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Siri for Android: 10 Alternative Virtual Assistants You Can Use

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Siri was the most talked about topic in tech when it launched on iOS. But, Siri was quickly overtaken by Google’s voice search. Google Assistant is now the most popular voice assistant. However, Google Assistant isn’t the only voice assistant available. There are many third-party assistants that can replace Siri if you want to move from iPhone to Android. Android is a great platform. If users don’t like the native service, they don’t need to stay with it. Here are 10 Siri alternatives for Android that will allow you to have a Siri-like virtual assistant on Android devices in 2020.

The Best Siri Alternatives for Android You Should Use in 2020

1. Google Assistant

Google Assistant is the best Siri alternative for those who are switching from iPhones to Android. Even if you don’t plan to move to Android, Google Assistant is still available for iOS ( free). It’s very good. Google Assistant is an assistant that feels great on Android. Google Assistant is capable of answering general questions, giving you access to information like your daily schedule, upcoming meetings, and more.

Google Assistant can be used to control brightness, volume, flashlight, and other things. Google Assistant can launch apps, take screenshots, perform simple mathematical calculations, convert units, translate phrases into other languages, and control smart home products. We have published an article on the best Google Assistant commands that you should read to learn more.

I love the conversational aspect of Google Assistant, which is something other voice Assistants lack. Google Assistant can answer questions like “Who’s the president of the United States?” and “How old is him?”. It’s conversational, useful, and uses all the power of Google Search. This one is unbeatable.

Comes pre-installed

2. Amazon Alexa

Google Assistant is the best and most versatile Siri alternative you can find for Android. I prefer Amazon Alexa. Alexa is my preferred voice assistant because I am fully integrated into Alexa’s ecosystem. Amazon Music is a free service that I receive with my Prime membership. Fire Stick TV is a way to view movies and TV shows. I also own several Alexa-powered smart speakers. I can access Alexa from any room in my house using the speakers. All it takes is to say the magic words and Alexa will listen to my commands.

Even if Alexa-powered devices are not your primary device, you’ll still find Alexa very helpful. I love Alexa’s “Skills” feature. Alexa Sills let me connect Alexa with various services and devices. These sills give Alexa unlimited power and allow her to connect to any service in order for her work to be done. Alexa can answer all general questions and provide weather information. It is also able to handle sports scores, general knowledge, and other queries, much like Siri. It’s high time you gave Alexa a chance.


3. Sherpa

We have already discussed voice assistants, which are very popular because they are made by the largest tech companies around the globe. Let’s now look at some voice assistants that aren’t so well-known, but they can be very useful. The Sherpa is my favorite voice assistant. It uses powerful Artificial intelligence algorithms based on probabilistic models to predict what information will be of interest to you.

Sherpa is able to answer your questions and give you the information you need. The app will ask you some questions when you first open it. After you have answered all questions, the app will display all the information it thinks might be of interest to you in a card-based format. Sherpa’s predictive tech was very good in my testing. It always provided me with relevant information. Its user interface is very modern and beautiful.

Overall, I enjoyed using Sherpa a lot. The app can learn your preferences and behavior as you use it. I expect that this will make my experience even better over the next few months. It is definitely the best Siri alternative for Android.

Install: Free

4. Robin

Robin, an AI-based voice assistant that was created to compete with Siri, is a great example of this. It can answer your questions, give you directions to your destination, find restaurants and gas stations in your area, provide traffic alerts, and even show you your sports score. You can see from Robin’s skills that it is geared towards those who drive a lot. It can answer your questions, give you directions to your destination, find restaurants and gas stations in your area, give traffic alerts, and allow you to use your phone to communicate with your phone.

Robin’s greatest feature is his ability to send and dictate long text messages. Robin does a great job at transcribing your words and has a powerful speech-to-text engine. Robin’s other advantage is that it doesn’t require you to exit the app when you navigate. It opens the map directly within the app. However, the app did lag slightly while I was using navigation. Your experience might be different. This app is worth looking into if you drive to work or home.

Installation: No cost with in-app purchase

5. Lyra

Lyra, a simple voice assistant that can do basic tasks, is easy to use. Although the interface isn’t as beautiful as other apps, the app does the job. Lyra can answer all your questions, search YouTube for videos, and give directions.


