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Samsung TV Volume Not Working / Stuck

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This is a very common problem. Here are the steps to fix it.

Samsung TV volume not working/stuck

Resetting the Smart Hub on your Samsung TV will fix problems with volume or stuckness. Scroll down to Support > Self Diagnostics > Reset Smart hub. Enter TV’s PIN. The default PIN is “0000”. In 30 seconds, the reset process will be complete. Your volume should be working!

Reset the Smart Hub

The Samsung Smart Hub is essentially a customized app store for your TV.

A Smart Hub reset deletes all data from your account and restores the factory default settings.

You may have to resign from some applications after you’ve done this.

Click Settings on the remote to get started. You can also press the Menu button if you don’t have a settings button.

Next, go to Support and then Self Diagnosis. The Reset Smart Hub option should appear. Click it.

The PIN number of your TV will be asked. If you have not previously set one, this will default to “0000”. After entering the PIN, your Smart Hub settings will be reset. This will resolve your volume problem immediately.

Whatever happens, you can move on to the next step. Make sure you delete all unused apps. It is only a matter of time before this volume issue returns.

To free up memory, delete apps

Okay, now you have reset your smart hub. Next, you need to delete all apps you don’t use.


This is necessary to ensure that your volume issue doesn’t return.

Samsung TVs automatically update, which can clog your memory with unnecessary apps.

This can be fixed by first going into the ” apps” menu. This menu is located on the left-hand bottom of your home screen.


Next, click on their go to Settings. This is located at the top right of the screen (represented as a gear icon).

Here you can see all the apps that were downloaded to your Samsung TV. These apps were either installed before your TV was purchased or automatically updated.

You’ll need to go through each app one by one and remove any that you don’t use.

Not all apps Samsung allows you to delete are listed below. These include Netflix, Hulu Prime Video, Netflix, Hulu, Hulu Plus, VUDU, Prime Video, Prime Video, and others. It’s fine to ignore certain apps.

Use only one remote

Another thing to consider once your Samsung TV volume is working again is that you will only be using the Samsung remote from now on.

Do not use any other generic remotes such as a cable remote or Xfinity remote.

Users who have experienced this volume issue reported that they were able to fix it by following these steps, but the problem recurs when they switch to a different remote.

Although it is not clear why this happens, it is likely that the signal from your generic remote is interfering and causing problems with your Samsung TV remote.

It is easiest to just get rid of all other remotes.

Turn on your TV

It’s worth power cycling your TV to do a soft reset. This will most likely fix intermittent problems that may arise from time to time.

Simply unplug the Samsung TV from your wall and wait for about 30 seconds.

Hold the power button on your TV for at least 10 seconds before you plug it in. Do not use the remote’s power button. Make sure you are using the power button on your TV.

This will drain any remaining power in your TV’s battery and allow it to soft reset.

Plug your TV in again and that’s all!

Factory reset your TV

If after trying all the steps above, you still have volume problems or your volume is stuck, it’s time for your Samsung TV to be factory reset.

The factory reset is different than the power cycling step because it resets your TV back to factory settings. All settings and information on your TV will be deleted.

This is why this step is lower on the list of things you should try.

The process of factory setting up your Samsung TV is different depending on the year it was manufactured. Another article explains exactly how to reset your Samsung TV based upon the year it was made.

At a higher level, you will want to go to Settings > Support or General > Self Diagnosis.

Samsung remote support

You can also call the Samsung Contact Centre at 1-800726-7864 (8 am-12 am EST, 7 days a semaine) to request remote support.

  1. Open the menu on the TV and navigate to the Support section.
  2. Select Remote management and then read the service agreements. Provide the PIN number when the screen displays.
  3. The agent will then access your television.

Note: Remote Service will not work if your TV isn’t connected to an internet connection. You won’t connect if your TV is unable to access the internet, or your connection is slow.


Don’t panic if your Samsung TV volume stops working or becomes stuck. This is a common problem that can be fixed quickly.

You should first reset the Smart Hub on your TV. This will reset your TV’s Smart Hub to its original settings, and resolve your volume problem immediately.

You can quickly follow this by going to your apps settings, and deleting any apps you don’t need. Samsung preloads many of these apps onto your TV, and some are added during auto-updates.

These apps eat valuable memory on your TV. If you don’t clear it, you’ll likely face the same volume issue in the future.

If volume problems persist after you have tried the above steps, power cycle your TV and then reset factory settings.

You can also call the Samsung Contact Centre at 1-800726-7864 (8 am-12 am EST, 7 days a semaine).

I hope you found this helpful. Let me know if you have any other solutions to your volume problem.

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