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Samsung Galaxy S6 Active Battery Drain Issue

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Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy S6 has a unibody design. This Samsung smartphone is the first to have a non-removable battery. Although the battery for Galaxy S6 variants has a capacity of 2550mAh, high-end features such as Quad HD displays and the Octa-Core Exynos 7 processor will require more power. Galaxy S6 Edge has a faster battery drain problem than the Galaxy S6. Here are some tips to fix the Galaxy S6 battery drain problem and make it possible to change the battery. Here are some ways to fix the slow-charging issue on Galaxy S6.

Close the Redundant Running Apps

There are many apps that run in the background on your Galaxy S6 Edge or S6 Edge. After finding those apps, close them immediately. Third-party apps, after communications (wifi radio, GPS), are the biggest culprit for battery drain. Navigate to Settings on your Galaxy S6 Edge or S6 Edge, and then Battery Session. You will then be able to see which apps drain more battery.

You can force-close or uninstall certain apps if you suspect they are the problem. You can reinstall the most important apps to check the results.

If communications are not in use, turn off the phone

When you’re not using them, turn off Bluetooth, Wifi, and GPS. These services can not only drain your battery quicker but also slow down your phone’s performance by continually updating. You can turn these services off by going to Settings. Use them only when absolutely necessary.

Restart your device

Before you look for other solutions, it is a good idea to reset your phone if there is any kind of problems such as overheating, battery drain, or camera issues. Hold the power key to restart your phone temporarily.

Deactivate Location Services

You don’t need location services if you don’t use maps or other apps. It is easy to enable these services when you use them. To improve battery life, turn off the service. Go to Settings and disable location services.

Get Rid of Unused Apps

This is the best solution to your Galaxy S6 battery drain problem. This will not only improve your phone’s battery life but also make it more responsive. To free up space and speed up your phone, uninstall any unused apps. You can delete large games that take up a lot of space. However, Temple Run’s information is stored in the Game Center so you don’t have to start over if you wish to play it again.

Battery Charge Cycle

Your phone should be charged at least once a month. This means that you should charge your phone 100% and then use it until the battery is low. This is useful for battery maintenance and data collection.

You can disable notifications

Notifications for every app are not only annoying, but they also drain battery and speed. Turn off notifications for apps you don’t need.

You can use power-saving and ultra-saving modes

Navigate to Settings > Systems > Battery. There are two types of battery-saving modes: Ultra Power saving mode or power saving mode. The power-saving mode reduces brightness and limits CPU performance. It also takes care of small things that can improve battery life. This mode allows you to use your phone without fancy features like vibration and screen on time.

Ultra power saving mode can be enabled at critical times when every battery cell counts. This mode limits the number and activates a grayscale theme on your device.

These modes can be used when you have to save battery or you are away from home.

Do a Factory Reset

If none of the above methods have worked to fix the Galaxy S6 Edge or S6 Edge battery drain issues, it’s time to do a factory reset. This will restore the phone back to its original state. Here’s how to do it:

Navigate to Settings > Personal > Reset and Backup. This will erase all data on your phone. You can then back it up.

If the factory reset does not work, you will need to purchase a battery pack.

Solution 2 How to fix Galaxy S6 quick battery drain issue and other power-related issues

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Here are some of the topics that we will be discussing today:

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  2. Galaxy S6 Active is not charging
  3. Galaxy S6 quickly loses battery power
  4. Galaxy S6 takes time to charge
  5. Galaxy S6 charges only when you are using Ultra Power Saving Mode

You can contact us at the bottom of this page if you have any #Android issues.

1: How do you fix the Galaxy S6 fast-draining battery issue

Even with a charger, I still lose power. I have replaced cables ….etc. Do a soft boot, and then close all apps. It takes me all night to get to 100 percent. In 5 minutes, I lost 4 percent. Darlene

Solution: Hi Darlene. Hi Darlene. The Samsung S6 is faster and more powerful than its predecessor, but it has one major flaw: the battery. The S6 is a vast improvement over its predecessor, but the battery has not been. The S6’s battery actually has 9% more capacity than the S5! S6 users are known to only get 12 hours on average screen time, even with moderate usage.

However, Samsung’s regrettable decision to reduce the battery capacity should not deter users from using power more efficiently. You can make your phone last longer by making sure that your apps don’t drain your battery.

Use stock battery usage indicators

We don’t recommend installing third-party battery power managers or apps that claim they can help you manage your battery power. Installing third-party battery power managers or apps that claim to help you manage your battery power is tempting, but we advise against it. Your phone already has an indicator that performs the exact same function. They are redundant and may not be beneficial in improving your situation. We recommend that you delete any Battery Doctor or similar apps you may have installed.

