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Sony TV Turns On By Itself

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Sony TVs are known for turning on themselves.

Sony TV turns on by itself

If your Sony TV turns on, your HDMI-CEC will turn on. To turn off HDMI-CEC, go to SETTINGS> WATCHING TELEVISION> EXTERNAL INPUTS> BRAVIA/LINK.

Disable HDMI-CEC

HDMI Consumer Electronics Control is an HDMI feature that makes your devices work better together.

This allows your HDMI-connected devices to have partial control over your TV, and your TV has partial power over these devices.

HDMI CEC allows you to control your DVD player using your TV remote.

Some HDMI products can be programmed to turn on the TV automatically when it turns on.

This feature is available for Sony TVs. Start troubleshooting if your TV switches on by itself.

Use your remote to press the SETTINGS button to access WATCHING TV > EXTERNAL INSPUTS> BRAVIA/LINK.

Make sure Bravia Sync is turned OFF

Your TV remote won’t work with any other devices.

Disable CEC to see if the problem is solved. Many other reasons your Sony TV could be on its own, such as CEC.

These are the basics.

Disable Eco mode

Sony TVs have Eco mode. Eco-mode adjusts several settings to save power.

Sometimes these settings can take over and cause problems.

To disable your sleep-timer, first select HOME/ MENU from your remote control.

Scroll down until CONTENTS then PREFERENCES and click OK.

All settings must be OFF

  • Power Savings – OFF
  • Idle TV Standby – OFF
  • Auto Shutoff – OFF

Power-cycle your Sony TV

While everyone would prefer to skip this step, power-cycling your TV and other electronic devices solve most problems.

Unplug the Sony TV from your wall and wait for 60 seconds before you power-cycle it.

Hold down the power button, not the remote, for 60 seconds. This will drain any remaining power.

Plug your TV back in. Verify that the reset succeeded.

Get batteries from Sony remote

You can always replace the remote battery if you have trouble with your TV.

The remote must be disconnected from both batteries.

Once the batteries are removed, hold down the power button on the remote for 15 seconds. This should take 15 seconds, and not five!

After 15 seconds, turn on the TV. The TV should start turning on.

Factory reset your TV is a better choice if this fails or you are still having problems after several weeks.

Factory Reset Sony TV

This factory reset restores your Sony TV’s settings to the date it was bought.

After the TV has been turned on, click the HOME/ MENU button.

  1. Select ” Setting” from the menu
  2. Next, choose ” Reset ” and then select ” Save and Reset “.
  3. Select ” Factory data reset
  4. Final step: Select “Erase All”
  5. Restart your TV to check if the problem is solved.

Factory Repair Sony TV Without Remote

Factory reset your Sony TV using a remote or with a keyboard.

This is done by finding the buttons on your TV. Your TV model determines how to do this. They can be found on either the left or right side of your TV.

Unplug your Sony TV. Press the POWER button and the VOLUME button simultaneously until your TV is plugged in again.

You can see the Sony logo on the front of the TV. These buttons are easy to release.

Your TV should not turn on after the reset takes more than a minute.

Keep trying until you succeed.

Tighten power supply cables

Depending on the model and year, you can remove or leave the covering on. In this case, the power cable will be exposed.

Unplug the cable and then reconnect it.

Many Sony TV owners have reported that this fix works.

No matter how old or new the cover is, it’s a good idea to keep your cords and cables in good shape.

Download the most recent software to your TV.

Sony software that is older than the current version can cause a lot of problems. Sometimes, however, this does not happen.

Make sure your TV’s software is up-to-date.

After a software update, your video and audio settings may be reset to default.

It is possible that your TV may be turning itself on because of automatic software updates.

To disable automatic software updates,

    • On your remote, press HOME
    • Select SETTINGS
    • Customer Support
  • This can also be turned OFF

To resolve the problem, ensure that your software is current.

Disable the sleep timer

The asleep timer can help you save energy. These devices can be used to automatically turn off your TV at a certain time.

It’s a shame that your TV keeps turning on by itself. Let’s just make sure that the sleep timers don’t turn on by themselves.

To disable your sleep-timer, first select HOME/ MENU from your remote control.

Scroll down and select SETTINGS, then PREFERENCES. Click OK.

It should be set to OFF

Sony TV support

Contact the Sony TV Support team if your Sony TV doesn’t turn on after trying the troubleshooting steps above.

They can be reached at 239-245-66354.

  • 9 a.m. – 9 p.m. ET, Monday through Friday
  • Saturday – Sunday: 10:00 am – 8:00 pm ET

The shortest wait times are Monday to Friday, 1:00 PM ET- 5:00 AM ET.

Text Message Support and Live Chat are also available.

Sony TV warranty

To verify that your TV is still covered under Sony’s warranty, you can also check it online.

Sony TV warranties typically last only one year. The majority of TVs that can be turned on by themselves are older models.

It’s worth a shot.


Sony TVs have a reputation for turning themselves on.

There are a few ways to fix it:

  • Disable HDMI-CEC
  • Disable Eco mode
  • Your TV can be power-cycled
  • Disconnecting batteries from remote
  • Factory reset your TV with or without your remote
  • Force the power supply cable
  • Software Updates for Your TV
  • Software updates can be disabled
  • Sleep timers need to be disabled

Contact Sony support if none of the above steps work. A certified Sony technician may be able to take a look.

I also want to verify that your warranty is still in effect.

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