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Siri vs. Alexa or Google Assistant

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There are many advantages and disadvantages to each of the big three voice assistants. However, it can be difficult to know which one is best for you. We’ve tested Apple Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and Google Assistant to find out which one can understand you the best and give you the best answers.

Here’s how the assistants were compared to find the best.

The Competitors

We’ll use three of the most powerful voice assistants available today: Siri on iPhone, Alexa on Amazon Echo and Google Assistant via the Google Nest Mini.

Siri first appeared on the market in 2010, when it was made available for purchase via Apple’s App Store. Apple bought it two months later and began to integrate it into their phones.

Amazon’s Echo was the first smart speaker to incorporate Alexa. It was launched in 2014, and now integrates into a variety of Amazon devices.

Google Assistant was launched in Android phones with the Google Pixel phone in 2016. All new Android phones are now equipped with Google Assistant, version 6 and higher.

The Process

We asked 25 simple questions to each assistant and rated their ability to answer the question.

We asked assistants questions that covered several areas: local, music and entertainment, food, and communication.

Google Assistant Questions

These are the questions we asked our voice assistants.


  1. What is the closest restaurant to me?
  2. Is it going to rain today?
  3. What is the current weather?
  4. How does the traffic look on (X?) roads?
  5. What time is the nearest target opening?


  1. Bob Dylan, Play Like a Rolling Stone
  2. Mariah Carey, the artist
  3. Play Abbey Road.
  4. Play 90s grunge.
  5. Enjoy some new music.


  1. Who won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist in 2004, 2004?
  2. Who was Dorothy?
  3. What are the latest movies?
  4. When was The Shining first released?
  5. This quote is from what movie?


  1. What are the grams in an ounce of gold?
  2. Let me know if you have an Italian recipe.
  3. Find a recipe for chicken parmesan.
  4. What is the internal temperature for pork loin?
  5. How can I make soya sauce?


  1. Call Mom.
  2. Text Mom, “I’ll soon be home!”
  3. Compose a new email.
  4. To remind mom to call her on Sunday, send a reminder.
  5. Add a new contact.

The Winner Is…

Alexa was the overall winner after totaling all five categories. Siri came in third with a disappointing 447 points. Google Assistant came in second with 461 points.

The largest difference in terms of positions is Siri’s limitation to Apple phones.

Siri would show you the top three websites to navigate to when you asked Siri specific questions. Other platforms will not only show you the site you should visit, but also verbally answer your question.

Siri would prompt you to return to Safari to search the results for your answer. The sites that were relevant to the question almost always came up. Siri was terrible at answering questions that it didn’t understand. Siri would display an error message rather than verbally stating it didn’t have that capability.

Alexa was a great source of information and feedback. When Alexa was asked about the traffic situation on a specific road it provided general advice before going into detail on the roads that had more delays.

Even though Google Assistant was able to give very accurate answers, the responses were often quite short. However, the device was unable to provide any additional information that could help with a question like “Is it raining today?”

It was evident that Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant is the most useful of all the three.

Amazon’s Alexa is the Supreme

Alexa is the best voice assistant to use in your home.

It not only provides verbal answers to most questions but also anticipates what you might be looking for.

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