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Sharp TV won’t turn on

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The same problem is found with Sharp TVs. They won’t turn on.

Sharp TV owners claim they have had this issue in many cases. Some say it’s been an ongoing problem for years.

Sharp TVs shouldn’t be turned off. They should be fixed quickly by a technician.

Sharp TV won’t turn off

You will need to reset your Sharp TV if it won’t turn off.

Unplug Sharp TVs from Wall

This is a simple fix, but it’s the best way to turn on your Sharp TV.

Give the device at least 60 seconds. After one minute, unplug the device.

Turn off your TV. Hold the power button for 30 seconds. Use your remote control!

This will turn off any remaining power and allow the TV to soft-reset.

After the 60-second limit expires, plug the TV into the power outlet. After the 60-second limit has expired, turn on the TV again.

This should resolve approximately 80% of cases. For 20% of cases, it can be very difficult.

Sharp remote offers batteries

If the problem persists, replace the batteries.

The remote must be taken apart to remove both batteries.

Once the batteries are removed, hold the power button down for 30 seconds. This should take at least 30 seconds, not 10.

After 30 seconds have passed, you can plug the batteries in and turn the TV on again.

You might consider buying new batteries for this task.

Sharp TV should always be on

If your Sharp TV doesn’t turn on or blinks slow and fast, force it to power on.

You can do this by simultaneously pressing volume down, channel up, and power on the TV.

Sharp TVs will turn on when they make a clicking sound.

NOTE: This might not work. Steps to factory reset Sharp televisions without remotes are listed in Section “Factory Reset Sharp Television”.

Sharp TV Factory Reset

Once the TV is turned on, unplug the remote batteries. Next, click the Menu button.

Next, navigate back to InitialSetup>> Advanced> Reset. The initial setup screen will appear on your TV.

These settings will restore your Sharp TV’s original state.

The factory reset steps for older Sharp TVs may be slightly different. You will find the user manual.

Sharp Factory-Set TV with Remote

Factory reset your Sharp TV. If your remote isn’t working or the TV doesn’t turn on, this can be done.

You can place buttons on your TV

Unplug your TV from the wall. Next, simultaneously hold the volume and input buttons down.

Continue on until your TV is up. It might take some time.

If your test was successful, you will see a blue box with the letters K in the upper left corner. Now press simultaneously the volume and channel down buttons.

This will open Sharp TV’s Service Menu. Make sure to not make any errors. It could cause irreparable damage to your TV’s mainboard.

Channel up/down to navigate between pages until you reach page 2. To toggle use volume up/down

  • RESET to
  • Enter INDUSTRY into ON, or press OK.

When you see the words “Success”, a green screen appears.

Unplug your TV. Turn off the TV by pressing down on the power button.

USB keyboard

There are many options if you have trouble finding buttons on Sharp TVs or your TV isn’t in the right place.

Connect a USB keyboard to your Sharp TV first.

To navigate or reset your TV, you can use the keyboard.

App for smartphones

Sharp Roku TV owners can also download the Roku app to their smartphones.

Your smartphone can be used to control the TV by connecting it to the app.

Universal Remote

To activate the universal remote, you can use it. Enter the Sharp code.

You should now have all the power problems solved. You can continue to try the steps I’ve provided before giving in.

Sharp TVs: Power cord for Sharp TV

Another way to solve your power problem is to unplug your TV’s power cable.

It can be left unplugged for 60 seconds, then it can be plugged back in.

Make sure the connection is secure before you plug it into your TV.

Once you have plugged in the power cord, turn the TV on by pressing and holding down the power button.

We are thrilled to see your TV come back to life.

Locate a new power outlet

Your Sharp TV will likely not stop working. You can connect it to another outlet in your house.

Short circuits and blown fuses can occasionally occur in outlets. It is not known what the problem might be.

You could also purchase a small appliance and plug it in to the same outlet as your TV.

An outlet that is turned on indicates that the device is functioning.

It is unlikely that this is the cause. However, it is an important step to troubleshooting and should always be done quickly to eliminate suspicions.

Backlight broken

After this point, your Sharp TV’s backlight might have stopped working.

Turn on the TV first. Next, use a flashlight for verification.

When you flash the light, the image will appear on the screen.

On your TV’s backlight, a faint image appears.

Sharp Support

Sharp’s support team can be reached if your Sharp TV doesn’t turn on.

You can call their support hotline at (1888-935-88880).


Sharp TVs can be finicky about power. Here are some ways to solve this problem.

  • Wait for 60 seconds before you unplug the TV from its wall.
  • Take out the batteries and hold the power button down for a minimum of 30 seconds
  • Turn on the TV.
  • With or without a remote, factory reset your TV
  • Replace the power cord at the back of the TV
  • You might consider plugging your TV into another power outlet.
  • To get a new backlight for your TV, send it to us

If none of these options work, Sharp support might be able to help. A new TV will be required.

Let us know if you found this helpful in fixing your Sharp TV. If it worked, please leave a comment.

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