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Samsung Galaxy S22 review

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The Samsung Galaxy S22 range is now available. The S22 is the default model from the latest version of the South Korean tech giants’ flagship smartphone range.

The new phones that will be available in 2022 are essentially an ongoing upgrade. In fact, it’s true that the Galaxy S22 isn’t that much different from than S21. S21 apart from the fact that it has a larger screen, and a smaller battery. This isn’t the case with Samsung’s S22 Ultra, and we have also reviewed hands-on experiences of the phone as well as that of the S22 Plus, but we’re focussing on the standard phone here.

The main distinction that is noticeable between S22 and its predecessor is that the S22 as compared to its predecessors is that of the camera’s rear array. it’s not really an upgrade but rather a shuffle with a telephoto with lower resolution but a high-res main camera. It’s not a big amount of difference to the overall experience of photography, however.

Samsung Galaxy S22 release date and price

Samsung Galaxy S22 Samsung Galaxy S22 is going to be available for purchase on March 25 in the US on March 3, in Australia, and on March 11 across the UK. The phone was announced on February 9 which was also the date that pre-orders began to open across the world.

The Galaxy S22 with 128GB storage at $799, PS769 or $ 1,249 for 256GB or $849 or PS819 for 1,349 dollars.

It’s the exact same price that you pay for Samsung’s Galaxy S21 for both versions This means that Samsung has made it clear that making the price change was risky.

Display and design

Samsung’s Galaxy S22 has a 6.1-inch display. That’s 0.1 inches smaller than the previous model with a difference so insignificant you’d never notice it unless comparisons of the two models against each other. The display comes with an FHD+ resolution 120Hz refresh rate, the ability to input 240Hz at a time as well as AMOLED technology.

If you’ve used Samsung phones, you’ll be aware that they’re a good display, and the display on the S22 isn’t any different with vibrant colors, vibrant and striking, with dark blacks, and high maximum brightness.

In terms of design The S22 is a dupe of the S21 all the way to its Contour Cut camera panel, the absence of the 3.5mm headphone jack, and the flat-edged front. A minor change in the design is the front of the handset is constructed out of glass, instead of plastic it makes the phone feel more luxurious and slightly heavier in the palm..

You can choose to pick up the handset with the phone in Phantom Black, Phantom White, Pink Gold, or Green.

It’s quite small in comparison to its peers and all of the Android phone market in general and makes it an excellent option for those who prefer using their phones one-handed. We found it to be a good alternative to the huge phones that are sold in stores today.

Batteries and cameras

Although it is true that the Samsung Galaxy S22 has the same front-facing camera of 10MP and ultra-wide camera of 12MP as its predecessor the primary and telephoto snappers feature telephoto snappers that… slightly different. Not superior, not worse but different.

This camera’s main sensor has had the upgrade of a sensor of 12MP to 50MP, as well as the upgrade to a more advanced sensor, which will make normal photos more vibrant and more striking. The telephoto camera’s resolution has decreased from 64MP to 10MP but with a higher quality optical zoom, which is now 3x. the S21 offered only a 1.1x optical zoom.

The functional aspects of these changes aren’t significant to the majority of users. Images will remain lively and bright One could call them that they are sometimes oversaturated – but you’ll have a lot of flexibility between the ultra-wide and the telephoto cameras.

The camera app is again packed with options that have proved to be extremely useful for Samsung photographers, including the Single Take as well as Dual View. However, the absence of any brand new options for 2022 phones means that the camera experience doesn’t feel fresh at all.

We were only able to test the cameras briefly in this hands-on review however, we’ll test them thoroughly through the paces for our full review that will be which will be out soon.

The battery’s capacity is quite small at 3,700mAh. This is down 300mAh from the model last year We must be hopeful that Samsung has made some improvements to ensure battery lifespan doesn’t decrease We weren’t able to test the battery’s performance during our short session using the phone.

The charging rate is 25W, which isn’t as fast as the other phones however, due to the battery’s size, charging speed, it should be faster than the S21. The phone also supports reverse and wireless charging, but both are similar to the speeds previously on the handset, 15W and 4.5W in each case.

Performance, specifications, and software

Samsung remains to its dual-chipset strategy with the S22 series. If you’re in US or Asia you’ll get a phone running a Snapdragon 8 Gen 1, and those who live in Europe and around the world will receive Samsung’s Exynos 2200.

The Exynos processor is slightly smaller than Snapdragon However, the majority of users won’t feel the distinction. Both processors are top-of-the-line and offer plenty of power for video editing, gaming, or other AI-related tasks.

Both chips come with 8GB RAM with either 128GB or 256GB of storage, based the version you choose for. Additionally, there’s 5G connectivity.

The software uses Samsung’s One UI, which users of Samsung’s phones are familiar with and it’s layered over Android 12.

The operating system was quite quick, but it was operating only with the pre-installed applications onboard We’ll be able to check how the performance when we load the phone with all of our streaming and social media games, for a full review.

Early decision

The Samsung Galaxy S22 has little improvement over the previous model, and it’s likely to impress you even if you own a new Samsung phone. For those who are still running Samsung’s Galaxy S9 or older, the new features could entice you.

We’re not sure if we’d suggest the S22 considering that Samsung’s Galaxy S21 has seen a year of price reductions however, some discounts on the latest phone might make it an appealing choice.

However, other new flagships that are expected to launch in early 2022, like those from Xiaomi 12, OnePlus 10, Oppo Find X5, and Realme GT 2 could give the Galaxy a serious fight for its money.

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