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Samsung Refrigerator Freezing Up [How to Fix]

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This article describes how to fix a Samsung fridge that keeps freezing. You will also learn how to fix the various parts that have stopped freezing.

Table of Contents

  • Samsung Refrigerator ice maker always freezes up – What can you do?
  • Samsung Refrigerator Freezing Up and Not Cooling – Solutions
    • Door Seals
    • Ice Dispenser Flap
  • Why Does My Samsung Refrigerator Keep Freezing Up?
    • Thermistor
    • Thermostat for Temperature Control
  • Samsung Refrigerator Drain Freezing Up. What to Do?
    • Drain Strap
    • Drain Heater
  • Samsung Refrigerator Freezer Freezing Up – How to Fix
  • Ask an experienced, certified appliance technician for immediate assistance

Samsung Refrigerator Ice Maker Never Freezing Up – What To Do

You should check for leaks in your Samsung refrigerator’s freezer. Add water to the dispenser bucket in the refrigerator’s door. You can inspect the dispenser from the outside without closing the door. If water is spilling out, there may be a leak.

A torch can be used to check the icemaker. The leak will be obvious when you can see light coming from the torch. The cause of freezing is the leak. Frost can form in moist or warm air. If water isn’t drained properly, it can freeze over time. This will require you to replace the ice maker.

Leaks could be caused by water or air coming out of an open area. The leak could also be a sign that the water isn’t draining properly. To seal the compartment, where the ice maker is located, you will need silicone. This means that you will need the ice maker removed to accomplish this.

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This video will show you how to replace the icemaker and seal any leakage with silicone.

Altering the firmware and replacing the circuit board could be an alternative. This is not something that you can do yourself. Contact Samsung help center. The reason is that the ice maker freezing up seems like a common problem with Samsung refrigerators. You won’t be charged for repairs if your warranty remains active.

Samsung Refrigerator Freezing Up and Not Cooling – Solutions

This is how to repair a Samsung refrigerator that is not cooling.

Door Seals

Make sure the gaskets or door seals are tightened to ensure they latch securely. You should also ensure that they are clean. If the refrigerator door is not closed tightly, humid air can enter and cause frost to build up. However, this will reduce its cooling capacity.

Ice Dispenser Flap

Check that the ice dispenser flap is closed tightly. It shouldn’t be obstructed. If it doesn’t, the door will not close properly and outside air will get in. Make sure to check for ice and debris that is blocking the door from closing properly.

Samsung Refrigerator Coils Freezing Up – Quick Fix

If the Samsung refrigerator evaporator coils become frozen, you can manually defrost them by turning off the refrigerator for at least 24 hours or heating water. However, this means you will need to check certain parts of the fridge.

Make sure to check the heater under the evaporator coils. If the heater works, it should clear the ice buildup on the coils. It is possible that the heater is defective, or that the cooling mode has become stuck.

You can check the continuity of the heater and timer by using a multimeter. If you find any in either one of them, it is time to change them.

You should also check that the refrigerator is sealed to prevent warm air from entering. Check the door first. Check that seals aren’t broken or torn, and that they seal securely.

Because the coils are cold, warm air should be passed over them. The air will condense and freeze on them. This will continue to happen, and the coils will eventually freeze too fast so the defrost cycle may not be enough.

To learn more, watch this video

Why Does My Samsung Refrigerator Keep Freezing Up?

You should check these things if your Samsung refrigerator freezes:


With a multimeter, test the thermistor. It should show a change in resistance and temperature. If you don’t see resistance change or continuity, your thermistor may be defective and must be replaced.

A defective thermometer means that there won’t exist a reading of the temperature in the air. If the temperature isn’t read, the control won’t know how to adjust power to the compressor fan motor and evaporator fan motor because there is no reading. This will cause the fan motor and compressor to run too long, which in turn causes the refrigerator’s temperature to drop too low.

Thermostat Temperature Control

Change the thermostat’s setting from low to medium. This should produce a click sound. If the click is coming from the thermostat, it’s good. You can check continuity with a multimeter if it is not. If the thermostat doesn’t have continuity, it is likely that it is defective and should be repaired.

A faulty thermostat can cause the thermostat to stop sending voltage to the compressor fan motor and evaporator fan motor. This could make the refrigerator colder than necessary by making the refrigerant run longer than it needs.

You can also inspect the air damper assembly. It opens to let cold water into the refrigerator and closes to regulate the cold airflow. It should always be open to prevent the fridge from freezing.

You should also check the temperature to make sure it is not set too low. You want it to be medium, so adjust it if necessary so it doesn’t freeze.

Samsung Refrigerator Drain Freezing Up. What to Do?

The following can be done if your Samsung refrigerator’s drain freezes up:

Drain Strap

Many Samsung refrigerators come with drain straps. Your Samsung refrigerator may have a drain belt if you find a tiny bit of aluminum or copper sticking to the defrost heater.

It is important to check that it is properly fitted into the drain. This allows the heater to heat the drain and melt any ice.

Drain Heater

You should check to make sure that your Samsung refrigerator has a drain heating element. If it does, make sure it is securely in place. This will allow it to drain frost and prevent it from blocking the drain. You can also check the operation of your multimeter if it’s in place. If there is no continuity it is likely that it is defective and should be replaced.

Samsung Refrigerator Freezer Freezing Up. How to Fix

You must ensure that nothing is touching the freezer’s back wall. So that air can circulate freely, don’t pack too many items in the freezer. Make sure you don’t block the air vents.

Also, make sure that nothing is blocking the freezer’s door from opening. The freezer will become condensed if it is inundated with warm, humid air. Make sure you don’t open the door often, and that all seals are in good condition. To ensure that the flap fits flush with the housing, check the ice dispenser.

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