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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 vs. Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

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The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone is now available. However, it wasn’t that long ago that Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy Note9 which is large and high-end.

What’s new or different about the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus smartphone? What is the difference? Is the S10 Plus a significant upgrade?

We’ve compared specs, features, and prices to help you answer all your questions.

Galaxy Note 9 vs Galaxy S10 Plus design comparison

Both the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus & Samsung Galaxy Note 9 have a curved screen with a metal frame, and a glass back. Both have horizontal rear cameras.

There are many differences between the two models. There are bezels on the Galaxy Note 9 and the Galaxy S10 Plus. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, however, has no bezels at the top. Instead, it has a cutout for the dual-lens front camera.

The fingerprint scanner can be found on the Note 9’s back, but it is not on the S10 Plus. It’s built into the screen instead.

The Galaxy S10 Plus measures 157.6×74.1x 7.8mm, and weighs 175g, while a Galaxy Note 9 measures 161.9×76.4x8mm, and 201g. The Galaxy Note 9 is taller, thicker and heavier than the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

Display comparison between the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and the Galaxy Note 9

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus comes with three cameras: a 12MP f/2.4 Telephoto Camera (with optical image stabilization) (OIS), 16MP f/2.2 Ultra-Wide-Angle Camera (with OIS), and a 12-MP camera that has OIS and can switch between an f/1.5 or f/2.4 aperture.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has a dual-lens system camera with a 12MP f/2.4 Telephoto lens and a 12MP lens that can switch between f/1.5 or f/2.4. OIS is also available for both lenses.

The Note 9 does not have the third 16MP lens that is offered by the S10 Plus. However, the other lenses sound the same on both phones.

There are also differences in the front-facing cameras. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus has a 10MP F/1.9 lens and an eight MP F/2.2 lens, while the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 only has one 8MP F/1.7 lens.

The battery life of the Galaxy S10 Plus is 4,100mAh, while the Note 9’s has a 4,000mAh capacity.

Once we have tested the S10 Plus, we will let you know how it holds up. The Note 9 lasts a lot longer in our tests.

There is one difference between the battery types. The Galaxy Note 9 supports fast charging as well as wireless charging. However, the Galaxy S10 Plus offers wireless speeds that are faster with Fast Wireless Charging 2.0.

Wireless PowerShare is also available on the device. This allows you to use some of that huge battery’s juice to wirelessly charge other devices.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus vs Galaxy Note 9 Operating System and Power

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus features a high-end, octa-core chipset. Samsung has not yet revealed which regions will receive the specific chipset, but it is likely to be the Exynos 9720 or Snapdragon 855. It also has either 8GB or 12-GB RAM, which should make it very powerful.

Although the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is a powerful device, it can’t quite match the S10 Plus on paper. If you live in the US, it has a Snapdragon 845 or an Exynos 9610 (in most places). These are the older generations of the chipsets. They were high-end in 2018, but not as much anymore.

You can also choose between 6GB or 8GB RAM, depending on which model you select. It’s certainly not as powerful as the Galaxy S10 Plus, however, it’s still quite substantial.

The storage options for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus are 128GB, 1TB, or 512GB. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has 128GB and 512GB. MicroSD cards are available for both phones.

Both phones run Android. The S10 Plus ships with Android 9 Pie, while the Note 9 ships with Android 8 Oreo. However, both can be updated to Android 9.

You will experience some differences when using the phones. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9’s S Pen stylus is one of its most notable features, making it easier to draw and write on the screen. Despite having the same display size, the Galaxy S10 Plus does not come with a stylus.

Pricing of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus versus the Galaxy Note 9

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus SIM-free unlocked is priced at $999 / PlayStation899 (roughly AU$1,400). The device sports 8GB of RAM with 128GB of storage. For 8GB RAM and 512GB storage, it’s priced at PS1,099 and PS1,399 respectively. 12GB RAM and 1TB storage are available for PS1,399 and PS1,399, respectively. At the time of writing, pricing for Australia and the US is not yet confirmed.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was launched at $1,000 / PlayStation899 / AU$1,499 if you want a model with 6GB RAM and 128GB storage. It can also be purchased at $1,250 / Ps1,099 / AU$1,799 if you want 8GB RAM and 512GB storage.

The pricing is very similar at the bottom. However, we don’t think it is surprising that prices will drop now that the Galaxy S10 Plus has been released.


Due to their identical size screens, the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus shares more with the Galaxy Note 9 which is normal for both ranges.

There are still some differences between them. The Galaxy S10 Plus appears to be an upgrade in many ways. It has a newer chipset, an in-screen fingerprint scanner, and smaller bezels. There are also more lenses, RAM, and storage.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is cheaper and comes with an S Pen stylus. This makes it more suitable for creatives and note-takers.

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