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Six Incredible Websites to Get Free Blender Textures

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Are you looking for textures to enhance your Blender model? There are many great websites that offer textures.

Blender can be very rewarding to create textures. This is especially true for those who are still learning.

But, not all Blender material are created equal. These six trusted sources guarantee high-quality Blender textures.


1. Poliigon

Andrew Price, the charismatic personality behind Blender Guru YouTube Channel, can be described as hateful by only few people. Andrew Price and his staff are responsible for everything you’ll find there.

While much of the Poliigon content isn’t free, you still have access many textures, models, and HDRIs that you can use in your own projects.

Price is an expert Blender user. You will not find a second-rate product on Price’s site.

2. Poly Haven

Poly Haven is more than just Blender textures. Every item on the Poly Haven website is covered under a Creative Commons license CC0. You can use the images however you wish, without restrictions.


You don’t need to register to view and download Blender materials. Poly Haven’s mission statement emphasizes that every texture in the library is of high quality.

3. AmbientCG

Ambient CG Blender materials are also covered under a CC0 license. This means that all content on the site is eligible to receive the same perks as the Poly Haven textures.

Sketchfab sponsored This handy widget allows you to view each selection in 3D.

Many textures can also be customized with atmospheric or environmental variations. These can include different color options, different levels or coverage of foliage, health, and asset recommendations to help you make your own texture.

Ambient offers Blender beginners a user guide which explains how to make these textures.


4. Architecture Inspirations

Architecture Inspirations uses Blender materials to model interiors and architectural renderings.

Many materials can be downloaded at 1K resolution for free, but to download 4K material you will need to upgrade your account. Many 3D models are available to download free of cost with Blender shaders.

You can also download a free Blender asset collection. The site also offers a free Blender asset library.


Architecture Inspirations is the best place to start if your goal is to design interiors or architectural models for a living.

5. CG Bookcase

Do you know of any other fabric patterns?

There are many domestic Blender textures, including granite countertops and stone walls exteriors. Beautiful tile designs are also available.

Use realistic tree bark, mossy earth cover and even cross-sections from tree trunks to enchant your audience.

Everything on the site can be downloaded immediately, without you needing to register or create an account. For $1, you’ll get a mention in the special thanks section.


6. Textures.com

Textures.com provides a great source for high-quality 3D assets.

There are many textures on this list that go beyond the expected and common. There will be roiling, brimstones and Medieval Brass and brimstones as well as raw meat, crumpled gold foil, Medieval Brass and brimstones.

We were inspired by Textures.com even after only a few scrolls.

There are many other unique Blender materials, as well as other amazing and unique Blender materials. This decal generator can be tasted.

Some textures, as well as many other high-quality textures, are expensive. There are 15 credits per day, and one credit per texture.

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