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Simple Steps to Sync Your iPhone and iPad

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This article will show you how to connect the data between your iPhone and iPad with the services of iCloud. The instructions apply to iPhone and iPad models running iOS 12 and iOS 11.

How come you can’t directly sync your iPhone to your iPad?

It’s not possible to connect the data on your iPhone and iPad, in the same manner, you connect devices iOS devices with your PC (by connecting both devices using an Ethernet cable or using Wi-Fi to sync and then moving data between the two devices). This is due to a few reasons:

  • Apple didn’t create its devices or iOS to function this way. One of the basic principles of how iOS mobile devices handle data is that they connect to information in the cloud through websites, and via stationary computers. This is where cloud storage or even your home computer enters the picture.

iCloud is the solution

If you’d like to keep your data stored on both your iPhone as well as iPad connected, make use of the Apple iCloud service to ensure that you keep your devices connected at all times. If both of your devices are connected to the internet and use the same iCloud settings, and you connect them with the same Apple ID, they’ll remain in sync.

Here’s how to set it up iCloud:

  1. Start the Settings app on a device, then tap your name to display your Apple ID screen, then choose the iCloud option.
  2. Switch on the toggles in each type of app or content that you would like to sync between your iPhone as well as the iPad. Repeat the process on the second device.
  3. Click on settings > Accounts and Passwords and ensure that your email accounts are configured identical across both platforms.
  4. Click Settings iTunes & App Store and switch off the automatic downloads of the Music, Apps, Books & Audiobooks, and updates for both your devices, by shifting the toggle switches beside them to the green/on position.

When you’ve set up iCloud for both of your devices, the data will be connected. This will keep the majority of your data the same across the two devices. Windows, Mac, and iOS users can use it. It ensures your data is secure while it is stored and when it’s in transit.

Add more iCloud storage

There is no cost for the iCloud service is available for free from Apple and is available with 5 GB of storage. The amount of storage is shown near the bottom of the screen for setting iCloud. If you find that this isn’t enough storage to meet your needs, or if you’re close to your limits, it is possible to get 50 GB, 200 GB or 2TB plans from Apple starting from $0.99 each month. Navigate to the iCloud settings screen and click manage storage and then Change the Storage Plan.


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