Instead, we want you to go under Settings>Battery Usage. This screen will show you the most important apps and features that are draining your battery. The top battery-hogging apps are often dating and social networking. Other apps that need to sync in order to update their content frequently are also guilty. While malicious apps are not uncommon, it can be difficult to distinguish legitimate from fraudulent ones.

You can use the battery usage indicator to see which apps or apps you can uninstall or turn off.

Start your phone in safe mode

Safe mode is another way to identify if an app is causing the fast battery drain problem. Safe mode stops third-party apps from running. If the issue does not occur while in safe mode, uninstall the apps until you have identified the problem. Here are the steps to get into safe mode.

  • For 20-30 seconds, press and hold the Volume Down and Power keys.
  • After you have seen the Samsung logo, press the Power key immediately and continue to press the Volume Down key.
  • You will be asked to unlock your phone again as normal.
  • If the text “Safe Mode” appears in the lower-left corner, you will be able to tell if your phone has successfully booted into safe mode.

Disable background sync

This will depend on the apps you use. Your battery life will be affected if you have more than five apps that sync in the background. You can turn off the syncing by going to Settings>Accounts. If you require any updates for emails, switch to manual sync.

Disable radios that are not being used

Don’t forget to disable mobile data, WiFi, NFCs, and other forms of wireless communication. Turn the phone off if there is poor coverage, especially if it is not expected to make calls. The constant search for and reacquisition of cell signals by the phone drains the battery and causes power drain.

Use power-saving mode

A power-saving mode is a great option if you feel you have a long day ahead. This feature extends your phone’s battery life by slowing down processor speed, dimming the screen, and turning off unnecessary features such as vibration, haptic feedback, and so on.

You can find more tips in our post (originally written for the Galaxy S4/S5). These ideas can still be used for your phone, so you might find other useful tips on conserving power.

Do a factory reset

If the problem persists, you can try a factory reset to restore the default settings. Here’s how:

  • Tap the Apps icon on the Home screen.
  • Tap the Settings Icon.
  • Find and tap Backup and Reset under the “Personal” section.
  • Tap Factory data reset.
  • To reset your device, touch
  • Depending on which security lock you used to open, enter your PIN or password.
  • Tap Continue.
  • To confirm, touch, and delete all.

Factory reset will erase everything in the phone’s internal storage. Before you move forward, make sure you have a backup.

2: Galaxy S6 Active is not charging

Hello, first of all, my phone’s model is the S6 ACTIVE. However, it wasn’t listed on the drop-down list. It was purchased about three weeks ago. It worked fine up until a few days ago when I switched it on to the charger before going to bed. When I connected it, the battery was about 15%.

The phone was still charging when I woke up but it said 0%. It said 100% when I unplugged it. It then turned off. It charged up to 2% when I connected it back to the charger. It kept pinging when I turned it on, indicating that I was trying to take the charger out and plug it back in.

(bing Bing…Bing Bong). It continued to act as if it was being plugged in and unplugged. It would occasionally say “Connected To Dock em”
The battery has been charging intermittently for the last few days. I tried different cords, different wall chargers, soft resets using your instructions, wiping out the cache partition, and charging it on my laptop. It hasn’t worked.


Do you have any other suggestions? Since the first iPhones were introduced, I’ve had one and recently traded my S5 for it. It was great, but I am feeling frustrated. Thank you so much. Kristen

Solution: Hi Kristen. It is possible that there is not a hardware problem. The problem may be more software-related, as you can charge your phone at random. Your problem may be that your phone is charging faster than your charger can store power.
You should try to boot the phone in safe mode and factory reset if you haven’t already.
However, if the problem persists, you can have your phone checked. We cannot replace the battery on the Galaxy S5 so we recommend that you have it checked by a technician.

3: Galaxy S6 quickly loses battery power

Hello Droid guy!
You were found on the internet so I decided to give it a shot before throwing my phone or using a hammer! haha!
This phone has been a problem since I bought it 3 months ago. Verizon’s store is where I bought it and they tell me that there is nothing they can do. I paid $700 for a phone which freezes constantly. When I try to send a text, it goes to a blank screen and then it returns to my home screen. Then it swipes my pattern again to continue my text.
The battery goes dead very quickly! At least three times per day, I must charge the battery! No programs are open. I make sure to close all applications. My friend’s daughter tried to steal my phone. She said it a few times and then she was done! To avoid this happening ….the agent set my phone up.

After I finally managed to find a way to unlock my phone by myself, the Verizon agent created a cloud to store all my information in case my phone resets to factory settings. He was able to save me the information I needed for a court case so I allowed him to do it.
It took me HOURS to transfer everything from their cloud. My phone has only gotten worse since then.

