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Save your laptop from water damage

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You run the risk that your laptop could be damaged by liquids, regardless of whether you have a glass of wine or a cup of tea. You can save your laptop by acting quickly and not panicking if something happens.

This guide will help you.

What should you do if the liquid is spilled on your laptop

Remember that speed is everything. This guide will make it easier to save your laptop from drowning.

First, turn it off

Turn off the computer as soon as you can. Save any important documents immediately and hold the power key down for five seconds. The computer will then shut off.

Make sure the laptop is not being powered by a cable from the outlet.

2nd Step – Flip it upside down

To stop water from entering further, flip the laptop upside-down as quickly as you can.

You can protect the computer and screen by opening up the laptop and placing it on a flat surface like an upside-down V.

3 – Disconnect the battery

Remove the battery from the laptop. This will stop liquid from getting to the battery unit, potentially posing an electrical danger.

Don’t try to do this until you have unplugged your laptop from a power source.

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4. Remove all peripheral devices

Remove any USB dongles or SD cards that might be attached to your laptop. If you can remove the keyboard, take it out and wash off any water.

Steps to protect your laptop from water damage

You may have to take extra precautions to protect your laptop’s internal components if you are dealing with a serious spillage.

Step 5 – Soak up moisture

Use a towel or lint-free cloth to scoop up any liquid.

Step 6 – Remove components

You can be confident about what you are doing. Before water damage causes permanent damage to your RAM and hard drive, make sure you take it out.

Step 7 – Dry your laptop

You can leave the laptop in place for up to 48 hours, allowing the air to circulate around the device.

After two days, you can return the components to your laptop and then test it. These steps should be sufficient to save your equipment. However, if your laptop doesn’t respond after two days, a trusted technician might still be able to save it.

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