDual Lite will be optimized to fit your older iPhone. Anyone with an iPhone 5 and later will see black bars at the top or bottom of these apps. They’ll be even more noticeable on larger screens.

These 32-bit apps have not been updated to work with the 64-bit architecture of iPhone 5s or newer models. Apple will end support for 32-bit apps in iOS 11. These apps won’t work unless you own an iPhone 5 or lower.

There are three good options for iPhones with iOS 11 on the horizon. All of them are web browsers that offer two browsing windows. Although not quite what you wanted, they are good enough to multitask effectively when needed.

1CoSurf: A Split-Screen Web Browser that Two People Can Use

CoSurf, a split-screen web browser for iOS 8.2 or higher, is free. It’s different from the others on this list because it was designed to be used by more than one user. Two people can browse the web together by placing the iPhone flat on the table.

Although it is a simple app, you can only surf and save your history. It is surprisingly intuitive. Even with two people using the app at once, it is very fast. The app will switch to the single-use mode when you pick it up. This allows for full-screen browsing. The phone switches to the split-screen mode when you place it back on the table.

Unfortunately, the app is limited in that the user on the bottom of the phone is responsible for more. The keyboard does not show up on the bottom of the phone when one of the users is typing. This means that the user on this half must do all the typing.

It’s not as complicated as it looks.

The bottom half of user would be annoyed at having to type every. They might choose to type what the top-half user would like, or vice versa. So, make sure you pick your CoSurf friends wisely.

GeoSurf is a unique take on Split View mode. However, it’s not for serious workers. It’s a unique and fun app that allows two people to share an iPhone. And it works.

2Split screen multitasking view for iPhone & iPad

Although it’s not the most catchy title, it lets you know what you can expect. Splitscreen Multitasking View is another web browser that allows you to split it into two separate panes. It’s $4.99 but is not the most expensive app in the App Store. However, it performs well in portrait and landscape modes and you can adjust the size of the panes using the middle bar.

The split-screen app offers plugins that allow you to customize and enhance the experience. One plugin allows you to combine your social media accounts into one window, which will allow you to scroll through them while another browser window remains open at the top.

Although some of these extra features may not be as intuitive as basic split-screen mode it is easy to use. You can also choose from a variety of standard web browsing features, such as private browsing and parental controls.

For me, the biggest problems with this app are that you can’t pinch-to-zoom and that the settings bar can sometimes stay around even when you don’t want it. These issues can still be overlooked, depending on how your iPhone is used for split-screen multitasking.

3Split Web Browser: Multitasking and Full-Screen Multiple Tab Browsing

Split is a web browser that allows you to split your browsing experience into 2 screens, just like the previous app. Split Screen Multitasking View doesn’t offer all the features that this browser does, but it has one advantage: you can have more than two panes.

Landscape mode can also be used, which is just as good as portrait mode. The split makes it easier to browse two websites simultaneously.

Split doesn’t have many of the features that you would expect from a browser. Split doesn’t allow you to check your history, but you can create bookmarks. Split offers a lot of customization if you go to the settings app. Private browsing can be turned on, but you cannot see your history. When you open a webpage, you can disable the loading bar. You can also prioritize full-screen mode or desktop websites.

The most significant change you can make to your browser is the limit of the windows that you can open simultaneously. The split allows you to open multiple pages simultaneously. You won’t be able to browse in Split.

Six windows vs. twelve windows

You can also change how your windows are oriented with this customization. You can choose to have one row with two columns. This will give you a wider view but a shorter one than the default. You can customize the app in a lot of ways, something you won’t see on iOS.

Split View Apps for Jailbroken iPhones

A split View is a great option for people who don’t mind doing some work. This jailbreak version of the iOS App Store has many interesting options. They’re all basically the same so you have to try each one.

The three apps here were built using the same principles Apple used to create split-screen operations on the iPad. Split View allows you to run multiple apps at once.

You can run any number of apps side-by-side. And you can adjust the size and layout of the second window to suit your needs. All three apps allow you to use your iPhone in landscape mode. This is the best way to split the screen. You can download all three apps for free.


Gorgone works with iOS 9 or iOS 10. It mimics the iPad Slide Over feature. This tweak was last updated on March 12, so it should still be up-to-date.


Spotify may not be as up-to-date as Gorgone, as its latest version was released on February 1. It is not wildly outdated and should work fine on iOS 9 or iOS 10.


You can download MultiView from the repo.sparkservers.co.uk repository. MultiView, which was updated on April 10, is the most current of the three apps.

This guide will be updated as soon as we discover new split-screen options on iPhones. What app did you use? Which app did you end up using? What were your favorite features or minuscules? Please leave your comments below.

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