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Spilled water on your laptop?

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You must act quickly if you have just spilled liquid on your best notebook. It is imperative that you turn off your computer immediately and unplug it. Remove any removable batteries immediately. To shut down your computer, press the Power button. Do this now! In this situation, every second counts.

Okay, can you come back with us? This is a detailed guide on how to deal with this emergency.

If your laptop is wet, you can use this page to help.

Step 1Remove any easily removable components. Unplug the mouse and all cables. Disconnect any flash drives or DVDs. Leave your laptop bare.

Step 2 Dry the outside of your computer. Turn your laptop upside down so that any liquid can drain out. Use an absorbent towel, or a lint-free absorbent cloth to wipe off wet surfaces. You should not dry your computer using forced hot air, such as a hairdryer or heat gun.

Step 3 We recommend that you either take your machine to a shop or use the warranty, if applicable. You can call your brand’s designated repair shop (like Apple) or bring your machine in. If not, you can search for local repair shops that are specialized in your brand of laptop.

It matters what type of liquid was spilled. Water is the most acidic. Sugary and alcoholic fluids, on the other hand, are more conductive than corrosive and can cause irreparable damage to your internal components. It doesn’t matter what liquid was spilled, it is important to dry the computer as soon as possible. You don’t have to call a professional to inspect your computer. There are other steps you can try to dry it out. Please note that Digital Trends and the author are not responsible for any damage to your computer from taking it apart.

Break it Down

Modern laptops are more difficult to open up than older laptops. If you have an older model laptop that isn’t glued together, we don’t recommend attempting to disassemble it. If your laptop is able to allow it, these are the steps you can take.

Step 1: If your laptop permits it, you can remove the battery. You can remove the battery by pressing a button or switching on your computer’s underside.

Step 2 You can also remove these panels if the liquid is leaking into the system. You’ll find panels on some laptops that allow you to remove them from the underside. To remove them, however, you will need a Phillips or Torx screwdriver. To remove the memory stick, push the side clips. You will likely need to undo additional screws to remove the hard drive or solid-state drive from the frame. It is important to remove it from the cables and power connections.

Step 3 Examine each component that you have removed for signs of corrosion or wetness. You should dry any wet parts. However, if there is liquid other than water, you can wipe it off with a toothbrush soaked in 99% alcohol. This will dissolve gunk and leave no sticky residue.

Step 4 : After everything has been cleaned and examined and any corrosion signs removed, let everything air dry in a warm and dry place for at least two to three days. The drying process will be faster if you have a fan. Avoid using a hairdryer as it can cause static issues. After you have taken apart your computer and dried it, you can then follow the steps in reverse to assemble your computer again and check if it works.

It is possible that everything will go well. If not, you can take it to a repair shop.

If you cannot take apart your laptop

Luke Larsen / Digital Trends

What happens if your Surface Book 3 or MacBook is not able to be disassembled or removed from the battery? You will have fewer options if this happens so make sure you take your laptop to a repair shop immediately.

From the moment liquid got on your laptop’s keyboard to the time you take it to the shop, here are some things you can do. Turn your machine upside-down and wipe any wetness with a towel. Lay it on a flat surface and allow your laptop to dry. This may not be enough, but it will help you while you wait for water damage repair.

Although some people suggest putting your laptop inside a large bag of rice, this advice is not the best. A hygroscopic material such as rice isn’t as effective when it comes to liquids with sugars, alcohol, or other substances. Rice is not able to absorb moisture deep within your laptop. This can lead to problems. Rice can also contain debris that could get into your laptop, causing further problems.

Sometimes it is impossible to reach a repair shop. Emergencies don’t always happen at convenient times. It’s important to let your laptop dry out after it has been damaged by water. You’re asking for trouble if you try to turn on your computer before it is ready. This can create a huge shortage in your system that could completely destroy your laptop.

Waterproofing options

We recommend purchasing a keyboard cover ( such as this one from KeyCover) to protect your laptop from liquid spillages in the future. You can also get a complete shell to protect your laptop’s top and bottom. You can also protect your device by carrying it around in a great bag. Make sure your laptop’s ventilation holes are not blocked by your cover. To open the ventilation hole, you can use scissors to remove the skin of the cover.

A ruggedized laptop is the best option for those who work in environments where there are a lot of liquid spillages and moisture. This ruggedized laptop has a sealed keyboard and additional features that make it easy to prevent spillages. For an example, see Dell’s Latitude Rugged Ultra Laptop.

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