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Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra

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Both the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Ultra Ultra and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Ultra smartphones are stunning devices that boast cutting-edge technology.

Both phones have more features and are faster than their predecessors. There are still key differences, such as the design, price, and camera.

This guide will allow you to compare the specifications and features of each model in order to help you choose which one is right for you.



The Note 20 Ultra and S21 Ultra are two of the best big-screen smartphones. The Note 20 is thinner and lighter at 164.8×77.2×8.1mmx208g. The S21 Ultra, which measures 165.1×75.6×8.9mm and weighs 228g, is slightly thicker, wider, and heavier at 228g.

The Note 20 Ultra’s rectangular shape is distinctive. The Galaxy S21 Ultra’s rounded corners are more traditional.

Phantom Black and Phantom Silver are the available colors for S21 Ultra. Note 20 Ultra is available only in Mystic White or Mystic Black.


The Note 20 Ultra and S21 Ultra screens are huge and have wide viewing angles. The Note 20 Ultra screen is 6.9 inches in size.


Both phones have Dynamic AMOLED displays that can produce vivid, natural colors and deep blacks.

Only S21 Ultra can run a 120Hz refresh at WQHD Plus resolution (1440p). The Note 20 Ultra supports full HD (1080p) with adaptive refresh rate

Both displays have a brightness of 1500 nits. Your phone can still be used in bright conditions, but not at the expense of quality.

Both devices are equipped with quick under-display finger scans.



Both phones have a high-resolution 108 MP primary camera with a 12MP dynamic camera. The S21 Ultra’s camera bump seamlessly integrates into your phone’s back.

Pixel binning is used to render detailed, well-lit shots under various lighting conditions. The S21 Ultra has a greater dynamic range and brighter shots than the S21.

Telephoto sensors can be used to zoom in on handsets.


Both phones have the ability to simultaneously record with their front and rear cameras, and can shoot 4K and 8K videos. The S21 Ultra does not support the Director’s View mode.

Specifications and Performance


The S21 Ultra can run either the Snapdragon 888 or Samsung Exynos 2100 chips, depending on where you are located. Exynos 990 or the Snapdragon 865 Plus are used in the Note 20 Ultra.

Both phones have powerful processors that make them more efficient.

Both devices can stream files and share them quickly over 5G. The S21 Ultra comes with a chip for 5G which reduces power consumption.


Both Galaxy phones have 128GB of storage base and versions with 256GB, 512GB, or 512GB storage. The Note 20 Ultra does not support microSD cards.

These phones are equipped with 12GB RAM, while the S21 Ultra has 16GB RAM. They can do almost any task.

The stylus distinguishes the Note 20 Ultra from the S21 Ultra. The S Pen is a tool that can be used to draw on the screen and take annotation screenshots.

The S20 Ultra has an S Pen built into the phone’s body. The S Pen on the Galaxy Note is Bluetooth-compatible, thus allowing you to take photos remotely.

The S21 Ultra supports stylus but the S Pen cannot be included in the package.Charging and Battery Live

Both Galaxy phones can last at least one day on a single charge, especially if you use the default settings The S21 Ultra lasts much longer.


The S21 Ultra has a larger, 5000mAh lithium battery.

The S21 Ultra can charge at 25W. The S21 Ultra is not equipped with a charger. However, it supports reverse charging and wireless charging at 15W just like the Note 20 Ultra.

Prices and availability

The Note 20 Ultra was launched at $949 (128GB), $1049 (2GB), and $1,099 (512GB). Discounts are available for Note 20 Ultra.

S21 Ultra vs. S21 Ultra vs.

Both phones are great in all areas, including 8K video recording and battery life.

The Note’s overall performance remains strong. This Note is a great choice for note-takers and artists.

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