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Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE review

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The market for tablet devices had been in decline until the pandemic gave them a fresh lease of life. Samsung was the dominant brand in this segment, pulling the weight for Android tablets while other brands fell away.

This Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE Review covers the mid-range offering from the company for 2021. It retains most of its impressive features but uses a less powerful chipset to keep the cost down. It is a great option for anyone looking for a tablet that can do all the same functions as a laptop.

The Tab S7 FE is a more expensive version of Samsung’s Tab A7 Lite budget tablet. However, it offers all the Galaxy Tab features, including DeX, Samsung’s exclusive feature that allows you to use a desktop-like interface. Although this can be useful as an alternative workspace, it doesn’t address Android’s problems on larger screens.

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Similar to the Tab S7 Plus it has a 12.4-inch screen that is suitable for productivity tasks. However, it does not have premium features such as OLED panels or high refresh rates. These omissions were not a problem in our testing. It’s still a great display and far better than any other tablet or laptop at this price. The stereo speaker system is also a good option.

You’ll love the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7FE bundle with the S Pen. This includes all the same features as the company’s flagships. This makes it easy to take notes, sign, and annotate, as well as scrolling.

We have very different opinions about the keyboard cover. It is not only expensive but it also adds very little to the user experience. It supports a variety of shortcuts that allow multitasking.

Despite its slim design, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE packs a powerful battery. It is more than 10,000mAh and can last for hours. We were even able to live with the slow charging speeds.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE is a great choice for anyone who needs an Android tablet capable enough to do more than binge-watching. It is much less expensive than its iOS siblings and may be smarter than their Android counterparts. However, don’t expect it replace your computer.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7FE Price and Availability

  • Starting at $529/PS519/Rs 46,999
  • Prices rise for more storage and 5G
  • S Pen is Included, but the Keyboard Cover isn’t

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE can be purchased in India, the UK and the US. Although we have yet to hear whether the tablet will be available in Australia, it could eventually.

There are three options for the Wi-Fi only model, but not all of them are available in every market. The 4GB RAM and 64GB storage version is available at $529 / PlayStation519 / R 46,999 (around AU$1,080). The 6GB+128GB model costs $599 / PlayStation629 /R 50,999 (around AU$1,150). The US offers a 256GB storage option for $679.

The US also offers a 5G version with 64GB storage for $669.99 (around AU$900 / PS480).

The S Pen comes with the package. However, the Book Cover Keyboard is priced at $159.99 PS139/ Rs 14,999. There are bundle deals that can make it even cheaper. Samsung informs us that all models are LTE-capable. However, a Wi-Fi only variant will be made available at a later time.

Samsung’s Tab S7 (WiFi) is priced at $649.99 / PlayStation619 / AU$1,149 / 55,999, while the Tab S7 PLUS starts at $849.99 /PS799 / AU$1,549 / 79,999 (the India edition is an LTE tablet).

Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE design

  • Similar to premium Android slates
  • 600g is a good weight for backpacks
  • Too thin to hold

Samsung has made significant improvements to its design with the last few launches. These improvements are evident in Samsung’s cheaper tablets. The Galaxy Tab S7 FE is similar to premium Android slates with a metal body and flat edges. It also features a large display. The Mystic Black review unit is very classy, with its deep blue color. It is easy to smudge the back, but also easy to clean.

The tablet is only 6.3mm thick. It feels premium and sleek. The front has enough bezel to assist in this area.

Samsung placed the webcam, unlike the iPad Pro’s new iPad Pro, on the right side — at the centre of its top edge.

Samsung also cleverly placed the webcam at the center of the top bezel in landscape orientation. This is far better than the iPad Pros with a selfie cam on the side.

The Galaxy Tab S7 FE’s layout of buttons and ports is very well thought out. It doesn’t hinder your ability to use the device in either orientation. Landscape orientation: The power button and volume rocker are located on the top-left corner. Speakers can be found on the sides. The USB port is on the right. The magnetic connector is on the bottom.

The S Pen can be attached magnetically to the tablet’s top or bottom, or to the camera. However, it is unlikely that it will stay in a bag.

Its 600g weight and small dimensions make it easy to pack in a backpack, or even a file folder. The tablet does almost everything well in terms of design and doesn’t leave out any features that premium tablets have.

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