My screen can freeze while I’m texting (like the one I mentioned earlier). The battery will not charge. It was at 80% when it went to bed last night, and it was around 3 am when I heard the sound that tells me the battery has just died.
I can hear the “clicking” sound of the switch on the right side when it is not in use.

While I’m in my car, I can make a phone call. It goes to my Bluetooth but the screen will say the call is finished. You can’t delete it from your screen! You will then see your home screen as the background of the end-of-call screen. Help me, please!!

solution: Theresa. To cover all possible causes of the problems you have mentioned, it will take more time than this post. To minimize any possible firmware issues, we recommend doing a master reset. A factory reset will ensure that your phone is working normally, with no slow performance, lags, or black screens.

If your phone works normally after a factory reset (no slow performance issues, lags, etc.), then it’s likely that an app or several apps are the problems.
After you’ve done a factory reset make sure that you only install trusted and/or reliable applications. Reliable means only mainstream apps. If you love shopping, you should only install official apps from retailers.

However, this does not guarantee that you will not experience excessive battery drain. Do not install apps promising to increase performance or other similar claims. These types of apps don’t do much and are often useless.

Only keep those you use for work, such as third-party email apps. While productivity apps can be nice, they don’t always work as advertised. Avoid installing redundant or unnecessary applications.

It is also a good idea to reduce the number of apps that are installed.
Also, refer to Darlene‘s advice above on how to get more power from your battery.

Your Samsung Galaxy S6 is our trust. It’s an advanced and powerful phone, but it needs to be used to its full potential.

4 – The Galaxy S6 takes a while to charge, and charges it slowly.

Hello. Samsung Galaxy S6. My phone’s battery has stopped working. It could have happened after I used my phone as a GPS device inside a car. The sunbeams may have affected the battery.

It drains power quickly. Being on Facebook drains 1 % every two minutes while doing nothing drains 1 % approximately every 5-10 mins.
It charges for a very long time. It takes approximately 12 hours to fully charge a phone that is turned off.

It drains the battery slower than normal when it’s on. The fast charging option doesn’t work. Sometimes, the phone will not respond to a charging cable (I tried several USB cables). This happens when the phone is turned off. When I plug it in, it will respond by displaying the lighting sign, but it won’t continue charging.

My phone was left on its charger last night, and it didn’t charge. It actually took 20% off the battery (while it is turned off). The wireless charger doesn’t work correctly (I checked this function at the Samsung manufacturer shop). 

To resolve the problem, I called my technical support center for my phone. They said that the problem was with the micro USB input.
They only guess. I don’t believe it. The phone responds to a charger every time, if not wireless charging.

Are there any suggestions? It is just a replacement battery or is there other options? As the support center said, replacing micro USB inputs is costly as they are attached to screens. I don’t want to do this before I know what the problem is. We are very grateful! — Laurynas

Solution: Hi Laurynas. The USB port is not the culprit. Nothing changes when you charge wirelessly. The problem may lie with the battery, however. If you need the battery replaced, it is likely that you will have to pay more (unless the standard warranty applies).

To ensure your battery replacement is successful, please follow the suggestions below.

5: Galaxy S6 charges only when it is in Ultra Power Saving Mode

My phone won’t charge unless it is on ultra power-saving mode. If the phone is not connected to ups and it isn’t plugged in, it will display that it is charging, but then it will actually decrease in battery percentage.

The fast charger that came with my phone took me about 3 hours to charge the phone on upsm.

I’ve tried different chargers but it takes longer to charge my phone.
I took it to Verizon and the general manager said soft reset the phone, then favor reset it. It’s still doing the same thing. The man was not helpful and suggested that it was actually my photo gallery that was causing the problem. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know where to start. Amanda

Solution: tori Amanda. The fact that the phone charges slowly when it is in ultra power-saving mode suggests that there may be a lot of background tasks that are taking place that cause the phone to consume more power than it can charge.

Ultra power saving mode allows only the essential functions to run. The processor is also restricted from running at excessive speeds in order to conserve power. Your S6 becomes a dumb phone, much like the phones from ten years ago.

The phone’s normal mode can also mean that it is performing processes and tasks, even though you aren’t actively using any apps. This behavior could be caused by a malicious app, but other common explanations such as leaving too many radios on and unchecked background syncing can also be possible.

A factory reset will not work if the problem app is reinstalled afterward. You might try a second factory reset. Charge the phone and then watch as it charges.
For more information, you can refer to the instructions above.
If this doesn’t work, get the phone replaced.

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