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Smallest 4K TV Available – 32 in 2022

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Look no further if you are looking for the smallest possible 4K TV for your bedroom, kitchen, or RV camper.

These are great for gaming too!

The smallest 4K TV

Samsung makes the 32 inches 4K TV. Samsung produces the only 32-inch 4K TVs available today, the QR Series and the Q60A Series. Samsung is 8 inches bigger than the next-smallest 4K TV, at 40 inches.

Samsung Q60A Series QLED 4K UHD Smart TV


Screen size: 32” inches

Resolution: 4K (3840 x 2160)

Panel type: QLED

High Dynamic Rate (HDR),:

Smart TV: Tizen

Dimensions : 28.5′(W), 16.6″ (H), (18.8’s with stand)

The model year 2021

Full specifications: click

Because they are almost identical in every way, I have combined my overall review of these small 4K TVs.

There are two major differences:

  • The Q50R was released in 2019, while the Q60A was released in 2021.
  • The Q50R can be used with SmartThings, Bixby, and SmartThings. The Q60A can also work with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Both prices fluctuate, but I know that they are almost identical. If it were significantly cheaper, I would choose the older model (Q50R).

If both TVs are available and the prices are comparable, I would choose to buy the Q60A series.

These little 4K TVs pack an impressive punch and are very affordable.

You can expect vivid, rich colors and vibrant blacks that pop off the screen to bring out your image’s true-to-life tones. Samsung’s HDR (High Dynamic Range) technology is responsible for this.

It significantly increases brightness, contrast, and color levels.

Remember, however, that TVs come pre-set and are generally set to neutral throughout. To optimize your picture quality, you will need to adjust each setting individually. You will need to adjust each picture setting individually in order to optimize the overall quality.

These can be used to create the picture you want. You can also factory reset your TV to restore its original settings in the worst case.

The sound quality was not great. But, what TVs speakers sound good?

The speakers are not unbearable, but I would prefer to have Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

The Samsung Q50R or Q60A 4K TVs are great for video games.

Gaming feels extremely responsive due to the low input lag. These TVs don’t support variable refresh rates technology and the refresh rate is limited at 60Hz.

I have also found these TVs to be well-suited for gaming at night. This is where I do the majority of my gaming.

These TVs have a limited viewing angle, which is perhaps the greatest problem. These TVs are not the best choice if you want a TV you can all watch together on Sundays.

However, who would put a 32-inch TV in their living space? These TVs can be used in bedrooms, kitchens, RV camps, and other small spaces.

These types of environments don’t require you to think about your viewing angles.

Overall, you can’t go wrong with these small 4K TVs. Check out the thousands of positive reviews on Amazon and BestBuy to see if you have any doubts.

Benefits of 4K HDR

You want to future-proof your TV purchase by buying both 4K HDR and bundled together.

Combining these two elements will greatly enhance your gaming and entertainment experience.

The Q50R and Q60A bundle 4K as well as HDR.

4K refers to a resolution type. It refers to how many pixels you have on your display at one time. More pixels equals sharper, better images.

4K is also known as Ultra HD, or UHD for short. It’s almost like HD with steroids.

The 4K display will appear clearer and more real than HD when compared to HD.

HDR stands for High Dynamic range.

HDR has a wider range of colors than standard sRGB panels on most TVs. HDR actually has 2x the color gamut!

Modern gaming consoles now support HDR so you can get darker blacks and more realistic scenes and images while gaming.

Every day, streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime release new HDR content.

Planet Earth II with HDR enabled is a great place to start if you are still unsure about the impact HDR has. You will be amazed.

The combination of 4K and HDR is what elevates viewing and gaming on the Samsung Q50R series.

A smaller screen has many benefits

Sometimes bigger is not always better.

There are some rooms that are too small for large TV screens.

For example, smaller TVs are a great addition to many bedrooms and kitchens.

It’s convenient to be able to pick up your TV and move it to another room or location. It’s much more difficult to do this if your TV is larger than 50 inches.

When deciding on the size of your TV, consider how much you can afford. A smaller screen will typically be less expensive than a larger model, so if you have a tight budget, small TVs might be the best option.


Samsung makes the 32 inches 4K TV. Samsung actually makes the 32-inch 4K TVs available on the market, the Q50R series and the Q60A series.

The 40 inch TV is the next-smallest 4K TV, 8 inches larger than Q50R or Q60A.

These TVs are small but powerful. They have 4K HDR and very low input lag. This makes them ideal for gaming and watching your favorite shows.

They are small enough to fit in your bedroom, kitchen, or RV camper.

Samsung’s 32″ Q50R and Q60A series are great options for high-end 4K TVs that are small and affordable.

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