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In the past, there were big televisions, with antennas connected to them, as a mainstream transmission medium for entertainment and news. With time technology has advanced and the televisions evolved into lighter, thin, and compact screens with plate-like flat increasing sizes. Those antenna connections have been transformed to cable networks, and then to internet-connected Android operating systems, that have now millions of software applications that connect us to the world, just like a smartphone, providing a bundle of entertainment. It not only works like a smartphone, but it has processors, wifi connectivity, and operating systems that help us to access numerous applications and streaming services like Netflix Amazon Video, iPlayer, and NOW TV. We can also access social media like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Twitter. These high-end smart TVs, support voice control, with other control options of appliances installed at home. Few popular and the latest models from LG, Samsung, and Sony now let you search for content on your TV. Now, there is no need for a TV license, this technology is purely on-demand, except to watch or download on BBC iPlayer. These televisions require an unlimited broadband package to avoid exceeding charges for your data limit while streaming, best broadband deals are much recommended for it.


  • Several new features, make this technology exceptional among old television sets. It offers a variety of content in the form of applications and access to social media, creating more comfort for the user by making all these options available on the big screen. So, now users can experience the smartphone on their Television.
  • The biggest value is its access to everything on the internet, from quick search and browsing to choosing to watch content easily, it’s one of the best features as it makes it a substitute and alternative to PCs as well, in a convenient manner.
  • Normally, Smart Television has a high-resolution display screen, for making it a better experience for their customer. Nowadays, 4K screen resolution is popular and many other familiar words, like QLED, OLED, UHD, and Nano cell technology has been introduced, for a clear level of display quality. One of the most important options introduced is Artificial Intelligent Technology, i.e. Google Assistant, Alexa, and Siri. These smart TV features help human beings in automatic switching between channels reducing their physical effort to switch from remote control even.
  • The artificial intelligent systems help to find the content of interest as they use algorithms that find content similar to previously watched, by recommending and suggesting similar content.
  • These televisions have replaced Cable connections, HDMI and remote controls, set-top boxes, motion sensors, and artificially intelligent assistants and voice recognition technology have reduced man effort overall, even play pause doesn’t require any movements now.
  • This technology is control-free now and has easy connectivity with other devices and networks, but compatibility with other devices is necessary. This internet-connected television offers a range of trending online features, like BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub streaming services.
  • Media can be shared from smartphones and tablets and displayed on these smart screens with the help of wireless connectivity and the internet of things (IoT).
  • Some TVs even double as smart hubs, giving you control over smart bulbs, thermostats, and other devices. These TVs let you access and control everything on your networks, such as washing machines, light bulbs, thermostats, and more.




Some of the best Smart TVs include:



It was launched in 2015, is an easy-to-use screen, with services such as Freeview Play, it has a voice-control remote that can control compatible devices that are attached to the TV. Bixby has an amazing streaming service, it provides a quality search with even lists even with actors’ names. It also checks the weather forecast and answers different queries. It has a Universal Guide software, that recommends streaming based on played history. After 2019, they added more features to their one remote, increasing the number of control devices, such as light bulbs and thermostats. Bixby is Samsung’s voice command and intelligent assistant.



Then comes Panasonic smart TV. It is powered by a very well-known and popular web browser known as Firefox. It has a different personalization in terms of the home screen and menu icons, making our favorite and most-used apps shown in the forefront. Its most important feature is Freeview Play. These televisions are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant for control features.



Sony’s smart TV is powered by Google TV. It is the simplest yet the easiest TV platform as it has all android applications and features available. Google has been a reputed and popular service provider. It offers an efficient way of customization for home screen display. It has an ordinary remote control and traditional buttons. This TV has a built-in microphone in buttons and remote control with a speaker. It can switch to a specific channel or program you name. This platform can respond to your queries through voice commands.



LG Smart TV platform is webOS. Models after 2021 are more advanced and have a more efficient TV guide, applications, and internet services with advanced browsers, these models have a properly designed display of applications and icons with quick access links. It has a Freeview Play that combines catch-up TV features with a proper program guide. It has a magic remote and another ordinary remote control. LG offers ThinQ software that controls compatible LG home appliances.



Data transparency has been a big issue nowadays. Including all these features are essential but the internet security of the device is far more important than it. The TV internet security and the data our Smart TV collects and sent should be kept private. The personal and private watch history, Wifi login, and application login information have to be kept secure.For this Data encryption is necessary and it is a company’s responsibility to keep it secure and safe, it should not be shared by any means. Data settings for users are the final thing company has to check and ensure disabling options to the buyer or consumer. It is also necessary for the customer to read the terms and conditions before buying a device.

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