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Samsung TV Input Source Problem

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Samsung is a trusted brand in television. It is well-known for its reliability and long life span. However, it also offers unique and cool features that are not available from other brands. That’s why Samsung is preferred over other TV brands. Samsung is a great brand. However, there are still issues that Samsung tv owners can face. Today’s post will address the input source issue on Samsung TVs. This problem is common for many owners. Input source problems are causing no signal to their TV screens. Some Samsung TV users cannot change their input. We’ll discuss below the reasons why your Samsung TV input isn’t working and the solution.

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Samsung Tv Input Source Not Working

Problems with your Samsung TV’s input source after connecting an external device. Your Samsung Tv HDMI port may not be working correctly or you might not have selected the correct input source. We will find the culprit for your HDMI not working. There are many possible reasons.

How can I fix my Samsung TV’s source?

Power cycle

The simplest and most effective way to solve your problem is to perform a power cycle. The residual power will be depleted when you do a power cycle. You will need to perform a power cycle for your Samsung TV.

  1. You will first need to turn off all HDMI devices connected to your Samsung TV. Also, take out all cables connected to your TV.
  2. Now unplug your TV’s power cord and press the power button for 30 to 45 seconds.
  3. Connect all HDMI cables to their ports.
  4. Next, plug the TV’s power cable back into the power socket. Turn on the TV. This should confirm if it works.

If a power cycle has not helped you fix the Samsung TV input source problem, then follow the steps below.

Cold Reboot Your Samsung Smart TV

Users claimed that cold booting their Samsung TV was able to resolve the problem with their Samsung TV’s input. To fix input issues, change inputs, or to make your Samsung smart TV work, you can cold boot it. Press and hold the power button of your Samsung smart TV remote to cold boot it. After your tv has restarted, release the power button from your remote. Check if the input is working after a cold boot.

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Select the Correct Input Source

You must select the same source input on your TV as your external device if it is connected to your HDMI cable. If you have plugged in a cable box, or a PlayStation HDMI cable labeled HDMI port 1, then you must select HDMI 1 on your TV’s source input. Make sure that you select the correct input for your Samsung smart TV. If that doesn’t work, then you can swap the HDMI cable between port 1 and port 2. Next, select the right HDMI input. If you are able to use another HDMI port, it means that one of your HDMI ports has failed or been damaged. This could cause HDMI input not to work properly.

Connect the HDMI cable

Sometimes, an issue with your external device HDMI cable can cause it to not connect properly. To resolve this problem, disconnect the HDMI cables from your TV’s back/side panel and the external device. Connect the HDMI cables to the tv port and external device.

If the problem persists, connect the HDMI cable between HDMI 1 and HDMI 2. Next, press the source button to select the correct source input.

Replace the HDMI Cable

If you have trouble reconnecting your HDMI cables, it could be that the HDMI cable is defective. If you have an extra HDMI cable, connect it to your TV and device. Select the input source, and then check if it works. If the answer is yes, your cable is no longer needed. Try the following troubleshooting steps if your HDMI input still isn’t working.

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Connect to an External Device

If nothing works, try disconnecting, reconnecting, or replacing your HDMI cables. Even if your HDMI cables and ports are in good condition, it could be that your external device is having problems. In this case, you will need to test your external device by connecting or replacing another device.

  1. Then, disconnect the cable from the external device connected to the TV.
  2. Turn on the TV by connecting the cables from an external device.
  3. Check that the HDMI source input is correct and retry the problem if it persists.

How do I turn off Auto-Detect HDMI on Samsung TV (HDMI-CEC).

For the past few years, Samsung has offered an auto-detect HDMI feature. (HDMI-CEC). However, many Samsung smart TV users have reported that their Tv keeps changing the input. This feature cannot be disabled if your TV is running the most recent software version. First, ensure that your Samsung smart TV is up to date. You can then follow these steps to fix the input switching issue on your Samsung smart TV after you have updated it.

Fix Samsung TV Keeps Modifying Input


* Take your remote and press Mute 7,2,9, and then press Exit.

Your Samsung TV now has the HDMI CEC disabled. This feature will be disabled on your Samsung TV. Your Samsung TV will no longer change the source when connected to an external device.

With Smart Remote

  • First, get to the tv source (not the HDMI source).
  • Now, press the button Mute Vol-, Ch -, Mute.

Your Samsung smart TV will no longer change input.

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