6. Extreme – Personal voice assistant

Extreme is a virtual assistant that responds to your questions like Jarvis. It is extremely enjoyable to use. It can understand simple conversations and supports many languages, including English, Hindi, Tamil, Chinese and Indonesian. It also has many other features. It can answer your questions from the Internet, take your selfies, receive daily reports in your area of interest, control your music, call or text contacts, and many other features. It not only answers my questions but links me to other websites with more information. Extreme performed well in my tests and was a pleasure to use.

Install: Free

7. Hound

Hound is one of the best Siri alternatives that Android has to offer in 2020. Natural language processing is supported by the app. This means that you can ask the app questions in the same way you would naturally ask others and it will respond accordingly. Hound is also like Google Assistant and can understand the follow-up questions. Complex questions can be asked, such as asking for a list of restaurants in your area that excludes certain types. Hound also has the ability to control music and apps such as Spotify, answer trivia questions, set alarms, timers, etc. Hound was first compared to Siri and Google Assistant back in 2016. It has only improved over time.


8. Virtual Assistant DataBot

Virtual Assistant DataBot uses artificial intelligence to create a fun voice assistant. This assistant, like Extreme, can answer all your questions in its own voice. It can answer all your questions, provide you with news, tell jokes, solve riddles, and even give you your horoscope. Chat and play can be done with the assistant as a fun way to pass the time. It can also be integrated with third-party apps via its modules, thereby increasing its power. It can create multimedia presentations that are customized using voice, text, and images. It is cross-platform. It can be used on your smartphone, tablet, or laptop. DataBot is a lot of fun to use.

Install: Free

9. Bixby

Bixby was launched by Samsung in 2017. It has been a great alternative for Siri. Bixby will only work with Samsung devices. We are including it here as a bonus because it doesn’t work on any other Android devices. Bixby has been met with mixed reviews and criticisms. However, is the best voice assistant for using hands-free. You can launch apps, send messages, change settings, and even launch apps. You can even use a series of commands (for example: “take a picture and send it to Twitter”) and it will execute them all in sequence.

Bixby was a great tool that I used a lot while reviewing the Note 9. I can assure you that it is not a joke. There are some things I don’t love about it, but overall I love it. Bixby can do things that Siri cannot. This is one of the great features of Bixby. You should consider using a Bixby-supported Samsung smartphone before you disable it. Because of its exclusivity, it’s not in the top 10.

Pre-installed on selected Samsung smartphones

10. Vani

Vani is not a fully-featured personal assistant but it makes managing calls much easier. You can accept, decline, decline, and reject calls with messages or block numbers. This is the best thing about it. You don’t need to use a keyword like other voice assistants. To accept calls or decline calls, you can say “Hello” to receive them. These commands can be changed in the settings if you don’t like them. Vani also offers caller name announcement and support for themes, live wallpapers, silent calling, and taking calls on the speaker. Vani may not be the most powerful voice assistant but it can make your life easier.



Cortana is no longer in active development on Android and iOS because Microsoft has discontinued this everywhere else than Windows. It was a bonus that I kept just in case you were interested. Now is the best time to switch to another voice assistant if you’re using Cortana.

  • Cortana

Microsoft launched Cortana for Android in 2015, and it has grown to be a very capable voice assistant. Cortana can be used as a bridge between Android and Windows devices. Cortana works on Android and Windows just like Siri on iPhone and Mac. This cross-connectivity gives you a lot more power. If you miss a phone call, Cortana will notify you via your computer. You can add items to your shopping cart on your PC and Cortana reminds you when you get to the store.

Cross connectivity is a powerful feature that Android does not have a native solution for. You can expect the same great features as the voice assistant, including the ability to ask questions, get weather reports, and see sports stats. It’s particularly useful for those who own both Android and PC.

Install: Free

Siri for Android is what you want These are some alternatives

Although Siri isn’t available for Android and probably will never be, these virtual assistants are able to get the job done. Both Alexa and Google Assistant are far better than Siri. If it could be integrated into iOS, I’d happily trade Siri in for Google Assistant or Alexa. There are many third-party assistants that can help you depending on your requirements. Check out the full list and let us know what one you choose.

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