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Samsung Galaxy S21 vs. Galaxy S21 Plus vs. Galaxy S21 Ultra: What’s different?

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Although the Galaxy S21 is no longer available, all three phones are great phones. It’s up to you to choose which one.

The S21 family includes standard, plus and ultra models, just like the Galaxy S22, which was just launched. Although we like all of them, the price difference between the most affordable and most expensive models is $400, this is not something to rush into.

We go over all of the specs for the Galaxy S21, Galaxy S21 PLUS, and Galaxy S21 UHT1_. We hope you will be able to decide which one suits you after reading our breakdown.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 vs Galaxy S21 Plus vs Galaxy S21 Ultra: price

For the Galaxy S21 standard model, $799 is the lowest price. The Galaxy S21 Plus is priced at $999 and the Galaxy S21 Ultra at $1,299. If you need more storage or RAM, you can buy all three models.

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For the 256GB version of one of the three new Galaxy S21 smartphones, you will need to add $50. For example, the 256GB Galaxy S21 phone would run $849. The 512GB Galaxy S21 Ultra costs $1,379. This is $20 less than the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s debut last year.

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Samsung Galaxy S21 vs Galaxy S21 Plus vs Galaxy S21 Ultra: Specs

Galaxy S21 Galaxy S21 Plus Galaxy S21 Ultra
Start price $799 $999 $1,299 Display (Resolution; Max. Display (Resolution; Max. 6.2 inches (FHD 120Hz). 6.7 inches (FHD 120Hz). 6.8 inches (QHD 120Hz). Rear cameras 12MP main, 12MP ultrawide, 64MP telephoto 12MP main, 12MP ultrawide, 64MP telephoto 108MP main, 12MP wide, 10MP 3x Telephoto, 10MP 10x Telephoto Front camera 10MP 10MP 40MP Chipset Snapdragon 888 Snapdragon 888 Snapdragon 888 RAM 8GB 8GB 12GB/16GB Storage 128GB/256GB 128GB/256GB 128GB/256GB/512GB Operating Systems Android 11 with One UI 3.0 Android 11 with One UI 3.0 Android 11 with One UI 3.0 Battery 4,050 mAh 4,800 mAh 5,000 mAh Water Resistance IP68 IP68 IP68 Size 5.9 x 2.28 x 0.33 inches (151.7×71.2×7.9mm) 16.1.5 x 75.6x 7.8mm 6.5 x 2.9% x 0.4% inches (165.1×75.6×8.9mm) Weight 6.1 ounces (172g). 7.1 ounces (202g). 8.2 ounces (228g).

Samsung Galaxy S21 vs Galaxy S21 Plus vs Galaxy S21 Ultra: Design

The new contoured rear camera bump design and the familiar punch-hole front display on all three Galaxy S21 models are shared by all three Galaxy S21 models. The Galaxy S21’s screen measures 6.2 inches, while the Galaxy S21 Plus measures 6.7 inches, and the Galaxy S21 Ultra 6.8. To accommodate the additional sensors, the Ultra has a larger camera bump.

The display on the S21 Ultra is also slightly different. The S21 Ultra has curved edges, unlike the S21 Plus and S21 Plus. This means that the larger handset will fit more comfortably in your hand.

The Galaxy S21 Plus, Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy S21 Plus use Gorilla Glass Victus on the back. This is the most durable glass currently available for smartphones. Instead, the Galaxy S21 gets a polycarbonate back (a.k.a. The dreaded plastic back that we saw on the Galaxy Note20 and Galaxy S20FE.

Samsung Galaxy S21 vs Galaxy S21 Plus vs Galaxy S21 Ultra: Display

The Galaxy S21’s screen is 6.2 inches, while the Galaxy S21 Plus has a 6.7 inch screen. The Galaxy S21 Ultra has 6.8 inches. This is not the only difference you need to consider.

Both the S21 and S21 Plus have FHD resolution displays, while S21 Ultra has a high-definition resolution. This will mean you’ll be able to see more detail on S21 Ultra models than cheaper ones.

