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Smart Fire Prevention Apps Help Protect Your Home-Sweet-Home

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Fire is an ever-present danger in your home. You can’t make your home fire-proof from flash grease fires that erupt in your kitchen to fires that begin from faulty interior wall wiring to fires that start because of lightning strikes. But what you can do is invest in the best fire prevention systems around.

These days, some of those systems can be held in the palm of your hand in the form of a smartphone. While lots of home security apps have been developed over the years that allow you to check on your home in real-time when you are on the road, new fire prevention apps are also keeping a digital eye on your home to not only make sure a fire doesn’t start but that it doesn’t get out of hand.

According to a new report, a small variety of “complementary smart devices” are engineered to detect and prevent a fire in your house. They can also minimize damage by notifying you of a fire threat in its early stages.

With the role of a traditional smoke detector being that of alerting people inside the home of an existing fire so they can evacuate safely, smart fire prevention devices will provide alerts on your android or iPhone. They will also alert the fire department, even if you are one hundred or more miles away from home.

New Smart Smoke Detectors

While traditional smoke detectors cannot contact you via your mobile phone, the new generation of smart smoke detectors send alarm notifications directly to your smartphone. The smart detectors can also be integrated into your home security system while being monitored by the fire department and you simultaneously.

When smart smoke detectors sense smoke in the air, they will automatically shut down the HVAC to prevent the spread of smoke and for the purposes of allowing people to vacate the premises. Several systems will also turn on lighting and even offer spoken directions about how to proceed during a fire emergency.

Smart smoke detectors are also integrated with cameras for recording footage that will help you get a handle on the fire’s origin. Rather than issuing a chirp when the battery gets low, your smartphone sends you an alert when battery levels are dangerously low.

Smart smoke detectors are also known to come equipped with carbon monoxide detectors.

New Smart Fire Detectors

According to the experts, if you’ve been experiencing “frequent false alarms with your smoke detectors,” you can invest in a new smart fire detector to help with fire/heat detection.

In the 2020s, there are two types of fire detectors available on the market:

–basic fixed temperature detectors that will provide alerts/alarms at a preset temperature established at the factory.

–rate-of-rise smart fire detectors that provide an alarm when a rapid spike in temperature is detected in the home.

You can purchase smart fire detectors that contain both capabilities. Keep in mind that heat detectors aren’t intended to replace smoke detectors you install in bedrooms or other rooms where you will need a fire life saving device.

In the end, all the systems should be interconnected so that if one detector is triggered, all alarms will sound both in the home and on your smartphones.

New Smart Batteries

Experts say that one alternative to purchasing a new smart heat, carbon monoxide, and smoke detector, is to buy a new generation of smart battery that powers your existing detectors. They can also provide crucial notifications via your mobile device.

It’s also possible to monitor more than a single detector in your house and to receive notifications to replace your batter prior to its power levels getting low.

New Smart Stovetop Fire Prevention

What’s the leading cause of fires in the home? Kitchen/cooking fires. Unattended cooking is a major problem when it comes to flash fires, or so states the NFPA. To assist you with preventing cooking fires, a new generation of smart stovetop fire prevention device utilizing motion sensor tech can automatically shut the stove off if a fire starts.

New Smart Outlets and Plugs

Newly engineered smart plugs or outlets are said to provide “peace of mind” if you and your family are off on vacation and you’re wondering if you shut off the coffee pot or the clothes iron prior to your leaving the home.

Now you can turn off lights and small appliances directly from your smartphone. There are smart plug models available that will automatically turn off your appliances when they aren’t being used.

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