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Samsung TV Turns on by Itself

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Samsung TVs are notorious for turning on themselves. This can be caused by a variety of issues, each with varying degrees of complexity.

Samsung TV automatically turns on

Your Samsung TV will turn on automatically if you have Anynet+ (HDMI–CEC) enabled. Some HDMI devices, such as your DVD player, automatically turn your TV on when they turn ON. You can turn Anynet+ off (HDMI-CEC), by going to SETTINGS > EXTERNAL DEVICE MANAGE > ANYNET+ > OFF.

Disable Anynet+ HDMI-CEC

HDMI Consumer Electronics Control (HDMI–CEC) is an HDMI feature that allows your devices to work together better.

Some HDMI devices can be configured to automatically turn the TV on when it turns on.

This feature is called Anynet+ by Samsung. It’s also known as HDMI-CEC.

Press the HOME button on your remote to go to SETTINGS>>> EXTERNAL DEVICE MANAGER > ANYNET+ > OFF.

Remember that your TV remote will no longer work with other devices.

Try disabling Anynet+ to test if it solves the problem. There are many other reasons that your Samsung TV may be turning on itself, including high-probability issues like Anynet+ not working.

Before we dive into these, there are some simple steps that you should follow before things get too complicated.

Enforce the power supply cable

You can either remove the cover or leave it on depending on what model and year of Samsung TV you have. This will expose the power supply cable.

Disconnect the cable, then connect it again.

Many owners of older Samsung TVs have reported that this fix works.

It doesn’t matter if this cover is present, it’s still a good idea just to make sure your cables and cords stay in good condition.

Disable SmartThings

SmartThings is a feature that some Samsung TVs have. SmartThings lets you connect to and control multiple devices from any location.

Your TV’s feature could be turned on by another device at home.

It’s important to make sure it is turned off.

You can disable SmartThings by going to Settings > General > network > expert settings > power on with mobile and turning it off.

Software Update for your TV

Older versions of Samsung software can lead to a host of problems. Your TV should automatically download the most recent version, but it can happen that it doesn’t.

It is important to ensure that the software on your TV is current. The following guide will show you how to do so.

FYI: After a software upgrade, your audio and video settings might be reset to their defaults.

Power-cycle your Samsung TV

Although everyone wants to skip this step sometimes, power-cycling your TV or any other electronic device solves most problems!

Unplug your Samsung TV from the wall to power-cycle it. Wait for 30 seconds.

After 30 seconds have passed, hold and press the power button (not the remote) for 10-15 seconds. This will help to drain any remaining power.

Now plug your TV back in. Check to see if the reset worked.

If it did not, you can try two other simple things before moving on to the more difficult stuff.

These would cause your TV screen to go blank. However, if your TV is already turning on by itself, you should disable everything and everyone that controls the TV’s power supply.

The sleep timer can be disabled

Sleep timers can be a great way to save energy. They are used to turn your TV off automatically at a specific time. Let’s disable it.

First, select SETTINGS from your remote control to disable the sleep timer. Then scroll left until you see SETTINGS.

Scroll down to GENERAL, and click OK. Then scroll down to MANAGER, and then choose TIME.

You should now see SLEEP TIMER and -OFF TIMER. Check to see if any of these are on. If they are on, I suggest turning them OFF to see if the problem persists.

Disable Eco mode

Samsung TVs come with Eco mode. Eco mode automatically adjusts various settings to conserve power.

These settings can sometimes take over and cause problems.

First, disable Eco mode by selecting SETTINGS from your remote control. Then scroll left until you see SETTINGS.

Scroll down to GENERAL then ECO SULT.

You should check to make sure that Eco settings are not turned on. It might be worth switching them off to see if they still work.

Okay, you tried all the steps above but still have problems, it is time to address the more complicated issues that can cause Samsung TVs not to turn on.

Replace damaged PSB capacitors

Power Supply Boards (PSBs) are an integral part of televisions.

They can be thought of as energy storage centers – they reduce voltage spikes due to lightning strikes or electrical switches opening and closing.

They provide a predictable, steady electrical current to the TV’s circuits. When they work properly.

Samsung has a history of using small capacitors in many of its TVs. Two capacitors were found on the Power Supply Board (470uf – 3300uf 10v strong>

These faulty capacitors are known defects. In 2012, a class-action lawsuit was filed. Another one was filed in 2017.

Both lawsuits claimed that Samsung TVs turned on and off themselves due to faulty capacitors.

Samsung settled the suits and admitted that it did not do any wrong.

If you feel so inclined, take off the back paneling on your TV to check if any capacitors are leaking or swelling. You can often spot faulty capacitors by looking at them.

You can replace the entire power board if you are unable to identify the capacitor/capacitors at fault.

If you do locate the problem capacitor, you will need to order another capacitor of the same or higher value and then use a soldering iron to remove it and replace it.

Replace the main logic board

If your Samsung TV keeps turning on despite having replaced the PSB or the defective PSB capacitors, it is likely that the problem is with the main logic board.

The entire board will need to be replaced.

This problem is caused by a fried IC, which is basically a microchip on the main logicboard – another common problem with Samsung TVs.

Take a look at the board to see if any ICs are damaged or burned.

Each chip should have numbers that you can read. There should be numbers on each chip that you can read.

For step-by-step instructions, take a look at this video.

Samsung TV support

It’s worth calling Samsung support if you are unable to resolve the problem.

They offer many service options, including in-home and mail-in.

These service costs will vary based on the final diagnosis, and whether the work is covered by warranty.

The good news is that a Samsung-certified technician will take a look.

Samsung TV warranty

You can also check your TV online to verify if it is covered by Samsung’s warranty.

Samsung TV warranties usually only last one year. Most of the TVs that turn on by themselves are older models.

It’s still worth a try.


Samsung TVs are known for turning on themselves.

You can fix it by doing a few things:

  • Disable Anynet+ HDMI-CEC
  • Enforce the power supply cable
  • Disable SmartThings
  • Software Update for your TV
  • You can power-cycle your TV
  • Sleep timers should be disabled
  • Disable Eco mode
  • Replace damaged capacitors
  • Replace main logic board

If none of these steps work, you should contact Samsung support to see if a certified Samsung technician can take a look.

Also, I would check to make sure your warranty is still valid.

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