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Samsung’s next-gen OLED TV is on sale at Best Buy for Black Friday

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You’re looking for a great Black Friday TV Deal? This Samsung OLED TV has an amazing screen and is now $1799 for its 65-inch version (opens in new tab).

Samsung S95B has a next-gen QDOLED screen. It combines the image delights of an OLED panel with the brightness and color qualities of a QLED display. It’s bold, stunning, and we were impressed by it in our Samsung Galaxy S95B review.

Dolby Atmos sound and speakers are included. This is paired with 4K resolution, 144Hz panels, and is ideal for games or fast-moving movies. The slim design of the S95B ensures that the specifications don’t overwhelm the screen. You can be sure that the S95B will look great even when turned off.

It’s not all jargon, but it’s a beautiful television. This discount, part of the best Black Friday Deals, will likely get it into more homes.

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Black Friday deal on Samsung S95B today


Samsung 65-inch S95B OLED TV: Was $2299 Now $1799 on Best Buy

Samsung’s OLED TV range is quite impressive. It features the vibrant color accuracy and contrast of OLED panels, QLED technology and a slim design. The S95B TV is a great choice. This $500 off on a new television is a steal. This deal is not to be missed!

Other sizes available 55″ for $1449

OLED and QLED are two competing TV technologies that have been around for many years. It’s not surprising to see them incorporated into one television. However, it is hard to argue with the results. They offer the best of both without any of the downsides.

500 dollars is a significant savings on any TV, but it is particularly notable in this case, as the S95B was only released last year. Your purchase includes a $59.99 Xbox Wireless controller.

You might also consider the 65 inch Q80B for $999. This offers the best picture quality in the dedicated 4K QLED range.

You can also upgrade your audio system with your new TV by checking out our guide to the best BlackFriday soundbar TV deals.

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