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Sony TV 2022: every Master Series and Bravia OLED announced so far

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Going into April, the Sony TV 2022 lineup looks great. Sony will bring a slew of new blockbuster TVs to your home in 2022, starting with the X90K LED TV up through the Master Series Z9K 8K television and ending with the recently announced mid-range OLED TV.

The truly next-generation QD-OLED TV is at the top of the list. This is the first major manufacturer to unveil a QD-OLED, beating out giants such as LG and Samsung. Based on our experience with it at a preview, we believe it will deliver all that we expected from the most advanced panel technology.

You can also find mid-range models below the top-end models.

Sony has something for everyone, regardless of your budget or panel preference. Are you unsure where to begin? Our guide to the Sony 2022 TV line-up will help you get started.

New Sony TVs in 2022

Sony Master Series 8K Mini LED TV:The Master Series 8K TV is Sony’s new flagship TV. It offers the highest quality picture quality. Sony’s Cognitive Processor XR tech is back, along with an XR Master Drive to deliver true blacks and incredible contrast.


US Price: 85-inch price: $9,999.99, 75 inch: $6,999.99

Sony Master Series QD-OLED TV A95K:Sony’s biggest OLED for 2022 will be the A95K. It features a QD-OLED panel, which Sony claims will increase color brightness by up 200% over “conventional” TVs. The A95K’s OLED Contrast Pro technology adjusts brightness to compensate for peaks in the glare or particularly shadowy blacks. This helps to ensure that the overall picture does not look too dark or washed out.

The A95K will also feature Sony’s XR Cognitive Processor, and an all new heat dissipation method. This gives it a significant advantage over traditional OLED screens.

Price in the US: 65-inch price: $3,999.99, 55 inch: $2,999.99

Sony X95K 4-K Mini LED TV:The X95K series is another premium TV from Sony in 2022. It uses mini-LED technology, powered by Backlight Master Drive technology. This technology was first implemented in the Sony Z9D a few years ago. Sony claims that the X95K is capable of controlling even small patches of mini-LEDs. This TV has the best contrast control of any LED LCD TV, with a higher peak luminance and less blooming.

US Price: 85-inch price: $5,499.99; 75-inch at $3,799.99; 65-inch at $2,799.99

Sony Master Series A90K, A80K 4K OLED TVs: Next up are the new OLED TVs from Sony for 2022, A90K & A80K. The new OLEDs feature temperature distribution mapping and an OLED panel that provides higher peak luminance. The OLEDs have two HDMI 2.0 ports, which allow for 4K resolution at 120Hz and a refresh rate of 120Hz. They are very similar to the A95K.

Price of X90K US: 48-inch: $1499.99, 42 inch: $1,399.99

US Price: X80K: 77-inch: $3.799.99, 65 inch: $2.499.99, 55 inch: $1,999.99

Sony A75K 4-K OLED TV:Sony has just announced the A75K OLED television. While it is not yet known its price or when it will be available for purchase, the specs of this TV are very interesting considering that it’s a mid-range model. The A75K will have the same two HDMI 2.0 ports and 120Hz refresh rate that its A90K or A80K counterparts. It also has a stunning OLED panel from LG Display. Although it is slightly smaller than the A90K and A80K models, the A75K is a great option for those looking for OLED TVs on a budget.

Sony X90K4K LED TV:Like the X90J last year, the X90K will be the mid-range option for Sony’s 2022 lineup. It doesn’t compromise on quality. The X90K has the same XR cognitive processor tech as its higher-priced counterparts and a precise Full ArrayLED panel for clear picture quality.

US Price: 85-inch price: $3,299.99; 75-inch price: $2,199.99; 65-inch price: $1,599.99; 55-inch price: $1,399.99

New Sony TVs in 2021

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony Z9J Master Series LEDLCD 8K TV (available as 85- or 75-inch models): This is the 8K TV from Sony’s Z9J Master Series.

The Z9J is unique because it uses the Cognitive XR processor to enable a feature called XR Contrast Booster 15. This greatly increases contrast by boosting brightness, black levels with better zone control and has the best-performing upscaling algorithm to fill all those pixels.

The Z9J has X Anti Reflection, which reduces glare. It also features X-Wide angle viewing that allows you to see every detail in any room. There is also a light- and color temperature sensor that detects the room’s intensity and adjusts your picture accordingly. The legs of the Z9J are adjustable to fit wide or narrow TV stands. If you have the space, it can also be mounted on the wall.

  • Sony XR75Z9J: $7.999 (around P5,700 / AU$10,000.300)
  • Sony XR85Z9J: $9999 (around P7,100 / AU$12,000.800)

(Image credit: Sony)

Sony A90J Master Series OLED4K TV (available in 83, 65 and 55 inches): The A90J is a Master Series TV that shines because it uses thermal dissipation. It also features the new Cognitive XR Processor which can balance both the RGB and White subpixels simultaneously to achieve extreme brightness.

You will get 4K resolution and 4K/120Hz video at 48Gbps via multiple (at minimum two) HDMI 2.0 ports. Also, both VRR (variable refresh rate) and ALLM(auto-low latency mode) are available. Dolby Atmos passthrough is possible on the A90J, along with HDR10 and DolbyVision dynamic HDR. It’s not inexpensive, however. You can see the pricing details below.

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