The S21 Ultra’s screen has a curved left and right edge, while the S21 Plus and S21 Plus have 2.5D displays that are slightly more curved. Curve displays allow phones to sit more comfortably in your hands, but it can make it harder to use because it is easier to touch active parts of the display accidentally.

All panels can display a maximum refresh rate of 120Hz. The S21 Ultra has a greater ability to change this rate. The Ultra can adjust its refresh rate from 10Hz to 120Hz, while the S21 Plus and S21 Plus can do between 48Hz-120Hz.

A lower refresh rate means less power draw. This feature allows the phones to reduce their refresh rate when they are not required, which helps preserve battery life. The refresh rate of all three phones can be adjusted dynamically depending on the activity that you are using them for.

Samsung Galaxy S21 vs Galaxy S21 Plus vs Galaxy S21 Ultra: Camera

The Galaxy S21 Plus and Galaxy S21 Plus have the same three cameras. The trio includes a 12MP main camera with ultrawide and telephoto lenses, as well as a 12MP camera. A 10MP selfie camera is also on the front.

The S21 Ultra, on the other side, offers much more camera potential. Instead, it uses a 108MP main cam, a 12MP ultrawide and two 10MP Telephoto cameras. One can zoom in 3x and the other 10x. The S21 Ultra also has a laser autofocus sensor that helps to track your subjects. The main differences are at the back. However, the single front-facing selfie camera has been replaced with a 40MP sensor.

The same camera software is used by all three phones. It features Single Take, 8K video recording and Director’s View video recording modes, as well as photography staples such portrait mode, image stabilization, and night mode. The Galaxy S21 Ultra has a brighter sensor that improves low-light photography.

Samsung Galaxy S21 vs Galaxy S21 Plus vs Galaxy S21 Ultra: Performance

The Snapdragon 888 chipset will be inside every model of the S21 that you can purchase in the U.S. Samsung also offers the S21 outside the U.S. with the Exynos 2100 chipset.

According to some reports, the Snapdragon 888 chips offer a 20% CPU power boost and 30% GPU power gain compared with the Snapdragon 865 chips from the S20 series. The Exynos 2100 chip offers 10% more power and 20% higher efficiency than the Exynos 9000. While we will have to wait until benchmark results are available to determine which chip is better, both chips use the latest 5nm process technology to pack more power into a smaller silicon piece and both features integrated 5G modems to ensure that there is not a significant difference in performance.

The S21 and S21 Plus has 8GB RAM, respectively with 128GB and 256GB storage. The S21 Plus has a choice between 12GB or 16GB RAM and can store 128GB, 2256GB, or 512GB.

Samsung Galaxy S21 vs Galaxy S21 Plus, vs Galaxy S21 Ultra: Charger and battery

The price of each S21 model will affect the size of the battery. The Galaxy S21’s battery has a capacity of 4,000 mAh, while the Galaxy S21 Plus can hold 4,800 mAh and the Galaxy S21 Ultra 5,00 mAh.

All models can be charged at 25W using a wired connection. They can charge at up to 25W using a wired connection. You can reverse wireless charge other phones or accessories at 4.5W. You will need to purchase a charger or reuse one you have.

Samsung Galaxy S21 vs Galaxy S21 Plus, vs Galaxy S21 Ultra : 5G connectivity

This is one of those rare cases where all phones are identical. You get 5G via the chipset regardless of which S21 model you choose, with sub-6GHz and millimeter wave compatibility. The S21 4G edition is not available this year, which is a shame considering it was $100 less than the 5G version.

Both the S21 Plus (UWB) and S21 Ultra have Ultrawide Band (UWB), chips. This new method of hands-free control is useful for unlocking your car or finding Samsung’s SmartTag trackers.

The S21 Ultra offers even more features. Samsung has also added its S21 WiFi 6E compatibility to the top-tier S21 Ultra, which is the most efficient and low latency standard for WiFi connections.

The Galaxy S21 Ultra is the first Galaxy S-series smartphone to be compatible with an S Pen stylus. The S Pen is an accessory that you purchase separately, and not as an in-built accessory on the Galaxy Note 20. The S Pen is $40, and the cases cost $69.99. Later this year, an S Pen Pro will be available with Bluetooth connectivity.

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