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Screensaver or screen saver is a computer program that activates after the computer has been idle for a specific duration of time. Screensavers originally were developed to stop the images and texts from burning into older monitors..

Screen savers are still required?

Flat-panel monitors and monitors that are used today do not suffer from the burn-in issues that plagued the older CRT monitors. Screen savers, however, are still utilized to enhance the aesthetics of a computer and also to protect passwords on the computer even in the event that the person using the device is not at the keyboard.

Do screen savers conserve power?

No. When a screen saver appears visible your monitor and computer remain in operation, which means you are getting the exact amount of energy being used.

Confusion between wallpaper and screen saver

A lot of computer novices are confused by a screen saver as wallpaper that is the image displayed to the computer’s desktop. Visit the wallpaper page for additional information and other links related to this particular term.

What are some examples of screen saver software?

Before, screens saver software such as For instance, After Dark were installed on your computer and then run on their own. Nowadays, the majority of screen savers as well as screen saver software programs integrate in the operating system which then runs on top of the screen saver.

Screen savers like these are part of Microsoft Windows 10.

  • 3D Text Text you type which is converted to three-dimensional text that is moved and rotated around the screen.
  • Blank – Turns screen black.
  • Bubbles Bubbles appear on any open windows and then move across the display.
  • Mystify Multi-colored lines that move about the black screen.
  • Photo Gallery – Photo Gallery is a screen saver capable of showing movies and pictures as screen savers. Screen saver was part of Windows 7 and remains on any computer upgraded to Windows 7.
  • Photos show slideshows of photos from any computer directory.
  • Ribbons – single lines of paint that randomly appear on the black screen.

How do I close the screen saver

To quit a screen saver, drag the Mouse Press a mouse button or press a key on the Keyboard . For instance pressing the Esc It would be possible to exit the screen saver.


When the screen saver is protected by an account password, a password prompt is displayed. the correct password has to be entered prior to the screen saver closes.

Should I use “screen saver” or “screensaver” in my writing?

Each of “screen saver” and “screensaver” are valid and the version you choose will depend of the style guidelines you choose to use. Computer Hope adheres to an official Microsoft method of writing screen savers as two distinct words. Based on google trends the majority of people have utilized “screensaver” over “screen saver” in their writing.


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